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Welcome party held successfully

Golden autumn sends cool, sweet osmanthus fragrant. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day, to further promote mutual understanding of international students and create an open, tolerant, relaxed, and harmonious learning and living atmosphere for international students, on the evening of September 29th, the International Cooperation, and Exchange Office of our school-sponsored The "2017 Autumn International Student Orientation Party" was grandly unveiled on the second floor of the International Exchange Center. Attending the party was teachers from the International Students Office of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, police officers from the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau, and more than 300 international students from more than 40 countries were invited to attend the event.


Accompanied by the vibrant dance of studying abroad in South Korea, the party opened with enthusiastic applause from the audience, officially kicking off the party and successfully igniting the enthusiasm of the audience. A total of international students from 11 countries brought unique performances in this evening. The folk songs and dances of Vietnamese students, the folk songs of Belarusian students, the street dance performances of British students, the guitar playing of Indonesian students, and the violin performance of Belgian students, one after another wonderful performance made the enthusiastic audience applaud in unison. International students from all over the world wore traditional costumes and brought their own characteristics of singing and dancing, allowing us to appreciate a different kinds of exotic customs. The teachers of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office and the international students of our school also brought wonderful singing and dancing performances to everyone, expressing the school’s warm welcome to all international students, and hope that students can actively participate in various activities organized by the school and fully experience Chinese culture. Improve the level of Chinese, and at the same time introduce the culture of each country to China, communicate with Chinese students and teachers, and act as an ambassador for communication between your country and China. The joyous and harmonious scenes on and off the stage made every teacher and classmate who visited it throbbed and throbbed with enthusiasm. The party was carried out in a relaxed and lively atmosphere, unconsciously, the party was coming to an end.






The event took the form of a welcome dinner with singing and dancing performances, bringing together international students and friends from all over the world. In a relaxed and happy atmosphere, the international students enjoyed the food and experienced China’s unique Mid-Autumn Festival culture while communicating. What I saw and heard when I first came to China, there was a lot of laughter at the scene. This evening party provided a stage for the new students in the fall of 2017 to show their self-demeanor, allowing them to feel the warmth and vitality of the outside world. The new students also strengthened their feelings and team consciousness, to better carry out international student activities in the future. Laid a solid foundation! I believe that the new students of the 2017 class can start from here and compose their own wonderful and future!

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