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Rated as "high level hospital of Guangdong Province"

China University News Network, Guangzhou, April 29 (Reporters Zeng Laibi and Sun Chen) On April 22, Guangdong held a high-level hospital construction promotion meeting and the second phase of the signing ceremony for high-level hospitals, and awarded 50 high-level hospitals " "Guangdong Province High-level Hospital" plaque.


The Fifth Affiliated Hospital of our school, Yuedong Hospital of the Third Affiliated Hospital, and Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital Shenshan Central Hospital (Shanwei Central Hospital) were selected as the second phase of key construction this time. In 2018, the First Affiliated Hospital of our school was selected as one of the first batches of key construction hospitals in the “Fengfeng Plan” for high-level hospital construction in Guangdong Province; in 2019, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Third Affiliated Hospital, Zhongshan Eye Center, Cancer Center, and Affiliated Stomatological Hospital Included in the list of high-level hospital construction. In addition, in order to give full play to the demonstration and leading effect of high-level hospitals and increase assistance, the provincial party committee and the government implemented high-level hospital cross-regional linkage projects, and the top-ranked high-level hospitals assisted prefecture-level city hospitals. Among them, the First Affiliated Hospital of our school assisted Jieyang People's Hospital, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital assisted Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University Shenshan Central Hospital, and the Third Affiliated Hospital assisted Chaozhou Central Hospital. At this meeting, representatives of the two parties signed a cooperation framework agreement.


It is reported that since 2018, the provincial party committee and the provincial government have vigorously promoted the construction of high-level hospitals and selected 50 high-level hospitals for key construction in two phases. After more than 3 years of construction, the construction of 30 high-level hospitals in the first phase has been highlighted. On this basis, 20 key construction hospitals have been launched this time. During the construction cycle, Guangdong will provide key support for the construction of 50 high-level hospitals in terms of financial support, personnel remuneration system reform, talent service guarantee, scientific research and innovation incentives, medical insurance, medical service prices, and drug policy reforms.

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