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Drilling kick off meeting held



Recently, the Nanxiong Basin Meso-Cenozoic stratigraphic drilling project kick-off meeting implemented by the School of Earth Sciences and Engineering of our school and the Southern Ocean Laboratory was held in Hongshaling, Youshan Town, Nanxiong City. Academician Wang Chengshan of China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Deputy Director of Southern Ocean Laboratory, Academician Zhang Peizhen of School of Earth Sciences and Engineering of our school, Academician Cheng Qiuming of School of Earth Sciences and Engineering, Executive Vice President of Academy of Sciences Liu Mei, School of Earth Sciences and Engineering Dean Wang Yuejun, Party Secretary and Director Wu Yuebiao of Guangdong Coal Geology Bureau attended the kick-off meeting. The kick-off meeting was chaired by Professor Wang Weitao, Chief of the Drilling Project of the School of Earth Sciences and Engineering.


At the kick-off meeting, Wang Weitao introduced the scientific significance and implementation plan of Mesozoic-Cenozoic stratigraphic drilling in the Nanxiong Basin.


Liu Mei said in her speech that the Southern Ocean Laboratory is guided by creating an innovative scientific research platform, outputting innovative scientific research results, and cultivating high-level talents, serving the people, the society, and the country. She hopes that the Nanxiong Basin scientific research and drilling project can provide important support for the study of the tectonic evolution of the South China Sea and its surrounding areas, promote the construction of an innovative team for geological processes and disaster response around the South China Sea, and provide a basis for "deep space, deep sea, and deep ground" subject research.


As the vice-chairman of the International Continental Scientific Drilling China Committee (ICDP) and the chief scientist of the Songliao Basin International Continental Scientific Drilling, Wang Chengshan wishes the Meso-Cenozoic scientific drilling project in the Nanxiong Basin a successful and fruitful research results. He said that scientific drilling is a telescope for humans to enter the ground and a time tunnel for understanding the evolution of the earth. The Nanxiong Basin is one of the basins with the most continuous Mesozoic-Cenozoic stratum development and the largest sediment thickness in South China. These sediments record abundant information about structural deformation, sedimentary evolution, and environmental changes in the South China Sea and its periphery. Drilling projects are of great significance and value for understanding basic scientific issues such as geological evolution and palaeoclimate changes in the South China Sea and its surrounding areas.


Wu Yuebiao and Wang Jiaofeng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guangdong Coal Geology 202 Exploration Team, stated that this project is the first attempt to explore a new model of school-enterprise cooperation and create a new highland of geological exploration technology. It is important for further in-depth school-enterprise cooperation and scientific research. Meaning, it will become a model of "school-enterprise cooperation". At the meeting, Wang Yuejun announced that the "Nanke No. 1 Well" in the Nanxiong Basin had officially started drilling.


It is reported that relevant leaders of Guangdong Coal Geology Bureau, Danxia Geomorphology Research Institute, Nanxiong Municipal Government, Nanxiong Natural Resources Bureau, Nanxiong Youshan Town Committee, China Coal Survey and Design Co., Ltd. and other units attended the kick-off meeting.

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