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Hold the 125th Anniversary Development Conference

125 years of wind and rain, in response to the needs of national development, Jiaotong University has never been absent;


100 years of red inheritance, as the direction of national rejuvenation, Jiaotong University has made new achievements.


On May 15, the development conference for the 125th anniversary of the founding of Southwest Jiaotong University was held in the Xipu Campus Gymnasium. Guests, alumni, teachers, and students gathered together to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Southwest Jiaotong University.




Southwest Jiaotong University Party Secretary Wang Shunhong, Principal Yang Dan, Deputy Party Secretary Gui Fuqiang, Zhang Xuelong, Shen Humming, Vice Principals Zhu Jianmei, Pu Yun, Yao Invention, Zhou Zhongrong, He Chuan, 1977 alumni of Southwest Jiaotong University, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Former Railway Deputy Minister Lu Chunfang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Chengdu Rail Group Shen Weiping, Member of the Party Working Committee of Chengdu Eastern New Area, Deputy Director of the Management Committee, and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Tianfu Olympic Park, Zhou Hong, Vice President of Sichuan Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Chen Dan, Vice President Mao Hong of Sichuan Branch of Agricultural Bank of China attended the meeting; old school leaders, representatives of teachers and students, representatives of retired faculty and staff, and representatives of alumni attended the meeting. Wang Shunhong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Southwest Jiaotong University, presided over the developer conference.




Wang Shunhong announced the official start of the "125th Anniversary Development Conference of Southwest Jiaotong University". All members stood up and sang the national anthem.




Yang Dan made a report on the theme of "Bright Reality and Prosperity, Bringing Forth to the Future". He reviewed the school’s 125 years of struggle: In the past 125 years, Southwest Jiaotong University has upheld the feelings of family and country, prospered the country, and built roads to serve the country; for 125 years, Southwest Jiaotong University has adhered to its original mission, moistened the mind and enlightened the mind, Taoli and Li Yu; 125 years, Southwest Jiaotong University has shaped the spirit of the university, steadily promoted the country, and strived for self-improvement. For 125 years, Southwest Jiaotong University has promoted the opening up of education, connecting China and foreign countries, and integrating transportation. He said that over the past 125 years, the school has been firmly rooted in China and has written a glorious answer that is worthy of history and time. The school sincerely expresses its gratitude to leaders at all levels and social elites for their cordial care and strong support for the school for a long time; and to the patriarchs, previous leadership groups, and all old leaders and comrades of Jiaotong University who have devoted their life and hard work to the establishment of the school. To the faculty and staff who forge ahead and persevere, and to the thousands of alumni and alumni at home and abroad who love the school as home and drink water, I would like to extend my high regards!




Yang Dan believes that my country is in a critical period of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. "The development of the party and the country requires higher education, scientific knowledge, and outstanding talents, and is more urgent than ever." The school is also facing unprecedented major development opportunities and severe challenges. Yang Dan emphasized that we must implement the fundamental task of Lide to cultivate people and focus on cultivating newcomers of the times; we must take the initiative to think changes and seek far-reaching, and strive to be world-class; we must firmly pursue the pursuit of value and continue to demonstrate the glory of the university.


Lu Chunfang made a keynote report on "Building a Powerful Transportation Country, Chiao Tung University has something to do". He said that building a powerful transportation country is a major strategic decision made by the Party Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping at the core, based on the national conditions, focusing on the overall situation, and facing the future. It is a lofty mission given to China's transportation industry. He believes that Southwest Jiaotong University has advantages and accomplishments in the construction of a powerful transportation country: Southwest Jiaotong University has obvious advantages in transportation. First, it has a deep affection for transportation; second, it has outstanding characteristics in transportation; third, it has a large number of transportation talents. The scientific research methods and achievements are abundant; Southwest Jiaotong University will surely have a lot to do in the construction of a powerful transportation country. First, it has a lot to do in the research of high-speed rail intelligence, green, and higher speed; second, it has a lot to do in the basic theories and technological innovation of transportation infrastructure engineering; It is promising in terms of innovation in railway traction power technology; fourthly, it is promising in the cultivation of transportation talents. Finally, Lu Chunfang sincerely wished his alma mater a better tomorrow.




The opening ceremony of the School of Urban Rail Transit of Southwest Jiaotong University was also held at the meeting. Wang Shunhong gave a brief introduction to the college. The Urban Rail Transit Institute jointly built by the school and Chengdu has officially started construction on the morning of May 14, 2021. The college is located in the bridgehead of Chengdu-Chongqing development and the future city of Chengdu—Chengdu Eastern New District. Based on the concept of "dual integration of production, education, science and education", the college is an urbanized, intelligent, and internationalized new model established with a high starting point and high standards. The school-running entity is another important growth pole and an important source of power for the development of the school. The school will strive to build the new college into a high-level, compound, innovative, and international talent training cradle for urban rail transit in the new era, and become a global " Rail Camp City is an important town for production, learning, research, and use.


Under the common witness of the members of the conference, Lu Chunfang, Wang Shunhong, Yang Dan, Shen Weiping, Zhou Hong, Railway Bridge 1977 alumni Han Risk, tunnel and underground engineering 1981 alumni Li Yongli, Dean of Urban Rail Transit School He Zhengyou, is the city of Southwest Jiaotong University. The School of Rail Transit was unveiled.




After the unveiling, the conference commended the "most American Southwest Jiaotong University". The members of the conference learned about the "most American Southwest Jiaotong University" and their moving deeds through the video. Wang Shunhong and Yang Dan presented awards to the "Most American Southwest Jiaotong University".




Finally, Wang Shunhong made a concluding speech. He said that today's Southwest Jiaotong University is already standing at a new historical starting point. We must implement the new development concept and integrate it into the new development pattern. We must firmly remember that the reform and opening up and prosperity of the motherland have established the school's success. Today; we must more consciously enhance the "four consciousnesses", strengthen the "four self-confidence", more resolutely achieve the "two maintenances", and with a more vigorous fighting spirit, a more vigorous attitude, dare to innovate and dare to take the lead. Dare to win, turn the blueprint of school reform, construction, and development into a beautiful reality, and continue to write a magnificent new chapter in Southwest Jiaotong University for the realization of the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in the new era!

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