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2021 International Student PhD Admissions Guide

Sun Yat-sen University was founded by Mr. Sun Yat-sen and has a tradition of running schools for more than 100 years. As a university directly under the Ministry of Education of China, Sun Yat-sen University has become a first-class domestic and internationally renowned modern comprehensive university through the joint construction of ministries and provinces. It now consists of three campuses, five campuses and ten affiliated hospitals: Guangzhou campus, Zhuhai campus, and Shenzhen campus. Sun Yat-sen University is striding forward to become a world-class university and strives to become a global academic center.

In accordance with the relevant documents and regulations of the Ministry of Education and other relevant departments, combined with the actual situation of our school, this brief is formulated.


Article 1: Application Conditions

(1) Do not have Chinese nationality and hold a valid foreign passport.

(2) To be in good health and must meet the medical examination standards for applying for a study visa or residence permit in China.

(3) Those who come to China to study for a doctoral degree must have a degree equivalent to that of a master's degree in a Chinese university.

(4) Friendly to China, diligent and studious, excellent grades, good conduct, abiding by laws and regulations, no record of violations of school rules and regulations, no public security penalties, and no criminal record.

(5) The score of the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) must be at level 5 with a score of 180 and above. Applicants who used Chinese to study at the previous level of education must submit a language certificate issued by the school, which can be exempted from providing HSK scores upon verification by our school.

(6) Applicants for scholarship programs must meet the age requirements of each program.

Article 2: Deadline for application

March 30, 2021 (Please refer to the application guidelines for each scholarship program for the scholarship application time).


Article 3: Application Process

Applicants log on to the "Online Application" on the website of the Office of Foreign Students of Sun Yat-sen University ( to register, fill in the application form accurately and completely as required, and upload the following application materials:

(1) Valid passport (if the applicant is already in mainland China, please submit the current valid visa page or residence permit page, and entry stamp page at the same time)

(2) Master's degree certificate and bachelor's degree certificate (new graduates can provide the pre-graduation certificate issued by the current school)

(3) Complete transcripts for master and undergraduate levels

(4) Language Proficiency Certificate

(5) Recommendation letters signed by two professors or associate professors

(6) Study and Research Program in China

(7) Proof of financial status

(8) Medical report

(9) Commitment

(10) Other supporting materials that may be required to be submitted

Note: The application materials must be originals in Chinese or English. For documents in other languages, the original documents and notarized Chinese or English translations must be attached.


Article 4: Enrollment Majors and Enrollment Units

(1) Please refer to the attachment for the list of enrollment majors for international students (Ph.D.) of Sun Yat-sen University in 2021, and refer to the scholarship application guidelines for the enrollment majors of each scholarship program.

(2) Please refer to the website of Sun Yat-Sen University ( for the information of each enrollment unit. Please refer to the attachment for the contact list of the 2021 international student (doctoral) enrollment unit of Sun Yat-Sen University.


Article 5: Selection procedure

(1) Qualification review

Our school will comprehensively review the applicant's foreign identity, highest education, academic performance, language level, study and research plan, recommendations, etc., and determine the assessment list.

(2) Assessment

The assessment is organized by the admissions unit, and generally one of the following methods is used: (1) Interview (2) Interview plus written examination. The specific assessment method, location and time are determined by each admissions unit and the applicant is notified.

(3) Admission Policy

Our school will select the best admission based on the applicant's qualification review and assessment results, as well as the professional volunteers reported by the applicant. The list of scholarship winners is subject to the results announced by the scholarship management department.

Our school will publish the pre-admission results through the online registration system. The "Admission Notice" and "Visa Application Form for Studying in China" will be sent from July to August according to the mailing address filled in by the applicant in the online registration system.

(4) Admitted applicants should apply for an X1 visa at the Chinese Embassy (Consulate) with the "Admission Notice" and "Visa Application Form for Foreigners Studying in China", and convert the X1 visa to a study-type residence permit within 30 days of entry , Those who fail to go through the relevant procedures within the time limit will be disqualified for admission. The school does not accept students with non-study visas to register for admission. Those who have expired visas or residence certificates are not allowed to stay on campus or carry out activities.


Article 6: Fee Standard (Priced in Renminbi, Unit: Yuan)

(1) Tuition fee (yuan/person/academic year) and registration fee (including necessary entrance examination fees)


Liberal Arts

Science and Engineering






Registration fee (including necessary entrance examination fees): 400/person

Note: The charging standard is subject to the "Sun Yat-Sen University Education Fees Announcement" of the year.

(2) Comprehensive insurance for international students in China (including accidental injury, hospitalization and death insurance): RMB 800/person/academic year.

Article 7: Scholarship Program

For the specific application method of the scholarship program, please visit the "Scholarship Program" section of the website of the Office of Foreign Students of Our University (

(1) Chinese Government Scholarship "Country Program" (full or partial scholarship)

Applicants who meet the application requirements can apply directly to the international student dispatch department of their country or the Education Office of the Chinese Embassy (Consulate General) in their country. The application time is generally from January to early April each year. The application deadlines vary from country to country. Please pay attention in advance Inquire. For specific application and assessment methods, please refer to the 2021 Chinese Government Scholarship "Country Program" Application Guidelines of Sun Yat-Sen University.

(2) Chinese Government Scholarship "Chinese and Aesthetic Graduates" Special Scholarship Program (full scholarship) (Sun Yat-sen University admission code: 10558)
American applicants can apply directly to the Foreign Students Office of our school. Application period: January to March 30, 2021.

(3) Chinese Government Scholarship "University Postgraduate" Independent Enrollment Project (full scholarship) (Sun Yat-sen University admission code: 10558)

Sun Yat-sen University is a Chinese government scholarship enrollment institution, and it recruits scholarship graduate students (Master and PhD) of this program from all over the world. Applicants apply directly to the Foreign Students Office of our school. Our school organizes an expert review team to review the application materials and report them to the China Scholarship Council. The admission results are subject to the approval of the China Scholarship Council. Application period: December 2020 to March 30, 2021.

(4) "New Sinology Program" PhD student scholarship (full scholarship)

Established by the Sino-foreign Language Exchange Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education, it is used to subsidize international students to study humanities and social sciences in China. Sun Yat-sen University is an enrollment institution of the "New Sinology Program", recruiting PhD students from all over the world. Application period: December 2020 to February 28, 2021.

(5) Guangdong Scholarship for International Students in Guangdong (partial scholarship)

Freshmen who are admitted and register for non-government scholarships can apply for the Guangdong Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students in Guangdong. Outstanding international students can receive scholarships for the first academic year. The scholarship standard for PhD students is 30,000 yuan per person, which will be granted in one time. The rest of the academic year can continue to apply for this scholarship according to relevant regulations and learning conditions.


Article 8: Accommodation Arrangements and Insurance Regulations

(1) Due to the limited number of student dormitories on campus, self-financed students need to arrange their own accommodation.

(2) Recipients of Chinese government scholarships will be arranged on-campus accommodation in accordance with relevant regulations.

(3) The school implements a full insurance system for international students. International students must apply for insurance in accordance with relevant national regulations and school requirements. If the insurance is not purchased in accordance with the regulations, the insurance shall be insured within a time limit; if the insurance is not purchased within the time limit, the school will not be registered; for those who have already studied at the school, they shall be subject to withdrawal.


Article 9: Supervision and Administration

(1) The admitted students must come to the school to complete the registration and registration procedures according to the registration date and registration location required in the "Admission Notice". Early registration of students is not accepted. Those who fail to register without approval will be deemed to have given up their admission qualifications, and scholarship winners will be disqualified.

(2) Applicants shall be responsible for the materials they provide. For applicants who provided false materials to obtain admission qualifications, once verified, their admission qualifications, enrollment qualifications and student status will be cancelled according to the relevant regulations of the country and the school according to the verification time, and the fact that the materials are falsified will be reported to the relevant management department.

(3) In accordance with the relevant regulations and requirements of the Ministry of Education, our school will conduct physical examinations and re-examination of admission qualifications for all admitted applicants after enrollment. Anyone who fails to meet the admission requirements or falsifies will be disqualified for admission or enrollment. Scholarship recipients will be disqualified from the scholarship.

(4) The Foreign Students Office of the Academic Affairs Department of Sun Yat-sen University performs functional supervision responsibilities for enrollment work, and the discipline inspection and supervision department performs special supervision responsibilities.


Article 10: Supplementary Provisions

(1) This brochure is applicable to the 2021 international student (PhD) enrollment work of Sun Yat-sen University and will be implemented from the date of announcement.

(2) This guide is authorized by the Sun Yat-sen University's Undergraduate Admissions Leading Group to interpret the Foreign Students Office of the Academic Affairs Department of Sun Yat-Sen University.

(3) If the policies of the Ministry of Education and relevant departments are adjusted, the new regulations will be implemented.


Admissions consultation telephone: 0086 (20) 84110819

Supervision Office Tel: 0086 (20) 84115582

Fax: 0086 (20) 84115621

Address: Foreign Students Office, Academic Affairs Department, Sun Yat-sen University, Building 524, Northwest District, No. 135, Xingang West Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Postal Code: 510275

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