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Disaster prevention and reduction day

On the afternoon of May 12th, by the requirements of relevant national ministries and commissions and relevant departments of Sichuan Province on disaster prevention and reduction education, to promote and educate teachers and students on emergency avoidance and safety knowledge, effectively improve the safety awareness of teachers and students and respond to earthquakes. On the occasion of my country’s thirteenth "Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day" approaching, Southwest Jiaotong University held the fourth "5.12 Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day" in the student dormitory of the Jiuli Campus in the Juanchengzhai area. Evacuation safety drill. Shen Humming, deputy secretary of the school’s party committee, leaders of the Student Affairs Department, Safety Office, Security Office, Information and Reality Office, and the Rear Foundation Office, as well as students in charge of the colleges attended the event. More than 2,000 teachers and students participated in the evacuation drill, and Shen Humming served as the commander-in-chief of the drill.




At 4:00 p.m, Shen Humming announced that the drill had officially started. With the sound of an alarm sounded in the student dormitory in the Juanchengzhai area, the students quickly evacuated to the basketball court in a safe and orderly manner under the guidance of the on-site staff. Fifteen minutes later, all the students arrived at the refuge point of the basketball court and lined up in the corresponding areas of each college.




Shen Humming summarized the emergency evacuation safety drill. He emphasized that the purpose of this event is to implement the new ideas and requirements of General Secretary Jinping’s “two persistences and three transformations” on disaster prevention, mitigation, and relief, and to promote the transformation of disaster awareness from focusing on post-disaster relief to focusing on pre-disaster prevention. The ability of disaster mitigation safety knowledge. He hopes that the students can take this exercise as an opportunity to keep "safety first" in mind, prevent problems before they happen, and jointly create a safe and harmonious campus environment. In addition, Shen Huoming fully affirmed the flexible response of all staff members who were able to quickly enter their posts in strict accordance with the emergency response plan during the exercise and thanked all colleges, units, and the Jinniu District Fire Brigade for their support and students' active participation.


Next, this safety drill enters the second stage—disaster prevention and mitigation knowledge and skills experience activities. The three experience activities of on-site fire extinguisher use, cardiopulmonary resuscitation first aid drill, and VR virtual experience are carried out simultaneously in different areas of the stadium. The officers and soldiers from the Jinniu District Fire Brigade demonstrated the correct use of portable dry powder fire extinguishers for students and ignited several braziers to simulate a fire on the spot. Next, more than one hundred students conducted actual fire fighting operations and successfully put out the fire using dry powder fire extinguishers. Teachers from the school hospital showed the emergency rescue measures for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and explained in detail the first aid knowledge such as the placement of the injured body, the location of compression, and the strength.


Different from previous years, this year added VR virtual super-sensing experience activities, including VR super-sensing experience, drunk walking experience, and so on. VR super-sensing experience uses surreal methods to experience daily practical exercises that are generally impossible or difficult to carry out, such as library terrorist attack escape, bus rollover escape, home fire prevention, and escape, earthquake escape, etc. The highly realistic visual impact and sensory experience make the experiencers immersive and deeply feel and understand the importance of safety prevention and disaster prevention and mitigation. To improve the enthusiasm and interest of students in learning safety knowledge, this drill also joined the on-site scan code knowledge question and answer session, prepared generous prizes for the students, and was warmly welcomed by the students.




After the exercise, the students said that the form of the exercise was rich and diverse. Through the exercise, they learned a lot of self-help and other knowledge about rescue. Although they have not really experienced large-scale earthquakes and fires, this activity has made them more aware of these sudden disasters. Deep understanding. Everyone agrees that while learning professional knowledge, it is also very important to understand some basic life knowledge and self-help knowledge.

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