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2020 International Education College Trade Union Activity


On October 31, 2020, more than 20 faculty members of the National Education Institute went to Songjiang under the leadership of the academy team to carry out a one-day union group building activity with the theme of " Concentrate and Forge ahead ".


The first leg of the visit is guanylin ruins - the most protection and development value of ancient cultural sites have been found in Shanghai. The park is dominated by ancient buildings in Suzhou, Zhejiang, and Huizhou, with white walls and black tiles, small bridges, and flowing water everywhere, and it feels as if you are in a Suzhou garden. Entering the exhibition hall, the simple shapes and gloomy lights in the hall drag people to the distant ancient times in an instant. The teachers were in groups, sometimes stopping to watch, sometimes comprehending the explanation, and sometimes discussing with each other. By visiting the archaeological memory of Guangfulin, the evolution of Shanghai into the land, the arrival of ancestors' activities, the formation of city characteristics, the prosperity of Songjiang county government, the rise of Shanghai city, and the future tomorrow, all teachers are aware of the cultural development of Shanghai in the past. , And better appreciate the cultural heritage of Shanghai, a city of humanities and history.


The Chinese Academy of Education has always attached importance to the physical fitness of the employees and encouraged them to exercise daily. In the afternoon, everyone came to Xishe Mountain to achieve the first small sports goal in the autumn -100-meter mountaineering. Everyone stretched their arms, pressed their legs, breathed in the fresh air, and walked together. During the mountain climbing, the teachers exchanged work experience and life insights, creating a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere for activities. After going down the mountain, everyone still practiced Baduanjin with great interest.


At the beginning of this year, the new crown pneumonia epidemic broke out suddenly. In this extraordinary year, the people of the Shanti Guojiao personally practiced, demonstrating the spirit of " gathering together and moving forward ". This event enhanced the friendship and feelings between colleagues and created a harmonious and upward atmosphere. Teachers have expressed that in the coming time, they will devote more enthusiasm to their work and contribute their strength to the development of the college!



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