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Undergraduate degree program

Southwest Jiaotong University offers undergraduate courses for international students. Students who meet the graduation requirements will receive a diploma and a bachelor's degree. The shortest undergraduate study time is four years.

Courses will be taught in Chinese.


1. Project features

1.1 High-quality teachers: Southwest Jiaotong University continuously supports and trains teachers at all levels, and has established a special national teacher development center to ensure the supply of high-quality teachers.

1.2 Scientific arrangement of content-rich courses: According to the solid professional characteristics of our school, various courses are offered, including core courses and related elective courses.

1.3 Scientific innovation activities: Our university has an independent Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute to support innovative practice activities.


2. Time and requirements for submitting the application

Submission date: January 1 to June 30

2.1 International students who are physically and mentally healthy, hold a valid non-Chinese passport, abide by Chinese laws, and abide by the rules and regulations of Southwest Jiaotong University.

2.2 Applicants for undergraduate courses must have a high school diploma; for foreign citizens of Chinese descent, please refer to the document ( JW No. 2018 [50] ).

2.3 All applicants must meet the entry requirements of the courses they are applying for. We will consider their learning ability, language ability, and academic performance.

2.4 Minimum requirement: HSK4> 180

Note: If you are unable to provide the HSK4 certificate, please apply for a Chinese preparatory course (one-year period) from our university first.


3. Application procedure

3.1 Register at the following website: HTTP: //

3.2 Click " Online Application " → " Apply " → " Own Expenses " → " Undergraduates ".

3.3 Fill in the relevant information to complete the application.


4. Expenses


RMB 18,000 / year (economics, management / liberal arts)

RMB 23,000 per semester (Science / Engineering)

RMB 25,000 per semester (art / architecture)


5. Scholarship

Southwest Jiaotong University assists undergraduates in applying for the following scholarships:

5.1 Chengdu Government Sister City Scholarship

5.2 One Belt One Road Scholarship

5.3 Chinese Government Scholarship Program for Chinese Aesthetics


6. Application materials

6.1 A copy of a valid passport (the validity period of the passport when applying for a visa is not less than 6 months);

6.2 Obtain the highest degree notarized. (If the applicant is a high school student, he must submit a student certificate issued by his school; non-Chinese or English documents must be accompanied by a notarized English or Chinese translation.)

6.3 Transcripts (Chinese or English); non-Chinese or English transcripts must be accompanied by a notarized English or Chinese translation;

6.4 Physical examination documents: All items listed in the foreigner’s physical examination records must be included in the documents. Foreigner’s physical examination records without complete information, the signature of the attending doctor, the official seal of the corresponding hospital, or the applicant’s stamped photo will be deemed invalid. In addition, it is worth noting that the physical examination results are valid for 6 months.

Note: Please keep the original copy correctly.

From the Chinese Scholarship Council website

( Http:// )

Download the "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" and fill it out in English. Applicants should perform all the physical examination items required in the "Foreigner Physical Examination Record".

6.5 Materials proving language ability: A scanned copy of HSK Level 4 and above;

6.6 The personal statement in both Chinese and English should include the applicant's profile and study plan;

6.7 Documents certifying financial support: a financial guarantee letter (only in RMB or US dollars) issued by a bank approved by the embassy of the People’s Republic of China in a foreign country, and the amount should cover one year or more of tuition;

6.8 Others: students applying for music majors should submit CDs of their own works; students applying for fine arts majors should submit CDs, including 2 sketches, 2 color paintings, and 2 other works of their own.

6.9 Applicants under the age of 18 should provide relevant guardian materials.

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