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With the support and promotion of school leaders, in 2020 the afternoon of Friday, January 22, International School held its end of teaching and research summary of the work of video conference.

The first part of the conference: Studying Secretary Li Qingquan and the principal’s 2020 end-of-term work report "Reflections on the "14th Five-Year" Development Strategy and 2021 Work Plan"

First of all, all the teachers of the college carefully studied the 2020 end-of-term work report of Secretary Li Qingquan and the principal, "Reflections on the Development Strategy of the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan and 2021 Work Plan". According to the main theme of the report: "Shenzhen University should take the promotion of high-quality development as the theme, create a disciplinary peak as the core, cultivate high-quality innovative and entrepreneurial talents as the main line, and be guided by service foundation + disciplinary development, from a high-level university to the world. class innovative ahead ", international Institute reviewed its own development, 13 years to train nearly 20,000 students in over 80 countries; to re-examine the new positioning of the new era. During the implementation of the "14th Five-Year" development plan, the college will closely follow the pace of the school's internationalization, and take the international education of Chinese for international students as the disciplinary peak, and achieve the three-level coverage of undergraduate, master, and Ph.D. students. Curriculum construction takes the school’s MOOC course construction (which has been funded by 5 MOOC courses) as the starting point to consolidate Chinese courses, supplement practical courses, brighten art and culture courses, and fully explore Chinese culture and Chinese resources; in teaching reform, online teaching will be adapted to local conditions Integrate with classroom teaching to serve different levels of teaching, and at the same time leverage on the "smart classroom" to implement teaching resource integration, achieve classroom live broadcasts, and create a new teaching model; the construction of teaching materials focuses on the "Shenzhen characteristics" and "Shenzhen University characteristics". Two themes publish a series of textbook products with local characteristics, integrating language, culture, business, communication and other functions ( 8 textbooks have been funded by the undergraduate textbook publishing fund and the high-level second phase construction fee), creating a world-leading A bright business card in the Chinese education community. The college also cooperates with the School of Humanities to complete the undergraduate teaching evaluation of the Ministry of Education, and cooperates with the normal college to complete the internship guidance work for undergraduates in international Chinese education; assists other colleges such as graduate schools, advanced research institutes, economics schools, management schools, etc. to complete the teaching of public courses.
The second part of the conference: the various departments of the college report on the teaching and research work

Subsequently, various departments of teaching and research made a report on their work in 2020.

Tian Miao, the deputy director of the academic degree department, gave a concise report on the transfer student examination at the beginning of the semester, the graduation thesis during the semester, the implementation of the internship, the routine work of undergraduate course scheduling, and the innovative methods.

Director Zhang Yunyun of the Language Department shared the practice of the Language Department on how to optimize the curriculum, update teaching materials, and improve teaching skills under the epidemic situation;

Deputy Director Zhuo Jingjing demonstrated the six newly opened courses of the Language Department, including regular online and offline classes, business Chinese training, weekend and offline classes, HSK training classes, etc., to provide a rich course "menu" for the education market. To meet the diverse needs of international students.
Teacher Zhang Daqiang, assistant to the department head and scientific research secretary, suggested that the construction of academic journals should be the long-term goal in scientific research, and the achievements of Chinese teaching and research should be used to promote academic exchanges, improve teaching quality, and complement each other in teaching and research to enhance the international status of our school's international Chinese education for international students.

Research Secretary Li Fengling reported on the application status of the college's scientific research awards this year, explained the supplementary terms of the college's scientific research awards, and mobilized teachers to actively apply for various projects such as the National Social Science Fund project.

Teacher Qiu reported on the inspection of the undergraduate teaching of our school by the Academic Affairs Department during the semester, summarized the opinions of experts, and interpreted the "Ministry of Education" recently issued by the Ministry of Education. Undergraduate thesis (design) sampling method (for trial implementation) "Notice of Doing a Good Job in Relevant Work" document, which made preliminary arrangements for our college's papers to meet and evaluate.

The third part of the conference: The College Teaching Steering Committee reviews the "Undergraduate Training Plan for 2021"

The Director of Academic Affairs Wei Yisi interpreted the " Revision of the 2020 Shenzhen University Talent Training Program" of the school's academic affairs, showing the existing training program of our school, and then summed up the suggestions of internal and external experts on our school program according to the spirit of the school program : optimization Increase the proportion of language courses, practical courses, and innovative courses, and introduce corporate training courses into elective courses with the orientation of serving the society and helping students find employment. The college will comply with the revised requirements of the school's training program, increase the proportion of elective courses, and recruit professional elective courses from the whole college.

Finally, the School of International Exchange has clarified the direction of future work: 1. The school carefully studies the school’s teaching and research documents and systems, and maintains a high degree of consistency with the school’s work goals and objectives. It formulates teaching and research plans with clear thinking to achieve clear directions and precise plans. , Methodological science; 2. Strengthen the communication between the various departments of the college's academic affairs, academic staff and teachers, teaching staff and researchers, so as to achieve mutual strength in teaching and research and resource sharing; 3. Strengthen the connection with other colleges in the same discipline and different disciplines , Do your best to consolidate basic disciplines, and strive to expand interdisciplinary.

The meeting ended successfully in a harmonious atmosphere.


2020 January 21

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