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Open to run "health teachers"


To promote the development of the "community health teacher" activities, realize the "double harvest" of regional party building and mass health, and play sports to promote healthy activities, the International Education College of Shanghai Sport University and Xinjiangwancheng Street were held in Xinjiang on the afternoon of November 27th. Wancheng Sub-district Party Working Committee (office) held a “community health teacher” street school symposium, Xin Jiangwan City Sub-district Party Working Committee Secretary Du Juan, Party Working Committee Deputy Secretary Jiang Jingwen, Sub-district Party Building Office Director Meng Qin, and community party groups Service Center Director Xu Xun and Party Building Officer Chen Jing attended the meeting. Professor Liu Dongfeng, Secretary of the Party Branch of the International Education Institute of Shanghai Sports Institute, Jiang Xiaotian, Deputy Director of the Organization Department of the Party Committee of Shanghai Sport University, Professor Liu Yang of the Institute of Physical Education and Training, and Party Committee of the International Education Institute The general branch organizer attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Jiang Jingwen.


The relevant comrades of the Party Working Committee of Xinjiangwancheng Street gave a brief statement on the current status of the "Community Health Division" project in Xinjiangwancheng Street and pointed out that the "running group" activities of Xinjiangwancheng Street are in good condition, with a high degree of participation and influence. , And proposed that in the future "community health teachers" should take into account the needs of young people and student groups for healthy exercise, and carry out more experiential outdoor outreach activities and competitive activities, so that the dividends of "community health teachers" can benefit all age groups. crowd.


Jiang Xiaotian, deputy director of the Party Committee of Shanghai Sport University, combined the needs and opinions of Xinjiangwan City and proposed that in the future project development, the concept of mobilizing residents will be implemented, and the three-zone linkage and district-school linkage will be effectively promoted. At the same time, he gave three specific measures: First, optimize existing courses and deeply link existing courses with residents' needs; second, reflect regional brand characteristics, promote the integration of sports and health sciences, and build a sports health promotion center.


Professor Liu Yang from the School of Physical Education and Training of Shanghai University of Sport combined the "Sports for Powerful Nation" and the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan of Shanghai Sports, and proposed that we should attach great importance to the health promotion activities of children and adolescents, tailor exercise programs for children and children, and build a "small". The "Health Teacher" project allows every child to master 1 or 2 life-long sports skills and develop life-long exercise habits.


Professor Liu Dongfeng, secretary of the Party branch of the International Education College, pointed out that the communication effect of the meeting was good. The "Community Health Teacher" project jointly built by the International Education College and Xinjiangwan Street has been put in place, and the future development momentum is good. As a co-construction unit, we should try our best to engage more school health resources for Xinjiangwan Street to integrate into the community to serve the masses, focus on the health needs of community residents, and be guided by General Secretary Xi Jinping’s concept of "People’s cities are built by the people, and people’s cities are for the people". Thoughts, promote the optimization of community facilities and the development of activities in Xinjiangwan City, give full play to the role of sports in promoting health, and help the community to further become a paradise for people's fitness, entertainment, sports and leisure, and a livable and liveable paradise.


The meeting ended in a harmonious, warm, and hopeful atmosphere. Both parties at the meeting were full of confidence and expectation for the cooperative cause of community health professionals in district schools and neighborhoods.


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