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Carry out red education theme activities

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Recently, accompanied by Secretary Zou Xiaoguang of the First People’s Hospital of Kashgar, Dean Lin Tianxin and 19 Guangdong-aided Xinjiang expert tutors, a group of more than 60 people from our school’s “group-style” medical aid to Xinjiang graduate student team went to Megaiti County, Xinjiang The red education theme activity of "Always maintain the feelings of family and country, and bravely serve the country's great ambitions", in practice, further encourages young people to be more vigorous, energetic and hopeful, and inject youthful vitality to promote the high-quality development of hospitals.


On the morning of the 30th, after more than three hours of travel, the graduate student group arrived at the Maqiti County People’s Hospital and immediately put on white coats, and followed the Xinjiang-aid tutors to carry out activities. At the free clinic site, hundreds of local people queued up in an orderly manner. All masters and doctors actively participated in the free clinic. Under the demonstration and guidance of the Xinjiang-aid tutors, combined with their own learning to provide local people with consultations, physical examinations, health assessments, etc. Medical services, and give reasonable diagnosis and treatment recommendations based on their physical conditions, effectively helping the masses to relieve their pain. At the same time, the graduate students also explained common and frequently-occurring disease prevention knowledge and precautions to the villagers, which won unanimous praise from the local people.


"This time I went to the county to participate in the free clinic, and I can deeply feel the lack of primary medical and health resources and the urgent need for quality medical care by the people. In the future, I will continue to base on the reality of local diseases, do research within my power, and do my best to improve the health and well-being of the local people. "After just interviewing an uncle who had bladder cancer in his seventies, Dr. Lu Sihong from the Department of Urology said with deep feeling.


In addition, 15 postgraduates followed professional tutors in the Department of Pathology, Nuclear Medicine, Anesthesiology, Thoracic Surgery, and Radiology to conduct investigations in the departments, and went to the local departments to understand the actual situation of primary medical and health care. Prescribe a recipe.


On the afternoon of the 30th, under the leadership of Dean Lin Tianxin, Dean Assistant Tian Xuwei, Pan Chunqiu, and cadres of the Department of Infectious Diseases and the Party and Government Office, 10 doctoral students and 3 postgraduates of Infectious Diseases came to the conference room and expressed their gratitude to the people of Meghetti County. The development of hospital medical care and discipline construction was discussed and investigated and participated in the joint construction activities of the medical consortium. Through face-to-face conversations, graduate students have a deeper understanding of the development history of grassroots hospitals such as the Maqiti County People’s Hospital, understand the status quo of grassroots medical and health services, and experience the medical radiation that the hospital undertakes while strengthening its own construction, driving grassroots and national health. Practical significance, deep understanding of the social responsibility of a medical student.


On the afternoon of the 30th, Secretary Zou Xiaoguang and his entourage went to the one-million-mu wind-breaking and sand-fixing ecological forest in Megaiti County to carry out thematic party day activities and personally experienced how the country’s only county embedded in the desert carried out the great sand control project. In the exhibition hall, the graduate students were touched by the determination and feat of the people of Meghetti County in desertification control shown in the pictures, and the courage of the people of Meghetti County "dare to change the face of the sun and the moon" demonstrated in the propaganda film for desertification control. And shocked by the spirit of daring to fight against the harsh natural environment. In front of the "Zhong University Afforestation, Love Frontier" exhibition board, Secretary Zou Xiaoguang and Dean Lin Tianxin told the story of CUHK and the frontier. In 2017, the school’s party secretary Chen Chunsheng and the principal Luo Jun came to Megaiti County for investigation and research and proposed to allocate 30 million yuan to build a 10,000-mu ecological forest in Sun Yat-sen University. According to statistics, 3.6 million seedlings of poplars, wild jujubes, and Haloxylon ammodendron have been planted, making a huge contribution to local desertification control. The graduate students listened carefully and strengthened their ideals, beliefs, and original mission to aid Xinjiang.


In front of the Ecological Forest of Sun Yat-sen University, the postgraduate group waved a small national flag and sang "My Motherland and My Country" under the leadership of the Xinjiang-aid tutor Professor Shen Ning and the local teacher Professor Jiang Ling. The singing voice is beautiful and the feelings are sincere. They sing the praises of the motherland together. Great, to express love for the motherland. After the chorus, graduate student representatives Luo Dandong and Kuang Junting said that as new youths, they will follow the example of the Meghetti people in desertification control, be determined, overcome difficulties, specialize in surgery, and contribute to the progress and development of the medical and health undertakings in Kashgar, Xinjiang. power.


Based on his own personal experience of more than 30 years of living and working in Kashgar, Secretary Zou Xiaoguang told the graduate students the history of Xinjiang's development and the stories of the hard work of locals and Xinjiang cadres in the past generations. He encouraged postgraduates to learn history clearly, learn history and increase credit, always face difficulties amidst difficulties, constantly enrich their own medical technology level, carry forward the May 1st labor spirit and May 4th patriotism in the new era, always maintain the family and the country, and stand bravely. Serving the country's great ambition.


Dean Lin Tianxin said that as young students of Sun Yat-Sen University, they are also the important task of medical aid to Xinjiang, and they are the witnesses and witnesses of the school's "211 Xinjiang Project". He hopes that everyone will shoulder their responsibilities and live up to the expectations of the school. On the western edge of the motherland, based on the common and special diseases in Xinjiang and Kashgar, they will carry out scientific research and exploration, and write the papers on the land of the motherland for future work and life. Always focus on the school’s goal of "both morality and ability, leadership qualities, and family-nation sentiments" for the training of talents in the 12-character language, so as to have a family and country in mind, study hard, work hard, give full play to their strengths, and contribute wisdom and strength to the construction of borders and the country. , Strive to be the pillar of social development.


Family and national conditions, serving the country and chasing dreams. After this event, the graduate students expressed that they would earnestly study party history, absorb wisdom, continue to accumulate theoretical knowledge and practical experience, cultivate strong medical technology skills, bear the important tasks of the times, carry forward the spirit of struggle, and relay hard work. Struggle to be a solid guardian of the health of the people.

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