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Foreign teachers participated in the Foreign Experts Mid-Autumn Festival



To promote traditional Chinese culture, enrich the amateur cultural life of foreign experts working in Shenyang, enhance the feelings of foreign experts towards Shenyang and friendship with the people of Shenyang, and attract more outstanding foreign talents to work in Shenyang, the Shenyang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau has joined forces with the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and the municipal government. On the evening of September 28, the Foreign Affairs Office of the Government and the Municipal Exit-Entry Administration Bureau held a Mid-Autumn Festival of Foreign Experts in Shenyang on the theme of "Moon-full Mid-Autumn Festival Love in Shenyang". Three foreign teachers from Russia, Egypt, and Australia and their families were invited to participate in the event, accompanied by Wang Rui, Deputy Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office.


At the meeting, Ahmed, an Egyptian expert from the Food Institute of our school, winner of the Asian-African National Young Scientist Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and winner of the Rose Award of the Shenyang Municipal Government accepted an interview with Shenyang TV. He said that he is very grateful to the Shenyang Municipal Party Committee. The government invited foreign experts in Shenyang to participate in this grand Mid-Autumn Festival so that foreign experts in a foreign land can feel the warmth of home and the enthusiasm and friendship of the people of Shenyang. Everyone happily spent the romantic Mid-Autumn Festival together and allowed foreign friends from all over the world to get to know each other and deepen exchanges. He expressed that he hopes to contribute to the prosperity and development of Shenyang and the discipline development of Shenyang Normal University. In the future, more and more Egyptian friends will learn about China and come to Shenyang Normal University for further study. At the same time, I wish China will always be prosperous, the people's life will be better, and the country will be more prosperous and stronger!


Our school's foreign experts and their families happily participated in various traditional Chinese cultural activities such as moon cake making and papercrafts.






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