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On January 28, 2021, with the strong support of the Yuegui Community in Yuehai Street, international students and Chinese students, under the guidance of community volunteer teachers, carried out the epidemic prevention campaign of "Farewell to the old and welcome the New Year, and prevent the epidemic in the heart". The event was held in the backyard of the International Student Building of Shenzhen University. Chinese and foreign students experienced the traditional Chinese New Year culture together. Under the guidance of the teacher, they learned paper-cutting, writing blessings, and writing Spring Festival couplets, experiencing Chinese culture, enjoying the strong taste of the Chinese New Year, and celebrating the Chinese New Year. Wrote the first Spring Festival couplets in 2021.

Although the international students participating in the event have different educational backgrounds, they have a lot of understanding in common Chinese learning. At the event, the calligrapher first shared the meaning and skills of writing Spring Festival couplets for international students, introduced the writing methods of Spring Festival couplets, and explained to them the meaning of Chinese Spring Festival, the history of Spring Festival couplets, the value of Spring Festival couplets, and the format of Spring Festival couplets one by one. , Spring Festival couplets paste method, etc. While explaining, they showed the foreign students how to write the Spring Festival couplets and the word "Fu". The international students not only listened with gusto, but also wrote with gusto. They kept asking their teachers for the essentials of calligraphy, discussed with their classmates what they wanted to write, and attentively enjoyed the brushstroke process. The teachers' demonstration of calligraphy, which brought the event to a climax, won applause from the scene.

After initially mastering the writing of the Spring Festival couplets, the international students couldn't wait to pick up the brush and start writing. In the Spring Festival couplets of the international students, "Happy Chinese New Year", "Good luck" and "Fuxing Gaozhao" became the most displayed vocabulary.

The teacher then personally demonstrated the paper-cutting techniques to the international students. The international students studied hard and asked humbly, and cut out pictures of unique paper-cutting works. After careful guidance, the international students cut out the words "Fu", "Shou", and "Happy", and expressed their love for Chinese culture in paper-cut paintings.

The international students also participated in a quiz game on epidemic prevention knowledge, learned a lot of daily epidemic prevention knowledge from them, and distributed epidemic prevention materials to them.

The School of International Exchange of Shenzhen University has always attached great importance to the education and dissemination of traditional culture. Through the organization of these activities, the goal of promoting traditional Chinese culture and stimulating students' patriotic enthusiasm has been achieved, and international students have also better understood the traditional Chinese New Year culture.

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