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Long-term project

Long-term projects (more than one semester) focus on Chinese learning and cultural experience. Every semester, the School of International Education of Southwest Jiaotong University provides various Chinese courses and cultural courses for international students with different Chinese proficiency. The main courses include intensive reading, extensive reading, listening, speaking, writing, Chinese writing, etc. This project will assign students to the appropriate level based on the test results upon arrival. Experienced teaching staff and small class teaching ensure the most effective teaching.


1. Detailed information

Opening hours: September 1st and February 25th every year

School system: ≥1 semester

Venue: Southwest Jiaotong University Emei Campus

Application deadline: June 10th for the fall semester, December 10th for the spring semester



a. Registration fee: 600 yuan / person

b. Insurance: 800 yuan / person / year

C. Tuition: 8,000 yuan/ person / half a year; 16,000 yuan / person / year

d. Accommodation fee: 650 yuan/month/person (two-bedroom single room on Emei campus, with living room, kitchen, bathroom, TV, air-conditioning, and furniture; water and electricity charges are extra)

Note: After the course starts, all fees are non-refundable; one U.S. dollar is approximately equal to 7 yuan.


2. Application process

a. Registration website: HTTP : //

b. Click"Online Application "-"Apply "-"Language Program"

c. Complete the application by filling in the relevant options


3. Application materials

a. Notarized academic certificate If the document is not in English or Chinese, please provide a notarized translation.

b. If the academic records are not in English or Chinese, please provide a notarized translation.

c. A copy of the applicant's passport. Please make sure that the passport is valid for at least 6 months before the visa application.

d. A copy of the foreigner's physical examination form. Please save the original by yourself. This form is issued by the Chinese Health Inspection Department. You can visit the website of the China Scholarship Committee

Fill out the English form. Applicants must take the exam exactly as specified in this form. If any of the following is missing, the form is invalid: form page; ID photo; cross-page seal; doctor’s signature; hospital seal. The result is valid for 6 months;

e. The financial guarantee letter (RMB or USD) issued by the bank and authorized by the Chinese embassy or consulate must cover at least one year of tuition.

f. HSK certificate and proof materials.

g. Applicants under the age of 18 should submit relevant legal documents of their legal guardian in China.

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