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"HSK China famous brand school experience project" ends



On May 9, 2021, the "HSK China Prestigious School Experience Project" sponsored by Hankao International and the HSK Office of the Japanese Youth Development Association and undertaken by the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics came to a successful conclusion. Li Prize, Chairman and General Manager of Hankao International, Keizo Honda, Director of HSK Affairs Bureau of Japan Youth Development Association, Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office (Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Affairs Office) of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Liang Ting, Dean of School of International Education, School of International Education Deputy Dean Wang Xin, the Chinese and Japanese project teams and all teachers and students gathered in the cloud to summarize and review the wonderful moments of online learning in the past month.




Participants first watched the short video of the course review. Through the lens, the teachers carefully taught and the students practiced earnestly. Every encouraging word and warm words were full of emotion. The project was highly affirmed and appreciated by Li Prize, the chairman, and general manager of Hankao International. In his speech, Li Prize expressed his gratitude to the faculty and students team of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics who worked so hard for this project with "spring weather and rain, day and night", and congratulations to the Japanese students who have completed their studies through studying Chinese and experiencing Bashu culture wholeheartedly. "Where to find the prime minister's ancestral hall, Bai Sensen outside Jinguan City", Li Prize ended his speech with Du Fu's famous poem "Shu Xiang", and sincerely invited Japanese students to Chengdu to experience ancient Shu culture and appreciate the beauty of Chinese poetry.




Honda Keizo of the HSK Affairs Bureau of the Japan Youth Development Association pointed out that the project tried the online intensive training on weekends for the first time. The teaching model of daily special exercises has achieved good results and has been well received by the students. Honda Keizo said that the success of the online project, as he expected at the beginning of the camp, was shaped into an exquisite work of art, building a bridge for friendly exchanges between China and Japan.




In her speech, Liang Ting expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Hankao International and the HSK Office of the Japanese Youth Development Association and hoped that the three parties would carry out more in-depth and extensive exchanges and cooperation in the future. Liang Ting introduced our school's study abroad program in Western Finance and sincerely invites Japanese students to study at the University of Finance and Economics.


The teacher in charge of the project issued certificates of completion to 37 students. Three student representatives shared their learning experience and thanked the teachers for this meaningful learning experience and the teachers' careful guidance. The graduation ceremony ends with a group photo in the cloud, where more than a hundred days of beautiful memories and full of harvest are frozen.




The“HSK China Prestigious School Experience Project” is the first attempt by the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics team to offer HSK training courses for overseas students. Through the series of vocabulary, grammar, analysis of question types, and answering skills, the students’ Chinese foundation will be consolidated with live weekend classes. Special exercises are distributed every day after class, and interactive questions and answers can effectively help students master HSK preparation knowledge, improve Chinese listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, and enhance communication and cultural understanding.


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