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Innovation and entrepreneurship final held in Sun Yat sen University


China University News Network, Guangzhou, April 30th (Correspondent Gu Wenming) Recently, the 14th "Zhong University Science Park Cup" won the CUHK Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals in the National University Science Park of Sun Yat-sen University. It is jointly sponsored by the Student Affairs Department of the School Party Committee and the National University Science and Technology Park of Sun Yat-sen University and undertaken by the Zhongshan University Committee of the Communist Youth League. The competition is based on the school’s talent training goal of "both political integrity, leadership qualities, and family and country feelings", and a new "academic innovation track" is added to create a practical platform for students to display their talents, learn from each other, and realize their ideals. At CUHK, pursue an excellent style of study.


In this competition, more than 750 students from more than 40 departments and affiliated hospitals and 184 outstanding projects signed up for the competition, of which 140 were for the academic innovation track and 44 were for the entrepreneurial track. The final adopts the judging method of "offline roadshow and spotlighting on the spot". The participating project teams will display their replies in the order of drawing lots. The jury will put forward specific questions and give constructive opinions on the project. After fierce competition, the 15 teams that entered the finals of the academic innovation track produced 3 first prizes, 6-second prizes, and 6 third prizes. The 13 teams that entered the entrepreneurial track finals produced a total of 1 special prize. There are 1 first prize, 2-second prizes, and 4 third prizes.

Final scene: roadshow of contestants (Source: Zhongshan University Committee of the Communist Youth League)


During the competition, the "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Camp" was organized to stimulate and cultivate the innovative and entrepreneurial awareness and ability of college students and promote the deep integration of the second classroom and the first classroom. In addition, the newly-added academic innovation track once again reflects the original intention of running the game-to foster talents and cultivate high-quality talents with both ability and political integrity for the society.


This year's competition showcased the achievements of our school's innovation and entrepreneurship education. Through the competition, we realized the integration of education and practice, led entrepreneurship with innovation, injected new momentum into the high-quality development of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, and provided strong support for the implementation of comprehensive higher education reforms.

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