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2021 International Chinese Teacher Scholarship

According to the "Application Procedures for International Chinese Teacher Scholarship (2021)" issued by the Chinese-foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education, combined with the actual situation of our school, the application guidelines for this scholarship program are formulated.


1. Introduction to Scholarship

In order to meet the international community’s increasing demand for Chinese language education talents, promote the development of Chinese language education around the world, and help the growth of international Chinese language education talents, the Ministry of Education’s Sino-foreign Language Exchange Cooperation Center (hereinafter referred to as the Center) has established an international Chinese teacher scholarship (hereinafter referred to as the Center) Referred to as scholarship), focusing on training qualified overseas Chinese teachers. Confucius Institutes, independently established Confucius Classrooms, some Chinese test sites, relevant foreign educational institutions, Chinese teachers majors in universities/Chinese departments, relevant foreign Chinese teaching industry organizations, Chinese embassies (consulates) abroad, etc. (hereinafter referred to as recommended institutions) Excellent students and in-service Chinese teachers can be recommended to apply for a master's degree in Chinese International Education in our school. Enrollment in September 2021, the funding period is 2 years.


2. Scholarship application requirements

(1) Non-Chinese nationals, physically and mentally healthy, good in character and learning, and aspiring to engage in Chinese education, teaching and related work;

(2) The age is 18-35 years old (unified on September 1, 2021). In-service Chinese teachers are relaxed to 45 years old;

(3) Have a bachelor degree;

(4) A score of 210 or above in HSK (Level 5) and 60 or above in HSKK (Intermediate) in Chinese test;

(5) Those who provide the work agreement or related certificates of the teaching institution to be taught after graduation are preferred.


3. Scholarship funding content and standards

Including tuition, accommodation, living expenses and comprehensive medical insurance.

(1) The tuition fee is coordinated by our school for the cultivation and management of scholarship students, the development of cultural activities, and the organization of the Chinese language test.

(2) The accommodation fee is coordinated and used by our school to provide students with free dormitories, usually double rooms; those who choose off-campus accommodation after scholarship applications and approval from our school will be paid monthly or quarterly by the school. The standard for master students is 700 RMB/month.

(3) Living expenses are paid by our school on a monthly basis. For master students majoring in Chinese International Education, the fee is RMB 3,000 per month. Scholarship students must enter the journal within the time specified in the admission notice of our school, otherwise the scholarship qualification will be cancelled. Those who register before the 15th (including the 15th) of the month will receive the full living allowance of the month; those who register after the 15th will receive a half-month living allowance of the month. Scholarship students who leave China for more than 15 days due to personal reasons during their studies (excluding winter and summer vacations) will not be paid for their living expenses during their absence. Scholarship students who suspend or drop out of school for personal reasons or are subject to disciplinary sanctions from our school will be suspended from the payment of living expenses from the date of suspension, withdrawal or receiving notice of sanctions. The living expenses of graduates (completion) will be paid to half a month after the completion (completion) date determined by the school.

(4) The comprehensive medical insurance premium shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education of China for studying in China, and shall be purchased by our school. The standard for master students is RMB 800/year/person.


4. Scholarship application process

(1) Online scholarship application. From March 1, 2021, applicants can log on to the International Chinese Teacher Scholarship Application Website ( to apply for the International Chinese Teacher Scholarship.

Log on to the scholarship website to check the recommending institution and our school; submit application materials online; keep the phone or mobile phone open and check the email and registration system regularly; follow the application process, review comments and scholarship review results; scholarship recipients confirm with our school to apply for China For the procedure of studying abroad, print the award certificate online.

(2) Online application for admission to Sun Yat-sen University. Applicants log on to the "Online Application" on the website of the Office of Foreign Students of Sun Yat-sen University ( to register, fill in the application form accurately and completely as required, and upload the application materials (below), and the application materials It must be the original in Chinese or English. For documents in other languages, the original and notarized Chinese or English translations must be attached.


5. Scholarship application materials

(1) A scanned copy of the passport photo page. If the applicant is in China, please submit the visa page and entry stamp page at the same time.

(2) A scanned copy of HSK and HSKK score reports (valid for two years).

(3) Recommendation letter from the person in charge of the recommending institution.

(4) The highest degree certificate (for those who hold a certificate of expected graduation, the scanned copy of the highest degree certificate must be submitted to our school before September 1, 2021) and the school transcript.

(5) Recommendation letters from two tutors with titles of associate professor and above.

(6) Non-serving Chinese teachers can provide a work agreement for the teaching institution they plan to serve after graduation (subsidies are given priority to those who provide this material); in-service Chinese teachers must attach the in-service certificate and recommendation letter issued by the institution where they are employed.

(7) Application form for scholarships for international Chinese teachers.

(8) The medical examination report filled out in Chinese or English and stamped with the official seal of the hospital. The validity period of the medical examination is 6 months. See Annex 1 for details of the physical examination items.

(9) Carefully read the relevant content of Annex 2 "Letter of Commitment", and scan and upload it after being signed by the person at the signature place.

(10) The application information form generated after submitting the admission application at must be signed and scanned and uploaded.

(11) Applicants must also provide other certification materials required by our school based on the actual situation.


6. Scholarship application time

March 1 to May 10, 2021


7. About the Chinese Bridge winners

Those who have won the 2021 "International Chinese Teacher Scholarship Certificate" in various Chinese Bridge competitions, log on to the International Chinese Teacher Scholarship website and submit application materials to our school with the scholarship certificate.

If you have any questions, please contact


8. Other

(1) Participate in the annual review. For details, please refer to the "Annual Review of International Chinese Teacher Scholarship" Those who fail the assessment will be suspended or disqualified from the scholarship.

(2) The registration and registration procedures must be completed in accordance with the time set by the school. Failure to register on time, failure to pass the entrance examination, dropout in the middle of school, suspension of scholarship, cancellation of scholarship qualifications.


9. Contact information

(1) Examination and Scholarship Office

Phone: 86(10)58595727

Email: scholarships@



(2) Foreign Students Office, Academic Affairs Department, Sun Yat-sen University

Phone: 86 (20) 84110819



Address: Foreign Students Office, Academic Affairs Department, Sun Yat-sen University, Building 524, Northwest District, No.135 Xingang West Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Postal Code: 510275

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