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As the Spring Festival approached, on the afternoon of February 10th, Huang Xuefeng, Secretary of the Party Branch of the School of International Exchange of Shenzhen University, and Gu Wei, deputy dean of Shenzhen University, went to the dormitory of international students, visited and condoned the international students, and sent them New Year blessings and greetings. New year gifts were distributed

In the dormitory of international students, the leadership team on behalf of the college inquired in detail about the living, living and study conditions of the international students, and urged them to pay attention to epidemic prevention and control, strengthen exercise, work-rest combination, and spend a safe and peaceful Chinese Year. At the same time, remind everyone to abide by the school's management regulations, strengthen personal health management, and pay attention to safety during the Spring Festival. Finally, the leadership team distributed milk, fruit, chocolate and other condolences and "red envelopes" to the international students. Condolences to the international students and teachers at the scene and took a group photo and blessed: "Happy New Year to the teachers and students of the International Exchange School of Shenzhen University!"

The international students expressed their heartfelt thanks to the college leaders and teachers for their caring and condolences. During the New Year, international students will participate in various activities arranged by the school together with the Chinese students staying in school, and spend a happy and peaceful Chinese New Year together!

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