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Postgraduate degree program

Southwest Jiaotong University provides high-quality graduate programs for overseas students. Students who successfully complete the course study and pass the thesis defense will receive a diploma and a master's degree certificate / doctoral degree certificate.

The duration of a master's degree is 3 years, and a doctor's degree is 4 years.

Courses will be taught in English or Chinese.


1. Application deadline and requirements

January 1 to June 30

The age of applicants required for master's and doctoral degree programs should comply with relevant national regulations;

Applicants for Chinese teaching should pass at least 180 points of HSK Level 5.


2. Application procedure

2.1 Register at the following website: ;

2.2 Click " Online Application " → " Apply " → " Own Expenses " → " Master's Degree " or " Doctoral Degree " in turn.

2.3 Fill in the relevant information to complete the application.


3. Expenses

Tuition fees for master's programs:

RMB 22,000 / year (economics, management / liberal arts)

RMB 25,000 / semester (Science / Engineering)

RMB 26,000 per semester (art / architecture)

Tuition fees for doctoral programs:

RMB 26,000 / year (economics, management / liberal arts)

RMB 36,000 per semester (Science / Engineering)


4. Scholarship

Southwest Jiaotong University assists graduate students in applying for the following scholarships:

4.1 Chengdu Government Sister City Scholarship

4.2 One Belt One Road Scholarship

4.3 Chinese Government Scholarship Program for Chinese Aesthetics


5. Application materials

5.1 A valid passport;

5.2 Notarized materials:

For master's degree applicants, please provide a scanned copy of the bachelor's degree certificate.

For doctoral degree applicants, please provide a scanned copy of the master's degree certificate.

● For students in school, please submit the certification materials provided by their school, specifying their student status and expected graduation date;

● Non-Chinese or English documents must be accompanied by a notarized Chinese or English translation.

5.3 Transcript (Chinese or English); non-Chinese or English transcripts must be accompanied by a notarized Chinese or English translation;

5.4 Students whose teaching language is Chinese must pass HSK level 5 or above; students whose teaching language is English and non-native speakers must have excellent English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, and can communicate with their tutors smoothly. the study. Please upload a copy of the TOFEL, IELTS, or other English skills certificate.

5.5 Two recommendation letters in both Chinese and English provided by associate professors or senior experts and scholars in related fields, emphasizing the applicant's academic research ability, and attaching the signature, telephone number, and email address of the recommender.

5.6 For applicants from abroad, please provide qualified medical certificates. Must include "Foreigner Physical Examination Record"

( Http:// ).

All items listed in. Foreigner’s physical examination records without complete information, the signature of the attending doctor, the official seal of the corresponding hospital, or the applicant’s stamped photo will be deemed invalid. Please keep the original physical examination report properly, and note that the validity period of the report is only six months.

5.7 CV (from high school to application date)

5.8 The study plan or professional research plan at the postgraduate level, no less than 1,000 words.

5.9 Others: various certificates, and other award certificates that reflect personal abilities, such as arts and sports.

5.10 Proof of financial support: A financial guarantee letter (only in RMB or US dollars) issued by a bank approved by the embassy of the People’s Republic of China in a foreign country, and the fee must cover one year or more of tuition.

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