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International student class teacher business work training meeting


In order to further improve the professional work level of international student head teachers, and promote the establishment of a "new development pattern" for the school's study in China, on the afternoon of April 16 , the second international student head teacher business training meeting was held in the signing room of the International College. Liu Meng, secretary of the Party branch of the International School, relevant teachers from the Faculty of Education, the School of Arts, the School of Food Science, the School of Marxism and other training units, the head teachers and administrators of the International School, and representatives of graduate students attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by the director of the Student Affairs Office. Yang Kun presided over.




Qin Hongyu, deputy dean of the School of Journalism and Communication, was invited to give a lecture on the theme of "China Image Before and After the Epidemic". Put forward the view that China is not only a nation-state or a civilized country, expound the historical evolution of China’s impression from the "yellow peril theory", "China threat theory", "China collapse theory" to "Chinese hegemony theory" from various aspects, and explore the pre-and mid-epidemic period of the epidemic The reason for the US trade war is to show the positive changes in China's image after the epidemic through detailed data and make suggestions for reshaping the image of China after the epidemic.


Participants said that due to the impact of the epidemic, studying in China has gradually changed to "online study". How to effectively disseminate information and improve the online learning experience of international students is the current focus and difficulty of international student enrollment, training, and management. . In the context of a multicultural context and an Omni-media era, as well as living abroad, international students are extremely vulnerable to misleading by outside public opinion. As front-line workers studying in China, they should also disseminate correct and effective information to students to shape China’s status quo. Positive national image among international students. This training is of great enlightenment for grasping the current situation of studying in China, effectively carrying out the education of China's national conditions in the first and second classes, and doing a good job in enrollment and external publicity.


The training will adhere to the problem orientation, focusing on the improvement of the professional workability of international student headteachers. For the first time, the second-level training unit for international students was invited to participate, and an exchange platform for international student management personnel at the "International College- Cultivation Unit" level was established, which has a positive role in further improving the internal management mechanism of international students and promoting the management of the convergence of Chinese and foreign students.


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