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School leaders visited the front-line faculty and foreign students 


February 11 is the Lunar New Year's Eve, and the beautiful campus of Normal University is permeated with a warm and peaceful holiday atmosphere. At 8:30 in the evening, the school’s party secretary Jia Yuming, principal Hao Deyong, vice-principals Han Hai, Xu Jinlong, and Yang Jie came to the campus security and logistics department, walked into the international student apartment, visited and expressed condolences to the front-line faculty and staff and international students who were sticking to their posts. , Sent them holiday condolences, and extended New Year greetings and good wishes. Relevant personnel from the school’s Party and Government Office, Party Committee Propaganda Department, International Exchange and Cooperation Office (International Education College), Campus Security and Management Office, Logistics Office, Logistics Group and other departments attended the condolences.


The school leaders came to the school guard duty room, the campus monitoring and command center and the west gate of the school to visit and condole the security personnel who stood on the front line, gave them red envelopes and condolences, learned about the campus security work arrangement during the Spring Festival, and transferred the key points of the school. Real-time monitoring of the location, cordial communication with the staff on duty, and instructed the relevant departments to do a good job in guaranteeing the life services of the security personnel. At the west gate of the school, Secretary Jia Yuming said emotionally to campus security personnel that in the past year, you have weathered the wind and rain, braved the severe cold, and fought the scorching heat. You have made important contributions to the prevention and control of the epidemic and the safety and stability of the campus and won the support of teachers and students. Acknowledged, I hope you will continue to carry forward the spirit of continuous combat and selfless dedication and make new contributions to the construction of the safe Shenshi division. I wish you all good health, smooth work and a happy family in the new year.


In the water source, maintenance center and power center of the main campus, school leaders cordially greeted the logistic staff who stood by their posts and sent their condolences and blessings to the school. Secretary Jia Yuming and President Hao Deyong walked into the workshop and walked among the staff. After listening to the water supply, power supply, and maintenance services, they emphasized that the logistics service support work is closely related to the daily life of the teachers and students. Although ordinary, it is essential. , Has made a special contribution to the development of the school. I hope everyone will further strengthen the service awareness, optimize the service process, improve the service quality in the new year, and provide high-standard and high-quality logistical support services for the teachers and students of the school.


Teachers and students from Russia, Pakistan, Thailand, the Philippines and other countries who come to China to teach and study in the activity room of the foreign students’ apartment full of strong Chinese style and festive atmosphere are watching the Spring Festival Gala, making dumplings, and welcoming the New Year. They meet school leaders to come and visit They are very happy. School leaders put on big red scarves for foreign teachers and students and had a cordial discussion with them to understand their school life and the learning situation, ask them what difficulties they still have, and urge relevant departments to ensure the living services of foreign students. Secretary Jia Yuming pointed out in the discussion that the Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival of the Chinese nation, headed by the Hundred Festival. It is a festival for farewelling the old and welcoming the new year and reunion of thousands of families. All the students came to China from all over the world and came to Shenyang Normal University. This is your home, and we are all your family. He hopes that foreign teachers and international students will work smoothly, make progress in their studies, make new contributions, and achieve new results in the new year of "boasting bullishness".


The faculty and staff who stick to their posts have expressed their gratitude to the school leaders for their concerns and greetings. In the new year, they must cherish their posts, base themselves on their duties, enhance their sense of service, improve their work skills, and contribute new strength to the development and construction of the school. The international students also expressed their gratitude to the school for their meticulous care and expressed to the school leaders that they must learn professional knowledge, appreciate Chinese culture, and strive to be civilized messengers of exchanges between China and the world.








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