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Love Chengdu, Welcome Universiade



On November 3, the Qingyang Street and Lane Tour Line, co-organized by the Qingyang District Committee’s Social Governance Committee, Qingyang District Government Foreign Affairs Office, Qingyang District Education Bureau, and co-organized by the Qingyang District Committee Propaganda Department and other departments, was released. The ceremony was held in the Kuan Alley community. International students from our school from eight countries participated in this event and experienced the authentic street culture of Chengdu.




During the launch ceremony, the Social Governance Committee of the Qingyang District Committee, the Foreign Affairs Office of the Qingyang District Government, together with the District Education Bureau, the Tuanqingyang District Committee, and the Qingyang District Public Security Bureau, jointly launched a street tour line to release a declaration, inviting all guests to read Chengdu together Unique urban charm and urban character. Martin, an international student from our school from Russia, spoke at the launch ceremony as a representative of foreign students, sharing his feelings of studying and living in Chengdu, and expressing his love for Chengdu, a city that combines tradition and modernity.


After the launching ceremony, our school’s international students and Chinese young friends formed two teams, starting from the Kuanxiangzi community in Shaocheng Street, and experiencing the first phase of the theme route of "tracing", passing through Shupai·Mojie Guqin Academy, Jingxiang, Zhang Liangfen, hard-working meals and Heming tea house, feel the tranquility of "Changji Mingqinzi Splashing Hall", understand the profound cultural heritage of Jingxiang Alley, taste the dreamy taste of Chengdu cuisine, and experience the elegant and refined Chengdu Taiwan, well-known in the event Teacher Yuan Dingdong, a scholar of Bashu culture and the "Qingyang Street and Lane Culture Singer", appeared in the People’s Park as a mysterious guest. He used vivid language to endorse the Shaocheng culture, took the lead in telling stories about the streets of old Chengdu, and discussed with classmates and citizens tourists Sichuan's folk customs and culture are of the same origin.


For a long time, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics has taken the initiative to play the social service function of colleges and universities, actively expand the ways for international students to learn and understand Chinese excellent traditional culture, and integrate internal and external resources through school-site co-construction and school-enterprise cooperation. Government departments at all levels have established a variety of cultural experience and social practice bases for international students, allowing them to experience the profoundness and unique charm of Chinese culture on the spot, which has been well received by teachers, students, and all walks of life.

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