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How do foreign youths view Chongqing?


The launching ceremony of the 2021 "Watching China·Foreign Youth Video Project·Chongqing Trip" was held on April 14th at Southwest University. This time, 10 foreign youths from 4 countries including Madagascar, Yemen, Uzbekistan and Nigeria will go to 9 districts and counties of Chongqing including Jiangbei, Beibei, Nanchuan, Qijiang, and Dazu, with the theme of "Family·Homeland·Homeland" Video and short film creation, in order to feel China's family and country feelings and spread Chinese culture.




The 10 foreign young people who participated in the event were all international students from Chongqing University and Southwest University. They had previously undergone an 8-day intensive training in image creation. Next, they will complete the pre-shooting work before April 28. After that, the finished film will be joined with other short films from 9 other provinces to participate in the national "Watching China·Foreign Youth Video Project" film exhibition.




"Watching China·Foreign Youth Video Project" is sponsored by Beijing Normal University Chinese Culture International Communication Research Institute and Huilin Cultural Fund. It has been successfully held for 10 sessions before. In 2018, the project came to Chongqing for the first time, landing at Southwest University.




As of 2020, 30 foreign youths from 18 countries and regions have gone to 17 districts and counties in Chongqing, completed 33 documentary short films, and won the first, second and third prizes of China's "Golden Eye Award" and the China-US Film Festival More than 20 domestic and foreign awards, including the Golden Angel Award and the Red Maple Leaf Award at the Vancouver (International) Chinese Film Festival. In the past three years, the "Watching China·Foreign Youth Video Project·Chongqing Trip" has gained extensive influence at home and abroad, and has become a gold medal project that highlights the charm of Chongqing and promotes Chongqing culture.


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