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1. What is the ranking of Shenyang Normal University in China?

Shenyang Normal University ranks around 220 in China, and Shenyang Normal University ranks around 15 in Liaoning.


2. Where is the address of Shenyang Normal University?

253 Huanghe North Street, Shenyang City.


3. What is the area of Shenyang Normal University?

The school covers an area of ​​1.23 million square meters with a building area of ​​950,000 square meters.


4. How about the teaching level of Shenyang Normal University?

The school has a complete range of disciplines, including philosophy, economics, law, pedagogy, literature, science, engineering, management, and art. It has entered the TOP200 in the ranking of the best universities in Shanghai. At present, there are 25 first-level disciplines for master's degree authorization and 11 professional master's degree authorization points. Pedagogy was selected as the first-class discipline A level in Liaoning Province, with 3 national second-level societies established, and was selected as the "Authoritative Source Organization for the Reprinting of Copies of the National People's Congress". In the fourth round of national subject evaluation, pedagogy entered the top 20-30% of the same subject in the country. The Master of Education was approved as the first batch of national comprehensive reform pilot units for the master of education in Northeast China. In the country's first professional degree level evaluation, the professional degree of education master's degree authorization point was awarded B, ranking first in Liaoning and second in Northeast China. In the 2019 Shanghai Ranking of China's Best Subjects, its education degree ranks 25th in the country, with the top 18%, ranking first in the same discipline in Liaoning for three consecutive years; the law degree ranks 39th in the country, ranking among the top 19% Ranked first in the same discipline in Liaoning.


5. When was Shenyang Normal University established?

Shenyang Normal University is affiliated with the People's Government of Liaoning Province. It was founded in 1951. It was formerly known as Northeast Education College. In 1953, it was renamed Shenyang Normal University. It was one of the first two undergraduate normal colleges established in Northeast China at that time.


6. How about the faculty of Shenyang Normal University?

The school has 1,293 full-time teachers, including 234 senior professional and technical personnel, 531 associate senior professional and technical personnel, and 545 teachers with doctoral degrees. There are 2 "Changjiang Scholars" distinguished professors, 1 "Changjiang Scholars" chair professor, 3 candidates for the National Hundred and Thousand Talents Project, 1 national-level teaching teacher, 11 experts enjoying special government allowances from the State Council, and 3 national outstanding teachers There are 1 national model teacher, 6 provincial outstanding experts, 4 provincial "Xingliao Talents Program" climbing scholars, 11 distinguished professors, 2 leading talents in philosophy and social sciences, 1 famous teaching teacher, 9 top-notch young talents, There are 2 Huang Danian-style teachers, 95 candidates for the provincial "Hundred, Thousand, Thousand Talents Project", 26 provincial undergraduate teaching teachers, and 38 provincial innovative talent support programs.


7. How about the campus environment of Shenyang Normal University?

The campus is lined with trees, the environment is elegant, clean, and orderly. The school insists on educating people through culture and people, and actively builds many cultural landscapes, forming a distinctive campus landscape cultural brand.


8. How about the life service facilities of Shenyang Normal University?

(1) Restaurant

The school has foreign affairs canteens and various student canteens. There are student canteens and various snack bars in the south, east, and north areas of the campus. Students can choose by themselves with cash.

In addition, there is a public kitchen in the international student dormitory where students can cook their own meals.


(2) Laundry room

There is a laundry room on each floor of the International Student Dormitory. You can purchase a laundry card at the front desk and use it for self-service washing.


9. How about the surrounding environment of Shenyang Normal University?

It is a bit far from the city, but the traffic is very convenient. It is located in the university town and has many bus lines.


10. How about the campus facilities of Shenyang Normal University?

The fully functional teaching area, the well-serviced living area and the well-equipped sports area have complete hardware facilities and reasonable planning and distribution.


11. How many students are there at Shenyang Normal University?

There are 18,525 full-time undergraduates, 3,541 postgraduates, and 1,100 long-term and short-term international students.


12. How many colleges are there at Shenyang Normal University?

There are 26 secondary colleges and 19 school-affiliated libraries, departments, centers, research institutes and affiliated institutions. It has two of the few Confucius Institutes in the Middle East in China-the Confucius Institute at St. Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon and the TAG Confucius Institute in Amman, Jordan. The Liaoning Basic Education Teaching and Research Training Center, the Liaoning Education Administration Institute, the Liaoning Electrochemical Education Museum, the Liaoning Paleontology Museum, and the Liaoning Preschool Teacher Training Center are all located in Shenyang Normal University.


13. How about the situation of the International Education College?

The School of International Education has a high-level faculty with an optimized professional title, educational background, academic background, and age structure. There are currently 26 full-time teachers, including 1 professor, 10 associate professors, and 12 teachers with doctoral degrees (or Ph.D. students). Six teachers served as tutors for postgraduates majoring in Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, one teacher was selected into the Liaoning Province Hundred and Thousand Talents Project and one teacher served as the executive director of an important national professional society. 16 teachers preside over national, provincial, and municipal scientific research or teaching and research projects.


The college has two undergraduate majors: Chinese Language and Chinese International Education. It has gone through three development stages of initial, steady development, continuous expansion of scale, continuous improvement of levels, and complementarity of language training and academic education. A complete education and training system has been formed from Chinese language teaching, short-term and medium-term advanced student education to undergraduate and master student education, forming a training model combining "language + culture + skills". The teaching content is mainly Chinese, and many courses such as Chinese history, foreign economics and trade, Chinese folk art, Taijiquan, and martial arts are also offered.


14. What are the requirements for applying to Shenyang Normal University?

  • Be healthy and able to complete school.
  • No bad habits and bad records, good moral character, abide by Chinese laws and regulations and school discipline and respect the customs and habits of the Chinese people.
  • Applicants for a master's degree must have a bachelor's degree recognized by the Ministry of Education of China and must be under 35 years old; applicants for a bachelor's degree (undergraduate) must have high school graduation or above or the same academic qualifications as high school graduates, and be no more than 30 years old; Advanced students and language students, generally not more than 60 years old.
  • Those who have already obtained other scholarships from the Chinese government cannot apply for our school's independent enrollment scholarships.


15. What materials do I need to apply for Shenyang Normal University?

The language of the required materials in Chinese or English, and the materials mainly include:

  • Shenyang Normal University International Student Application Form (fixed format, filled out by self-financed students).
  • Copy of the blank page of the passport photo page and visa page (if the photo page and the personal information page are not on the same page, the personal information page must also be provided).
  • Personal resume (fixed style).
  • Financial guarantee letter (submitted by self-supported students).
  • The highest degree certificate has been notarized and dual-certified. If the applicant is a school student or is already employed, he/she must also submit an enrollment certificate issued by the school or an employment certificate issued by the employer. Documents in languages ​​other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.
  • Academic transcripts. Documents in languages ​​other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.
  • If the teaching language of the applied course is Chinese, the HSK or BCT certificate or transcript must be submitted; if the teaching language of the applied course is English, the English language IELTS or TOEFL test transcript must be submitted (not available for native English speakers).
  • A copy of "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" (uniformly printed by the Chinese health and quarantine department, please go to the national hospital for examination, and must be certified by the Chinese embassy or consulate abroad). Please bring the original and all original materials (blood test report, X-ray photo, etc.) when you come to China.
  • Study and research plans in China (no less than 600 words for undergraduates, no less than 800 words for masters, no less than 1,000 words for doctors), written in Chinese or English.
  • Two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors, written in Chinese or English (provided by applicants for doctoral and master's degrees).
  • Photos: 6 color photos (4.5*3.5CM) within the last three months, with Chinese or English names written on the back of the photo.


Note: Scholarship applicants must first apply for online registration (, Shenyang Normal University's admissions agency code is 10166). After the online application is successful, please print and submit the application form together with the same The above paper materials are sent to the Office of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of Shenyang Normal University. Self-financed students submit one copy, and applicants for Chinese government scholarships submit two copies. Regardless of whether you are admitted or not, the application materials will not be returned.


16. How to apply for Shenyang Normal University?

The application process for self-financed students:

Submit application materials→eligibility review→admission approval→issuance of admission notice and visa application form (JW202 form) for foreigners studying in China


Chinese Government Scholarship Program application process:

Post enrollment information (in January each year) → online application (website → submit application materials → qualification review → admission → approval by the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education and China Scholarship Council → issue of admission notice Visa application form for foreigners studying in China (JW201 form)


17. When is the registration time generally?

The application deadline for the Chinese Government Scholarship (independent enrollment program) is: March 30 each year

The application deadline for self-financed foreign students with academic qualifications is: June 30 each year

The application deadline for Chinese language students and advanced students is:

Spring semester: December 31

Fall semester: June 30


18. How much does it cost to apply for Shenyang Normal University?

Fees for Chinese Government Scholarship Students:

⑴ Exemption of tuition fees, on-campus accommodation fees, and comprehensive medical insurance fees.

⑵ Provide living expenses:

3000 yuan/month for masters and general scholars; 2500 yuan/month for undergraduates.


Shenyang Normal University Scholarship (application method and scholarship amount will be notified separately)


Expenses for studying abroad for self-financed students:

(1) Tuition fees, boarding fees, major illness and accidental injury insurance premiums


Unit: RMB/person

Levels and disciplines

Registration fee



Accommodation fee/8 months









liberal arts



















liberal arts


















Peking Opera Performance






Music performance (Chinese musical instrument performance)






Language students, language students






Professional trainees






Note: The accommodation fee is for a double room, and double for a single room; the accommodation fee does not include winter and summer vacations, and no check-out is required during the vacation. Each holiday will charge an additional 100 yuan/person/day for a single room, and an additional 50 yuan/person/ for a double room. day. Each room provides 170 kWh of free electricity per month, and the excess part will be charged separately at the electricity price.


(2) Physical examination fee: 583 yuan/person-time (may increase; if the physical examination in the country is not recognized by the quarantine and inspection department, re-inspection or supplementary inspection is required)

(3) Visa fee: 400 yuan within one year; 800 yuan for 1-3 years; 1,000 yuan for 3-5 years (subject to change)

(4) Teaching material fee: charged according to the actual price.


19. What should foreign students pay attention to when registering?

Foreign students must present the "Admission Notice", the "Visa Application Form for Studying in China" (JW202/JW201), and the original passport to register at the school. Those who fail to register within the time limit shall explain the reason in advance and go through the formalities for requesting leave.


20. What is the registration process?

(1) Register at the Institute of International Education, present the "Admission Notice" and the "Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China", submit your passport for inspection, and submit 2 2-inch bareheaded photos.

(2) Fill in "Shenyang Normal University Foreign Student Admission Application Form" and "Shenyang Normal University Resume Form", establish Shenyang Normal University foreign student files, and pay tuition, registration fees, insurance fees and accommodation fees.

(3) International students living in our school should go to the International Students Dormitory to complete the housing procedures, fill in the "Shenyang Normal University Foreign Student Accommodation Registration Form", pay an accommodation deposit of RMB 300 (200 RMB room deposit and 100 RMB room key deposit), receive the room key, and check Room items. International students who do not bring bedding can rent a set of bedding at the front desk for a price of 100 yuan (a deposit of 200 yuan is required first, and a deposit of 100 yuan is returned when the bedding is returned).


21. What should I pay attention to when I go for a physical examination?

All X visa entrants and international students with a study period of more than half a year must go to the Shenyang Entry-Exit Health Inspection and Quarantine Bureau for physical examination or physical examination results verification when applying for a residence permit for foreigners in the People's Republic of China, otherwise, they will not be able to apply for a residence permit. (The costs incurred are borne by the student).

Those undergoing physical examination and verification must bring:

(1) Passport and its copy

(2) All health materials that I have experienced in China: (must be signed or stamped by the local hospital and certified by the Chinese embassy in the local area)

  • "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" (original)
  • "Laboratory Inspection Results" (original)
  • X-ray film (original)


The medical examiner must bring:

  • Passport and copy
  • 2 2-inch headless color photos
  • Relevant certification materials provided by our school


22. What documents do foreign students need to apply for?

(1) Foreign students and advanced students should go to the Exit-Entry Administration Office of Shenyang Public Security Bureau to apply for a residence permit in China within 30 days from the date of entry. If they fail to do so within the time limit, the public security organs will impose penalties following relevant laws and regulations. When applying for a residence permit, you must prepare the following materials:

  • Original passport (provided by the student)
  • Visa application form (provided by the school)
  • Certificate of enrollment (provided by the school)
  • Copy of passport homepage and visa page
  • Admission notice (provided by the school)
  • JW202 (provided by the school)
  • Physical examination report (provided by Shenyang Entry-Exit Health Inspection and Quarantine Bureau)
  • Accommodation registration form (provided by the school for those who live on campus, and provided by the student for those who live off-campus)
  • Fees required for visas (students pay by themselves, pay in RMB)


(2) Those who need to apply for an extension or change of residence permit must be approved by the school and apply to the Exit-Entry Administration Department of Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau 30 days in advance for extension and change procedures. Those who fail to do so will be treated as foreigners of the People’s Republic of China. The relevant provisions of the Person Management Law are punished. The regulations stipulate that the residence permit shall be fined RMB 500 for one day overdue.

(3) Those who have changed their visa dates and residential address must register at the police station of the public security bureau where they live. The police station of the public security bureau of our school is the Daoyi police station of Shenbei New District, Shenyang. Please consult the rental housing for the police station of the public security bureau where you live off-campus the Lord.

(4) Visas and various certificates should be properly kept and must not be altered or damaged. If the certificates are lost, they should be reported to the police station where they were lost.


23. What are the procedures for applying for a new passport and residence permit?

Report the case at the police station of the lost place→Relevant materials issued by the International Education Institute→Apply to the country's embassy in China to apply for a replacement passport→Go to the Exit-Entry Administration Office of Shenyang Public Security Bureau to complete and re-apply residence procedures (specific application procedures and requirements are based on the country's ambassador The regulations of the museum shall prevail)


24. How to keep in touch with the college?

(1) Comprehensive Office of the School of International Education

Responsible for the handling of various matters for international students

Location: Office 101, First Floor, School of International Education, Shenyang Normal University

Phone: 0086-24-86574238, 0086-24-86574288



(2) The front desk of the International Student Dormitory

Responsible for the life service and apartment management of the international students, the accommodation arrangement of the international students, the maintenance of room facilities, etc.

Venue: The lobby on the first floor of the School of International Education, Shenyang Normal University

Phone: 024-86574254, 024-86574258


(3) Classroom for international students

Classroom of International Education College: inside the teaching building of International Education College

Liberal Arts Classroom: in the teaching building of Huiwen Building

Other college professional courses are subject to the specific arrangements of each college


25. How to travel?

The location of the school is relatively convenient, there are many bus lines, students can use.

(1) School → Shenyang Station, Taiyuan Street

Take Metro Line 2 at Qingnian Street Station and transfer to Metro Line 1 and get off at Shenyang Station and Taiyuan Street Station;

(2) School → Shenyang North Railway Station

Take Metro Line 2 and get off at Shenyang North Station;

(3) School → Middle Street

Take Metro Line 2 at Qingnian Street Station and transfer to Metro Line 1 and get off at Zhongjie Station;

(4) School → Wuai Street

Take bus 338 or 236 and get off at Wu'ai Street Station;

(5) School → West Tower

Take bus No. 255 and get off at Xita Station;

Take bus No. 326 and get off at Huangsi Square Station and walk for about 5 minutes;

Take bus 255 or 236, transfer to bus 232 at Santaizi, and get off at Beichang Station;

(6) School→Northbound

Take the 236 bus and get off at the northbound station;


26. How to get medical treatment?

The school has a school hospital. There are many large hospitals near the school, such as the 739 Hospital, the 242 Hospital, the Armed Police Corps Hospital, and the Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are the First Affiliated Hospital and Second Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University in the city. , 2021 Hospital and other famous hospitals.


27. Where can I go shopping?

There are two medium-sized supermarkets on campus with complete daily necessities. There are large shopping malls such as Zhongxing, Parkson, Xinglong Family in Zhongjie, Taiyuan Street, Northbound and other places. There are supermarkets such as China Resources Vanguard to the north of our school. There are Tesco supermarkets and Lotte Mart near the Nansantaizi area. Supermarkets have everything you need to buy in advance.


28. What should I pay attention to while studying abroad?

(1) Please remember the following frequently used phone numbers:

International Education College Comprehensive Office Tel: 024-86574238

School hospital: 024-86574365

Emergency number: 120

Police phone number: 110

Fire alarm phone: 119

Telephone inquiries: 114

(2) Take good care of passports and other documents, and take good care of valuables such as credit cards, cash, and computers.

(3) When you leave the room, you must lock the doors and windows. When you leave school, you must go with your company. Don't go out at night alone.

(4) Don't strike up a conversation with strangers, let alone bring strangers into your room casually.

(5) If you encounter strangers, you should try to leave quickly. In the event of an attack by a criminal, you should call 110 immediately.

(6) When you get lost when you go out, please ask the traffic police for help.

(7) Don't lend money to others easily.

(8) If you encounter difficulties, contact the teacher on duty in time.


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