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"Learn Chinese, Watch China" Online Exchange Program


February 25 afternoon, sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Education foreign language exchanges and cooperation centers, schools and the Confucius Institute at Khon Kaen University, Thailand hosted the "Chinese Bridge Southwestern University - Confucius Institute at Khon Kaen University in Thailand 'cloud learn Chinese online to see China' line "Shanghai Exchange Project" held an online closing ceremony and online results report. Directors of the Admissions Office of the International College Li Linze and Huang Wuwei, Chen Zhibao from the Confucius Institute at Khon Kaen University in Thailand, Wang Lilan from Thailand, and 61 students from the Yuegan School in Khon Kaen, Thailand attended the ceremony.




At the closing ceremony, the Thai students showed their learning results in the past two weeks in the form of a group video. The video produced by the students has won praise from teachers and students. After the report of the results, Li Linze made a comment, fully affirmed the content of the report and the serious study attitude of the students, thanked the students for their support of the online project, introduced the school's enrollment information, and warmly welcomes everyone to study in the school after graduation.




It is understood that a total of 61 Thai middle school students applied for this online project, which lasted for two weeks. The party and government team of the college attaches great importance to it. The relevant persons in charge actively coordinate and communicate and participate in the whole process. The teachers of the Chinese International Education Department carefully prepared and made concerted efforts to promote the smooth holding of this online project. It is hoped that through this online "Chinese Bridge" project, the people of China and Thailand will be connected and contribute to the cultural exchanges between the two countries.


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