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Song ailing won the first prize

On the afternoon of April 18, the on-site review of the first Sichuan University Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition was held at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. Associate Professor Song Ailing from the Department of Physical Education gave an interdisciplinary course-"Sports, Technology and Smart Life" won the first prize of Sichuan Province. The teaching team of this course will also be one of the nine teachers (teams) recommended by Sichuan Province to participate in the first National University Teachers Teaching innovation competition. The "Running Organization" lectured by Li Li from the School of Transportation and Logistics won the third prize.


The theme of the first National College Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition is "promoting teaching innovation and creating first-class courses" to guide college teachers to devote themselves to teaching and educating people. The competition is sponsored by the China Higher Education Association. Provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and industry higher education associations are responsible for organizing the provincial competition and recommending the list of teachers who participate in the national competition. The competition is divided into three groups: the senior group, the deputy senior group, and the intermediate and lower groups. do not. After the two stages of online review and on-site review, 3 in each category were selected from the 186 contestants shortlisted for the Sichuan Provincial Competition.


Associate Professor Song Ailing participated in the sub-high level competition as the main lecturer of the course "Sports, Technology and Smart Life". The curriculum takes sports experience as the mainline, integrating mechanical, physical education, mechanics, electrical, economics and management, and other multidisciplinary knowledge to solve real problems as the starting point. In the process of the task-driven team, hands-on practice stimulates students' intrinsic motivation and cultivates students to form interdisciplinary Knowledge structures, interdisciplinary thinking abilities, and interdisciplinary literacy have significant effects in enhancing students' innovative creativity.




In recent years, the school has combined the first-class professional "Double Ten Thousand Plan" and the first-class curriculum "Double Ten Thousand Plan" to continue to promote the construction of the connotation of undergraduate education centered on the growth and development of students. The school continues to deepen the reform of curriculum and teaching, with the integration of value shaping, knowledge transfer, and ability training as one of its efforts, and comprehensively promote the coordinated progress of curriculum construction and ideological and political construction to enhance high-level, highlight innovation and increase challenges Degree is the basic principle of first-class curriculum construction. It establishes the standards of curriculum teaching according to the classification of online, offline, online, and offline mixed, and social practice, and comprehensively promotes the construction of first-class undergraduate courses. At the same time, comprehensive curriculum innovation and reform seminar platform will be built, and experts and teaching designers will be invited to regularly conduct seminars on the promotion and application of first-class undergraduate courses, integrate information technology with education and teaching, and fully promote "class + online" based on comprehensive curriculum design The reform of the mixed teaching model guides teachers to love teaching and pursue excellence in teaching.


At present, with the strong support of the school and related units, and the careful construction of relevant teachers, the school’s approved number of national first-class courses ranks 17th in the country, and it is the only "first-class" with a total of 50 selected courses. "Discipline" to build a university. The school will use this competition as an opportunity to hold a school-wide seminar on curriculum teaching reform, promote reforms with competitions, and promote competitions with reforms, guide teachers to pursue excellence in teaching, and form a strong and excellent teaching atmosphere. At the same time, further, strengthen the curriculum construction, establish a curriculum system of four modules of general education courses, basic courses, professional core courses, and diversified courses, strengthen the promotion and application of micro-specialties of rail transit, and build a thousand first-class undergraduates led by ideology and politics Curriculum, continuously improve the quality of undergraduate education, and continuously promote the "quality revolution" of higher education.

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