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Hold pre-job training meeting for graduate tutors

On the afternoon of May 13, the pre-job training meeting for new graduate tutors of Southwest Jiaotong University in 2021 was held in Conference Room 148, Comprehensive Building, Xipu Campus. The training meeting aims to thoroughly implement the spirit and requirements of the National Postgraduate Education Work Conference, effectively promote the work deployment of the postgraduate education reform and development conference of the school, strengthen the construction of the postgraduate tutor team, and improve the level of postgraduate training. Gui Fuqiang, deputy secretary of the party committee of our school, Zhou Zhongrong, vice president, Ning Weiwei of the Psychological Research and Counseling Center, and Zhang Jun, director of the China Knowledge Network Dissertation Cooperation Department, were invited to give special reports to nearly 120 new graduate tutors. The training meeting was presided over by Su Qian, Minister of the Teacher Work Department of the Party Committee, and Zhou Xianli, Executive Vice Dean of the Graduate School.




Gui Fuqiang pointed out in a report entitled "Fully Implement the Responsibilities of Postgraduate Tutors to Foster People" that the troika of ideological and political work of teachers, teacher ethics and abilities, and teacher abilities jointly drive the construction of the faculty of colleges and universities. Among them, teacher ethics and ethics are The first standards. After clarifying the connotation and significance of the construction of teacher ethics and style, Gui Fuqiang combined General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on education: "Education is a decisive cause for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and teachers play a very important role in it. Establishing the foundation of education and the source of revitalizing education”, starting from the “nine perseverances” put forward by the National Education Conference, introduced the requirements of the party and the state on the construction of teachers and teachers’ ethics in the new era, including being a good teacher with the “four haves”, It is eagerly anticipated to be a "Mr. Big", to be the "tour guides" for students to grow and become talents, to achieve the "four unity" and to undertake the mission of "three dissemination" and "tree shaping". He led the new tutors to comb through 13 national documents related to the ideological and political work of teachers in colleges and universities and the construction of teacher ethics and ethics. He focused on the interpretation of the Ministry of Education’s "Provisions on the Prohibition of Teachers' Illegal Acceptance of Gifts from Students and Parents" and "The Ministry of Education's Establishment Documents such as the Opinions on Improving the Long-term Mechanism of Teacher Ethics Construction in Colleges and Universities and the Code of Conduct for the Guidance of Postgraduate Tutors have clarified the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping for the construction of college teachers, reiterated the necessity of cultivating and promoting noble teacher ethics, and stressed the need for college teachers It is necessary to strictly abide by discipline and correct work style. Gui Fuqiang gave the newly-added graduate tutors "Know the bottom line, know the advantages and disadvantages; set benchmarks, rebuild the status; strict style of study, friendship with lecturers; learn together and grow together; have faith, walk the road." He wishes the new tutors to grow up with the students and develop with the school on the way of guiding graduate students.




Ning Weiwei brought a special report on "Focus on Mental Health and Be a Mental Tutor for the Growth of Postgraduates". He believes that graduate students are in the transitional stage between their late youth and early adulthood, and are facing many problems in social and psychological adaptation; graduate tutors may have a profound impact on the graduate study career and even the entire life. He interpreted the connotation of "healthy growth" and emphasized the importance and necessity of tutors to pay attention to students' mental health problems outside of academics and research. Mental health education is the key to perfecting personality, and it is the need for postgraduate training. Ning Weiwei enumerated survey data, introduced the universality and characteristics of current graduate students' psychological problems, analyzed possible causes, and cited typical examples. Regarding the postgraduate tutor as a spiritual tutor, how to play the role of the instructor of postgraduate psychological education, he puts forward several suggestions: adhere to the subtle influence, conduct academic interaction, focus on the cultivation of innovative ability, highlight the novelty of the research and play its social value, and change the inherent concept, Improve lifelong learning ability, conduct value guidance and improve emotional intelligence, etc. Ning Weiwei hopes that the tutor can better help students solve psychological problems through the above principles and protect the mental health of graduate students.




The third special report "Adhering to the integrity of academic research and assisting teaching and research to guide innovation" was lectured by Zhang Jun. He gave a detailed explanation from the three aspects of domestic preventive academic misconduct policy, common misconduct analysis in academic papers, and misconduct in postgraduate studies. Combined with many typical cases, in reality, he deeply analyzed the common misconducts in academic papers, emphasized the importance of establishing academic norms and concepts, and also provided standardized operation guides for new graduate tutors. As a service consultant for the duplication check system, Zhang Gejun made an objective analysis and evaluation of the current duplication check report. He pointed out that the nature of the duplicate content in the test report should be judged manually, not just based on the "text copy ratio" to "one size fits all". This also provided new thinking directions for the graduate tutors present.




Zhou Zhongrong gave a special report on how to be an excellent graduate tutor with the topic of "Responsibility and Mission". He deeply analyzed the two aspects of innovation achievement output and doctoral graduation rate faced by our school's graduate students. He analyzed the causes of the problems from the supervisor, graduate students, and the management level of all parties, clarified the responsibilities of all parties, and emphasized that the instructor is the quality of training. The first person in charge of, the students are the parties involved in cultivating quality, which points out the direction for the solution of the above two problems. Zhou Zhongrong recounted his own research history of tribology, using many cases of academic misconduct inside and outside the school, he explained in detail the connotation of innovation and honesty, emphasizing innovation and development, abiding by academic ethics, and honest teaching to ensure and improve graduate students in our school. The importance of training quality. He hopes that all new graduate tutors will hold the bottom line, strengthen the sense of responsibility, guide students to standardize their studies, devote more time to experience and maintain an interest in academic research, strictly control them, and cultivate high-quality talents.





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