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Living Guide

1. Use of room card

The international student dormitory room card is proof of accommodation, please keep it properly. After checking out and returning the room card, if the facilities remain intact, the deposit slip will be returned to the accommodation deposit. Once it is lost, tell the service staff so that you can take measures.
For your safety, be sure to lock the room door before going to bed at night.

2. Use of equipment in dormitory for international students

TV: The TV in each room of international students can accept several channels, and the remote control can be used to change channels;
Air conditioner: please use the remote control to turn on the air conditioner;
Water heater: Turn off the water heater after use, and pay attention to electricity safety;
Public kitchen gas: the gas must be turned off after using the gas;
Water use: Save water and don't throw large objects into the sink to avoid clogging the sewer;
The electrical appliances and other facilities in the international student dormitory are public property and should be used with care and taken care of.

3. Seek medical attention

Steps: Students can choose the hospital at will according to their condition and their wishes. When seeing a doctor, you must first register at the registration office, pay the registration fee, and choose the appropriate department (surgery, internal medicine, etc., if you don't know if you can ask the doctor at the consultation or registration office) to see a doctor. If the doctor asks the student to do the relevant examination, the student must first bring the examination application form to the collection office to pay the payment, present the payment receipt to do the examination, and then send the examination result back to the doctor. The doctor will prescribe the prescription based on the examination result, and the student holds the prescription Pay the money first, and then take the medicine.
The nearby hospitals of Shenyang Normal University are: Shenyang Normal University Hospital, 739 Hospital, 242 Hospital.
Shenyang Normal University Hospital: 200 meters north of the main entrance of Shenyang Normal University
739 Hospital: Take buses 236, 255, 141, etc. and get off at the 739 Hospital Station
242 Hospital: Take bus No. 326, 381, 382 and get off at 242 Hospital Station
General medicines can be purchased at a nearby pharmacy.

4. Shopping

There are business service centers in each living area on the campus of Shenyang Normal University. Students can buy food, daily necessities, stationery, etc. on their own. The school is close to the business service circle of Shenbei University Town. You can take buses 236, 255, and 141 to get off at the Jaeger-LeCoultre Shopping Center station.
Shenyang City Shopping Center:
1. Middle Street: Get off at Xiaoximen Station on No. 157, 326
2. Taiyuan Street: Get off at No. 255 Taiyuan Street Station
3. Northbound: Get off at No. 236 northbound station
4. Wu'ai Street: Get off at Wu'ai Market Station on No. 157 and 326

5. Transportation

The traffic in Shenyang is complicated and there are many vehicles passing by. Pay attention to traffic safety when you travel, and pass on the right side. Pay attention to the traffic lights when walking and biking, stop at the red light and go on with the green light.
Shenyang Normal University has convenient transportation. You can take buses, subways, and taxis to travel. The main bus lines are 236, 255, 141, 157, 326, 381, 382, etc. You can also take a bus to the Santaizi subway exit of Songshan Road Station Shenyang Metro.

6. Bank

1. Remittance: International remittance is handled in Bank of China. Students who need to remit must bring their passports to open an account with Bank of China, and then go through the remittance procedures.
Address of Bank of China near Shenyang Normal University: Take 236 or 255 to Taihu International Garden and get off.
2. Deposits and withdrawals: Students need to open an account in any bank with their passports before they can deposit or withdraw funds. The banks near Shenyang Normal University are concentrated in Jaeger-LeCoultre Shopping Center, including: China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Communications, and Agricultural Bank of China. The deposit must be handled by the student at the bank service window with a bank card or passbook. When withdrawing money, the student can go to the bank service window or at an ATM with a bank card.
There is an ATM at the financial service point on the first floor of the north side of the school’s Huiwen Building.
Students can withdraw money across banks at ATMs (for example, with a bank card of Bank of China to withdraw money at the ATM of China Construction Bank). But if there is no emergency, please try not to withdraw funds across banks. For inter-bank withdrawals, a handling fee of RMB 2 will be charged for each transaction, and a handling fee of RMB 0.5 will be charged for each inquiry.
Students must take good care of their bank cards and do not lose them. If you lose it accidentally, you must report the loss to the relevant bank immediately. After opening an account, be sure to remember and keep the password you set, and do not tell other people the password, so as not to cause property losses.

7. Post office

There is a post office in the University Student Service Center of the Eastern District of Shenyang Normal University. Students need to hold their passports to mail or pick up items. When mailing, it is necessary to fill in the mailing form carefully (including the recipient's name, detailed address, etc.). After mailing, keep the receipt properly for future inquiries. When picking up the items, bring the pick-up notice.
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