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Chinese government scholarship enrollment Guide

1. Project category

(1) " Postgraduates in Universities" Project

To promote exchanges and cooperation between China and other countries in various fields, the Ministry of Education has set up a Chinese Government Scholarship Program for "University Graduate Students" to attract outstanding students from all over the world to study for graduate-level degrees in China.


(2) "Silk Road" project

To implement the national "One Belt One Road" strategy, deepen educational cooperation with countries along the route, promote people-to-people bonds, and achieve policy communication, facility connectivity, unimpeded trade, and financial support with countries along the route, the Ministry of Education established the "Silk Road" Chinese government The scholarship program supports and encourages outstanding young people from countries along with the “Belt and Road” to study for undergraduate and graduate-level degrees in China.


(3) "China-Africa Friendship" project

To further promote China-Africa educational cooperation and promote cultural exchanges and people-to-people bonds, the Ministry of Education implemented the "China-Africa Friendship" Chinese Government Scholarship Program to support and encourage outstanding young people from African countries to study and study in China.


2. Application time

January 25-April 11, 2021 (Beijing time)


3. Application conditions

(1) Comply with the Nationality Law of the People’s Republic of China and meet the relevant provisions of the “Notice of the Ministry of Education Regarding the Acceptance of International Students in Our Colleges and Universities” (Ministry of Education Jiaowailai [2020] No. 12) and other relevant regulations Non-Chinese citizens with valid foreign passports, physically and mentally healthy, with excellent grades;

(2) Comply with the laws and regulations of the Chinese government and the school discipline and school rules of the school;

(3) The academic level must meet one of the following conditions:

a. Fresh high school graduates (applying for a bachelor's degree), undergraduate graduates (applying for a master's degree), or master's degree graduates (applying for a doctorate), must obtain the corresponding diploma recognized by the state before enrolling in the enrollment year, otherwise, the admission qualification will be invalid ;

b. Have a nationally recognized high school diploma (apply for a bachelor's degree), a university degree (apply for a master's degree), or a master's degree (apply for a doctoral degree).

(4) Age requirements

a. Apply for a bachelor's degree: 18-25 years old;

b. Apply for a master's degree: 18-35 years old;

c. Apply for Ph.D. degree: 18-40 years old.

The age is calculated based on September 1, 2021.

(5) Language proficiency requirements

a. Majors taught in Chinese

one: Chinese proficiency level 4 (applying for bachelor's degree) or HSK level 5 (for master's degree or doctoral degree), and each subject has a score of 60 or more, you can apply for direct professional study;

two: HSK Level 3 (Applying for Bachelor's Degree) or HSK Level 4 (Applying for Master's Degree and Doctorate Degree) in Chinese proficiency, and each subject has a score of 60 or more, can apply for "One-year Chinese tuition + professional study". During the one-year Chinese tuition study period, students must reach HSK Level 4 (applying for a bachelor's degree) or HSK Level 5 (applying for a master's degree or doctoral degree), and each subject must have a score of 60 or more. If this requirement is not met, the student's scholarship qualification will be suspended or terminated.

b. Majors taught in English

one: Applicants whose mother tongue is English, or who have more than two years of professional learning experience in English as the language of instruction, may not provide proof of English scores;

two: Applicants whose native language is not English must provide an IELTS score of 6.5 or a TOEFL score of 95 or above.

(6) Not receiving other scholarships at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics at the same time;

(7) Applicants must independently complete the scholarship application process by themselves;


4. The majors to be enrolled and the language of instruction

Please refer to the "Southwestern University of Finance and Economics 2021 Chinese Government Scholarship Professional Catalog" (Annex 1) for the information on the majors to be enrolled in and the language of instruction.


5. Types and duration of funding

Funding category

Professional study period

Chinese tuition period


4 academic years

1 academic year


2-3 academic years

1 academic year

Ph.D. student

3-4 academic years

1 academic year

The specific funding period is the length of study determined at the time of admission.


6. Scholarship content

The scholarship funding includes tuition, accommodation, living expenses, and comprehensive medical insurance. For details, please check the website of China Scholarship Council:


7. Application procedure

Applicants must register online, confirm the registration information online, and pay the application fee as required.

(1) Online registration

a. Log in to the "Chinese Government Scholarship Information Management System for Studying in China" to apply (URL:; Southwestern University of Finance and Economics "Accepting Institution Number" is 10651);

b. Log in to the "Southwestern University of Finance and Economics International Student Online Service System" to submit an application and pay the registration fee (website: or );

c. Applicants should accurately fill in the personal online registration information and provide real materials as required. If you fail to register as required, fill in the information on the Internet, fill in incorrectly, fill in incorrectly or fill in false information and fail to take the exam or enroll, the consequences shall be borne by the applicant.


(2) Application fee

a. The application fee is RMB 600, which can be paid on-site or online. For online payment methods, please follow the prompts of "The Southwestern University of Finance and Economics International Student Online Service System " for online payment. Our school does not accept traveler’s checks or other payment methods.

b. Applications that have not paid the application fee will not be accepted.

c. The application fee is non-refundable regardless of whether it is admitted or not.


8. Application materials

(1) Upload materials

Applicants must upload the following documents online before the deadline:

a. Headless ID photos within half a year

b. Notarized highest academic certificate or pre-graduation certificate

If the applicant is a school student, he must submit a pre-graduation certificate issued by the school he is attending and indicates that the applicant will receive a graduation certificate before August 31, 2021.

c. Complete transcript of the highest academic level

d. Letter of Recommendation

Applicants for master's and doctoral degrees must submit two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors (or experts with equivalent professional technical titles).

e. Study or research plan in China

Applicants for bachelor's degree studies or research plans in China should be no less than 200 words; applicants for master's or doctoral degrees should study or research plans in China no less than 800 words.

f. Proof of language ability

g. Passport personal information page

Applicants must submit a clear scanned copy of the first page of a Japanese ordinary passport that is valid after March 1, 2022. If the validity period of your current passport does not meet the requirements, please renew your passport in time. For applicants who are unable to apply for a passport before applying due to objective reasons, with the permission of the school, they can submit valid certificates or supporting documents containing their name, gender, nationality, date of birth, and other information.

h. "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" (Annex 2)

The form must be completed by the doctor in Chinese or English. Applicants should strictly follow the items required in the "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" for inspection. If there are missing items, no photo of yourself or no seal on the photo, no signature and seal of the doctor or hospital, etc., it will be deemed invalid. The inspection record is valid for 6 months.

i. "Certificate of No Criminal Record"

Applicants must submit a valid non-criminal record certificate issued by the local public security agency, usually within 6 months of the date of submission of the application. If the applicant is indeed unable to provide it, he should sign the "No Criminal Record Commitment" (Annex 3).


(2) Matters needing attention

a. All application materials must be written in English or Chinese. If the original application materials are written in other languages, a notarized English or Chinese translation must be provided, otherwise, it will be deemed invalid.

b. For details of the application process, please refer to the Application Guide for the Independent Enrollment Program of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (Annex 4)


9. Investigation and admission

(1) Southwestern University of Finance and Economics adopts the "application-assessment system" to recruit Chinese government scholarship students, focusing on the overall quality of the candidates.

(2) Evaluation and admission process: Preliminary review by the Admissions Office of the International Education College → Online examination → Academic review by the Admissions Committee of the Training College (Center) → Online Interview → Review by the International Student Admissions Leading Group → Proposed Admission/Alternate/ Elimination → Report to the National Scholarship Fund Final review → formal admission.

(3) Each scholarship recipient can only receive funding for one type of scholarship project. For scholarship applicants who are admitted to multiple universities at the same time, the China Scholarship Council will only reserve the scholarship qualification of the first admitted school.

(4) Scholarship recipients are not allowed to change the admission institution, major of study, and study period.

(5) Freshmen should report on time. Those who are unable to register for enrollment on time for some reason shall apply for leave in writing to the School of International Education of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and obtain the approval of the China Scholarship Council. Those who fail to register on time and have not asked for leave to obtain permission will not be eligible for the scholarship.

(6) If the content of this enrollment guide is inconsistent with the documents of the State, the Ministry of Education, and the China Scholarship Council, the documents of the State, the Ministry of Education, and the China Scholarship Council shall prevail.


10. Discipline and requirements

(1) Applicants who violate the rules or cheat during the application process shall be dealt with seriously by the Measures for Handling Violations of the National Education Examination (Order No. 33 of the Ministry of Education). For those who falsify, whenever they are verified, their qualifications for examination, admission, or student status will be canceled by relevant regulations.

(2) According to the regulations of the China Scholarship Council, scholarship students must participate in the annual scholarship review. Southwestern University of Finance and Economics will conduct the annual review by the relevant regulations and requirements of the China Scholarship Council and the school. Only those who pass the review can continue to enjoy the scholarship, and those who fail the annual review will be suspended or terminated.


11. Contact

Admissions Office, School of International Education, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (Guanghua Campus)

Phone/Fax: +86-28-87355437



Address: No. 55, Guanghua Village Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

Post Code: 610074


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