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Cultural investigation in China

"Xie Que Begonias fly away"-May is bright and clear in early summer. In this season of hope, the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of our school organized international students and foreign experts to participate in the "Perception of China" International Student Culture Experiencing Jizhou’s “Panshan Visit to Ancient Times” activity, aiming to implement the requirements of the Ministry of Education for the “Perception of China” series of activities for international students, so that foreign students can further deepen their understanding of China’s natural scenery, traditional culture, customs, and customs, from all angles and perspectives To understand China, perceive China, and build our school’s characteristic study abroad brand. Nearly 100 international students and foreign experts from more than 40 countries participated in the theme activity of "Visit Ancient Times in Panshan Mountain" in Jixian County.

Known as the "Jingdong No. 1 Mountain", Panshan Mountain is not only majestic and charming but also rich in historical and cultural connotations. During this event, international students and experts sighed at the majesty and majesty of Panshan while climbing, and being in it was like walking in a picture scroll. Through visiting Panshan, I also learned about the history and culture of Jizhou and experienced the literati calligraphy, allusions, and legends everywhere in the mountain. The international students said, "Thank you for the event organized by the International Exchange Office, which allowed them to get in touch with a more pristine local culture. I also hope that the school can hold more colorful activities. These will be his best memories during his study in China."

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