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Secretary of the Party Committee visits international students


In order to further study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s reply to all Pakistani students from the University of Science and Technology Beijing, and to further improve the education management and internationalization of international students under the conditions of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, on the morning of June 18, the secretary of the party committee Jia Yuming made a special visit for investigation I went to the school's second international student dormitory to visit and sympathize with the international students on campus, and have discussions and exchanges with them to learn more about their study and living conditions. Vice President Yang Jie, Director of the Party and Government Office Tang Libao, Dean of the School of International Education Zhang Wei, and Party Branch Secretary Peng Xuegang participated in the survey.


During the discussion, Secretary Jia Yuming had a cordial conversation with the international students, asking and listening to their study and living conditions during the epidemic prevention and control period, as well as their opinions and suggestions. On behalf of the school, he expressed his sincere gratitude to all international students for their understanding and support of the Chinese government and the school's various epidemic prevention work since the outbreak of the epidemic, and fully affirmed the full cooperation and positive optimism shown by the international students during the epidemic. Secretary Jia Yin Yin urged international students to build confidence, overcome difficulties, continue to cooperate with the school to carry out epidemic prevention and control work, while completing online learning tasks, reasonably plan time, properly strengthen exercise, and study and live with peace of mind. The school will, as always, do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and the study and living security of international students with a highly responsible attitude to ensure the health and safety of every international student. Secretary Jia emphasized that the school will take the opportunity of studying and implementing the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s reply to all Pakistani students of the University of Science and Technology Beijing. While persisting in the prevention and control of the epidemic among international students, it will further implement detailed service guarantee work, carry forward the spirit of collaboration, and be solid. Promote our school's study in China and the internationalization of education, and contribute to the promotion of cultural exchanges and the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.


More than a dozen international students from Pakistan, Vietnam, Egypt, Burundi, Thailand, Madagascar, Morocco, Vanuatu and other countries talked about their personal feelings about the Chinese government and school epidemic prevention and control work. They unanimously stated that the Chinese government has adopted the strongest China’s prevention and control measures have curbed the spread of the epidemic, and the anti-epidemic effect achieved has made them admire and admire them. They are moved and grateful for the humanitarian assistance China has done its best to provide their country and the international community. President Xi Jinping gave a message to the University of Science and Technology Beijing. The response of all the Pakistani students signaled that they were excited and inspired. They truly felt the power of China and the friendship of China in Shenyang, China. They sincerely expressed their sincere gratitude to the school for providing them with help and care for a long time. The care, care and love given to them by school leaders and college teachers made them feel warm as home, and their words were full of excitement and tears. They said that they will keep their entrustment in mind, do a good job in epidemic prevention and control in strict accordance with the requirements, and strive to learn Chinese culture and professional knowledge, so as to ensure that the epidemic prevention and learning is not wrong, and use their own practical actions to promote the friendly development of China and the host country.


After the discussion, Secretary Jia Yuming and Vice President Yang Jie presented the book "Xi Jinping on Governing the Country" (English version) for each international student, presented the school's epidemic prevention health kit, and took a group photo with the international students.


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