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1.Q: What kind of university is Tiangong University?

A: Tiangong University is a full-time general higher education institution jointly established by the Ministry of Education and Tianjin City. It is one of the earliest institutions of higher education in my country. A multidisciplinary comprehensive university with coordinated development of, law, art, and medicine.



2.Q: When was Tiangong University established?

A: Tiangong University was founded in 1912 and was renamed Tianjingong University in 2000.



3.Q: How big is the area of Tiangong University?

A: The school covers a total area of about 1.95 million square meters, with a total construction area of 860,000 square meters.



4.Q: How about the faculty of Tiangong University?

A: Tiangong University has strong faculty. The school currently has more than 2,100 faculty members, including more than 1,600 full-time teachers, more than 900 teachers with doctoral degrees, and more than 800 teachers with senior professional titles. It has 7 academicians of the two academies, 5 Yangtze River scholars from the Ministry of Education, 5 winners of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Youth, 1 national "Ten Thousand Thousand Talents Program" leading talent, and 6 national candidates for the "Ten Thousand Thousand Talents Project"



5.Q: If I want to know the relevant information about international students applying for admission, what website should I browse?

A: For information about international students applying for admission, please visit the school’s English website:http://en.tjpu.edu.cn/1043/list.htm



6.Q: How can the applicant find out information about the CSC Scholarship?

A: Applicant can get information for the CSC scholarship programs from this linkhttp://www.campuschina.org/content/details3_74779.html  and apply to study in TGU with CSC scholarship- university program online on CSC websitehttp://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/#/login. Tiangong University agency number is 10058.



7.Q: Does the CSC scholarship application require the applicant to apply online on the university website?

A: Not really. Please kindly apply on the website of CSC first.



8.Q: Does CSC scholarship-university program require the applicant to provide the Acceptance Letter from the potential supervisor in advance?

A: The Acceptance letter from a potential supervisor is not a required document for the CSC scholarship- university program.

If the applicant applies for other CSC scholarship programs to be dispatched by the Chinese Embassy, EU office, UNESCO, etc. to study in TGU, School of International Education, TGU will issue a Pre-admission letter to the applicant after screening the application documents.



9.Q: What documents will be required for obtaining a Pre-admission letter from TGU?

A: The applicant needs to send in the following documents by email (iotjpu@tiangong.edu.cn)

copy of your Application form and application document to study in TGU( download: application form and doument.xlsx)

copy of your passport



10.Q: When are the beginning time and deadline set by TGU for the application of the CSC scholarship-university program?

A: Set on April 15th, 2021.



11.Q: Where is the address of Tiangong University?

A: No.399, Binshui West Road, Xiqing District, Tianjin.



12.Q: What is the zip code of Tiangong University?




13.Q: Can I cook in the dormitory of international students?

A: No, our school prohibits students from smoking, using open flames, using high-voltage electrical appliances (induction cookers, induction cookers, electric fans, hair irons, hot water sticks, etc.) in the dormitory, or using other things that are not provided in the dormitory Electrical appliances.



14.Q: Can freshmen change majors?

A: For special reasons, international students who need to change majors must submit a written application to the School of International Education before the end of the first year of the university, and they can transfer majors after approval. International students who transfer their majors to the sophomore year will be dealt with as a one-level downgrade. Each person can apply for a major transfer at most once during school. Juniors and seniors are not allowed to apply to change majors.



15.Q: How many international students are there at Tianjin Polytechnic University?

A: From 2003 to 2010, the number of international students in our school has increased from 30 increase to 504. After 2010, The number of international students has increased rapidly since the beginning of 504 increased to1167 in 2014. 2019 The number of international students in the college has increased to 2055, recruited from Germany, Canada, Finland, Poland, South Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Mongolia, Vietnam, etc.64Students from different countries.



16.Q: Are there plenty of extracurricular activities for international students?

A: In order to comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality of students and enrich their extracurricular life, the college has established an international student union to promote self-management of international students and cultivate the ability to cooperate and coordinate. The college organized students to hold Chinese and foreign language and cultural festivals, Confucian cultural performances, and other activities and encouraged students to participate in cultural activities on and off-campus



17.Q: Is the transportation around Tiangong University convenient?

A: Tiangong University is located in Xiqing University Town. It is the closest school to the University Town Station on Metro Line 3. The transportation is very convenient. Therefore, even if there is no large commercial circle nearby, it will not hinder your leisure, entertainment, and shopping.



18.Q: Which college of Tianjin Polytechnic University is the international student assigned to?

A: International Education College.



19.Q: What courses are there in the Chinese language major?

A: Chinese characters, Chinese computer editing, an overview of China, Chinese social and cultural customs, comparison of Chinese and foreign cultures, contemporary Chinese topics, practical business Chinese courses, oral Chinese for business and trade, etc.



20.Q: How many years will a postgraduate study?

A: The general education system for foreign master's degree students is 2.5 years, the length of study does not exceed 3 years.





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