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International students hold a lawn picnic


International students staying in school for the rich campus life, ease the psychological pressure on students, with the support and assistance of the Office of Management students, the afternoon of April 24, international students at the school picnic on the lawn Hengren Road 200 living area.


In the early morning of the 24th, the students were busy in the kitchen, some fried chicken legs, some French fries, some fried sausages...preparing all kinds of delicious food. Around two o'clock in the afternoon, the students brought tables and chairs from the dormitory, set up a "dining table" on the path by the big lawn, and put them on the food they cooked. The students also creatively put out "I LOVE SUS" Patterns, a variety of foods are like a mini "International Food Festival", students sit around the table and laugh, the atmosphere is relaxed and cheerful.




After enjoying the food, the students did not forget to move their bodies. They played badminton, volleyball, and football together in the sun...Looking at the happy smiles on the faces of the students, the leaders of the International Education College and the teachers in the International Student Management Office were all relieved.




Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the campus has been closed management, with the largest number of international students staying on campus, but they actively cooperate with the school's management, do a good job in fighting the epidemic at home, cooperate with body temperature measurement, and participate in online lectures on time. Currently, there are 38 international students living on campus.


Although the closed campus life is boring and boring, the international students who stay on campus can always overcome the difficulties and strive to make their lives colorful!



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