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International students participate in reading activities



On April 23, hosted by the Jinma Sub-district Work Committee of Wenjiang District of the CPC in Chengdu, Jinma Sub-district Office of Wenjiang District People’s Government of Chengdu, and Education Bureau of Wenjiang District, Chengdu, the theme is "Scent of books and golden horses, a happy life" Jinma Sub-district, Wenjiang District The National Reading Ceremony to welcome the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China was held at the activity square in the Hot Spring Community of Jinma Street.




Pakistani students and Kazakh students from our school attended the opening ceremony as representatives of overseas students. Afterward, the international students entered the classrooms of the primary and secondary school students of Golden Horse School, recite English poems, and shared the beauty of poems with Chinese classmates, and felt the fun of poems. During the activity, overseas students and Chinese classmates talked freely and introduced the local customs of their country to everyone. Applause and laughter continued one after another. The students at the scene expressed that the international students were very kind and benefited a lot from such sharing courses.




In the afternoon, the international students of our school went to Jinquan Community to participate in reading activities, studying, appreciating, and reading the excerpts of poems they prepared with community residents and college students of Agricultural Vocational College. In addition to sharing their own reading experience, everyone also discussed their hometown food and city scenery.




As part of our school’s international student community co-construction project, the activities carried out with Jinma Town enriched the extracurricular life and cultural exchange experience of international students, and also further enhanced the international integration of the territorial community and enhanced the openness and inclusiveness of the community culture.



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