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"Chinese Bridge" online communication project opened

On February 1, the online group exchange project for college students from Slavic countries along with the “Belt and Road” initiative organized by the Sino-foreign Language Exchange Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education and undertaken by the School of European Language and Culture of our school officially opened in the Dajiang Hall of Yifu Building. A 9-day online language learning exchange and Chinese cultural experience trip. Vice President Li Yingying attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.


Li Yingying pointed out that the "Chinese Bridge" is an important platform for students from all over the world to learn Chinese and understand China. In 2020, in the face of the global spread of the new crown epidemic, the Sino-foreign Language Exchange Cooperation Center organized the "Chinese Bridge" online learning exchange group project for the first time. The school actively develops the "Chinese Bridge" project cooperation and publicity organization for overseas joint construction of Confucius Institutes and friendly universities, in Russia Volgograd State Social Normal University Confucius Institute, South Ural State University, Moscow City Normal University, Kuban State University, etc. With the support of friendly exchange colleges and universities, the online group exchange program for college students from Slavic countries along the "Belt and Road" enrolled more than 200 international students, and it has set up a walk-in program for young students from Slavic countries along the "Belt and Road" such as Russia, Ukraine, and Armenia. Chinese, a "cloud activity platform" for perceiving China. She hopes that all students will cherish learning opportunities, further improve their comprehensive ability to use Chinese, increase their understanding of Chinese culture, and contribute to the strengthening of cultural exchanges, language cooperation, and mutual learning between Chinese and foreign cultures.


Shi Yajun, deputy dean of the European Language and Culture Institute and representative teacher, and student representative Яна Александровна Скорикова spoke successively. Shi Yajun pointed out in his speech that the "Chinese Bridge" Chinese cultural experience program has built a bridge for communication between young people from China and the rest of the world, and hopes that all the students will study hard and learn something. Become a friendly messenger of Sino-foreign cultural exchanges and the inheritance of Sino-foreign friendship.


Яна Александровна Скорикова expressed his gratitude to the China-Foreign Language Exchange Cooperation Center and Tianjin Foreign Studies University for the "Chinese Bridge" communication platform established. She is very interested in Chinese culture and hopes to further improve her Chinese level through the study of the "Chinese Bridge" online group exchange program.


Before the opening ceremony, all the teachers in the class worked together and worked together for nearly two months to design a complete curriculum system, including basic language learning classes and colorful cultural experience classes. The project team recorded cultural experience lessons such as Yangliuqing woodblock New Year pictures, Goubuli buns, and clay figurines Zhang Caius through interviews and on-site shooting.


It is reported that in 2020, our school applied for the "Chinese Bridge" online group exchange program for the first time and achieved good results in all 8 projects declared by 5 colleges, and the number of approved universities ranks among the top universities in the country. At present, the video courses of various groups are being recorded in full swing, and camps will be opened one after another. Each group will carry out live teaching, online experience, and video teaching around the categories of "language learning", "two-way communication", "contemporary China", and "cultural characteristics". Through the organic combination of "language + culture" thematic and modular aerial teaching Tell Chinese stories well and spread Chinese culture well in class.


Relevant persons in charge of the Confucius Institute Office and the European Language and Culture Institute participated in the opening activities.

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