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Catering Services

Dining on and off-campus

There are more than ten student restaurants of various types in our school (including one ethnic restaurant). The dishes take into account the tastes of all parts of the country. Each restaurant has dozens of dishes to choose from. The school canteen has introduced an internationally advanced rice cooking production line, realized a unified distribution mechanism for the central kitchen and a strict sanitation guarantee system, and provided students with healthy and nutritious meals and clean and hygienic services. The accommodation floor of the Ziyun Building is equipped with a public kitchen, which provides induction cookers, microwave ovens, dining chairs, exclusive cabinets and other facilities for students to cook on their own.


Dining gathering place

There are much Chinese food, Western food, teahouses, coffee shops, snack bars around the school, with a variety of grades and different consumption levels, and students can choose by themselves.

Gathering place 1: 100 meters to the left of Gate 5 and across the road

Gathering place 2: Opposite the second gate, walk 200 meters to the left, Tianshengli Street

Gathering place 3: Haochi Street, No. 9 Beiwenquan. Take buses 725 or 724 or take a taxi to the gate of Haochi Street, about 3 kilometers.



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