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School profile

Tianjin Foreign Studies University is a high school with a complete range of major foreign languages, such as literature, economics, management, law, education, art, engineering, and other disciplines coordinated development and distinctive features school. The school fully implements the party's education policy, adheres to the fundamental task of cultivating people with morality, adhering to the school motto of "searching at home and abroad, and advancing with morality", and strives to cultivate high-quality compound international talents.



The main predecessor of Tianjin Foreign Studies University was Qinhuangdao Foreign Language College established in 1964 and later renamed Hebei Foreign Language College and Tianjin Foreign Language College. In 1974, the school was restored and renamed Tianjin Foreign Languages Institute. In the same year, students were enrolled in English, Japanese, French, Russian, Spanish, and other languages. After the resumption of the college entrance examination in 1977, the enrollment of full-time undergraduates resumed. In 1979, the school began to recruit graduate students majoring in English and Japanese. In 1981, it was approved by the State Council as the first batch of master's degree-granting units. In 2010, it was renamed Tianjin Foreign Studies University with the approval of the Ministry of Education.


Campus situation

The school has two campuses, Fifth Avenue and Binhai, with a total area of 464218.7 square meters. The three courtyards of the Wudao campus are located in the historical and architectural cultural tourism area of Tianjin (Machang Road, Munan Road, Zhengzhou Road). The Binhai Campus is located in the Dagang Higher Education Ecological Park in Binhai New Area, with beautiful scenery and beautiful lakes.


Subject and specialty

The school currently has 58 undergraduate majors. Among them, there are 35 foreign language and literature majors (33 foreign languages), Chinese language, journalism, and other literary majors, and 23 majors in economics, management, law, education, art, and engineering. There are 5 national-level characteristic majors, 5 national-level undergraduate major comprehensive reform pilot projects, 7 national-level first-class undergraduate major construction sites, and 4 Tianjin municipal-level first-class undergraduate major construction sites. Twelve undergraduate courses of Tianjin City's offline, online and offline mixed, social practice first-class undergraduate construction courses were approved.


The school has 1 doctoral talent training program serving the special needs of the country, 7 first-level disciplines for master's degree authorization, 29 second-level disciplines for master's degree authorization, and 6 types of master's professional degree authorization (covering 20 authorization directions). There are 5 key disciplines in Tianjin and 4 characteristic discipline groups in Tianjin. Among them, the discipline of foreign language and literature is the first-class construction discipline in Tianjin, and the discipline of Chinese language and literature is the first-class cultivation discipline in Tianjin. The subject of foreign language and literature has the qualification to accept young backbone visiting scholars and general visiting scholars from domestic universities.


Talent development

The school currently has more than 10,000 full-time undergraduates and postgraduates, and the source of students covers 31 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan regions across the country. The school adheres to the core of improving the quality of talent training, comprehensively promotes the in-depth integration of professional teaching and foreign language teaching, and vigorously promotes various forms of compound talent training models such as minors, double degrees, project classes, "foreign language +" and "professional +". Actively organize students to participate in translation and foreign affairs reception services for various large-scale international conferences, select outstanding students to study abroad, continuously expand the channels for students to receive multiculturalism, and highlight language training and composite professional education with unique characteristics.


The school has been approved for two interdisciplinary talent training projects in Tianjin’s educational system reform, among which the Seeking Honor College was awarded the Tianjin Education System Reform Demonstration Project; and the School of Journalism was jointly established with the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee’s Propaganda Department to jointly cultivate international journalism talents.


The employment rate of graduates has remained at a high level for many consecutive years. Nearly 50,000 outstanding alumni are active in various fronts such as diplomacy, foreign trade, news, finance, legal affairs, education, etc., and are well received and welcomed by employers. Established 75 practice bases with Fortune 500 companies such as FAW Toyota and Samsung Electronics, including multiple overseas practice bases such as Phoenix Satellite TV America. Students have repeatedly achieved good results in various professional competitions across the country.


Teaching staff

In the decades of running a school, a group of linguistic masters and translators who are well-known in our foreign language circles have emerged, such as Zhong Zuoyou, Jindi, Zhu Wanqing, Xiu Gang, Wang Mingyu, etc., who have been handed down and have a deep academic history. The school has more than 1,000 faculty members, including more than 700 full-time teachers (including foreign teachers). More than 60% of full-time teachers have overseas study or work experience, and some majors reach 100%. Among the teaching staff, there are 1 national teaching team, Tianjin teaching team, 11 Tianjin teaching innovation teams, and 1 Tianjin municipal model worker innovation studio. 8 teachers serve as members of the Professional Teaching Guidance Committee of Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education (including deputy directors and sub-committee directors). More than 70 people were awarded special allowance experts from the State Council, National Outstanding Teachers, Ministry of Education "New Century Outstanding Talents", Tianjin Special Appointment (Lecture) Professors, Tianjin "131" Innovative Talents (first level), and other provincial and ministerial levels and above Various honors or titles. Five innovative teams from the school were selected into the Tianjin Higher Education Innovation Team Training Program, and Tianjin Foreign Affairs Translation Talent Reserve Base has been established.


Scientific research

The school has established the Institute of Translation and Intercultural Communication (under the jurisdiction of the Central Document Translation and Communication Collaborative Innovation Center, the Central Document Translation Research Base of the Central Translation Bureau, the Foreign Language and Literature Culture Research Center, the Language Symbol Application Communication Research Center, and the Comparative Literature Research Institute, European and American Institute of Cultural Philosophy), National and Regional Research Institutes [under the jurisdiction of the Korean Peninsula Center (Northeast Asia Center), Latin American Research Center, Russian Research Center, Ukrainian Research Center, Portuguese Research Center, French Research Center], "One Belt One Road" "Tianjin Strategic Research Institute has basically established an international characteristic scientific research platform system that serves the development of the country, Tianjin and the school.


The school pays attention to scientific research innovation and think tank construction. It has national and regional research centers of the Ministry of Education, local research bases of the central compilation, Tianjin "2011 Collaborative Innovation Center", Tianjin University Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base, and Tianjin University Social Sciences The laboratory, the Tianjin University Innovation Team, the Tianjin University Think Tank, the CTTI Source Think Tank, and the "China Studies Research Center" overseas think tank actively provide intellectual support to national ministries and local governments and produce a series of landmark results. The school undertakes high-level scientific research projects, produces high-level papers, monographs, and research reports, holds or undertakes important international and domestic academic conferences every year, and has won many provincial and ministerial outstanding social science achievement awards. National and regional issues, emergency foreign language service research, and foreign language and literature research are the leading scientific research features. It hosts important academic journals of foreign language and literature research, "Journal of Tianjin Foreign Studies University", comprehensive cultural journals "World Culture", academic journals "Chinese Translation and Foreign Studies", "Translation of China", "Language Semiotics Newsletter", etc.


Global cooperation

The school adheres to the road of international education, actively serves the "Belt and Road" initiative, and has established friendly cooperative relations with more than 220 universities and educational institutions in more than 30 countries around the world. In 2019, the school was approved to cooperate with Bulgaria to run an undergraduate education project. The school accepts "Chinese Government Scholarship", "Confucius Institute Scholarship", "Tianjin Municipal Government Scholarship" foreign students, and has a "Tianjin Foreign Studies University Freshman Scholarship", which accepts nearly 2,000 long-term and short-term students from more than 60 countries around the world every year International students come to the school to study for an undergraduate, master, doctorate or short-term study. Relying on the good cooperative relationship with foreign universities and cooperative education programs such as "2+2", "3+1", and "4+1", as well as the joint training of master's and doctoral programs, and the Hanban student Chinese teacher volunteer program, etc. A large number of students are sent to study and exchange abroad every year. The school actively implements the strategy of Chinese culture going out. It has successively established 9 Confucius Institutes in cooperation with universities in South Korea, Portugal, Russia, and other countries. It has been awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Confucius Institute" by Hanban many times and has been awarded the Global Confucius Institute twice. Advanced Chinese partner colleges and universities.


School conditions

The school currently has 9 Tianjin Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers, Tianjin Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center (construction project), 3 sets of international standard simultaneous interpretation lecture halls, 7 languages, and 11 sets of international satellite TV reception systems and covers two campuses Campus computer network. The school is rich in learning resources. The library on the two campuses covers an area of more than 23,000 square meters and has a collection of 7.38 million books (including Chinese, English, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Thai, Burmese, etc.). Books and paper books), more than 1,600 kinds of Chinese and foreign newspapers and magazines, 88 document types, languages, and disciplines covering a relatively comprehensive Chinese and foreign database; a collection of nearly 20,000 Chinese and foreign documents published in the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century There are more than 520 kinds of Western rare books, gifts from celebrities, thread-bound books in the late Qing Dynasty, and Sinology-related documents, which have important historical and cultural value, academic data value and artistic appreciation value. The school has complete sports facilities, with standard sports fields, football fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, and other sports facilities, a comprehensive gymnasium of more than 10,000 square meters, and modern sports venues such as swimming pools and fencing halls.


Social service

Over the years, the school has continued to give full play to its academic and professional advantages and actively serve society. It has undertaken consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation tasks for most high-end meetings and large-scale international conferences in Tianjin. As the designated translation service unit of the 29th Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, it completed the multilingual translation of important documents of the Beijing Olympic Games and won the "Outstanding Contribution Award for Chinese Translation." Student volunteers have outstandingly completed large-scale exhibitions and competitions and other types of voluntary services won more than 40 honors including China's 100 Excellent Volunteer Service Groups and formed a unique "Tianwai" voluntary service system and an influential brand of voluntary service.


During the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic in 2020, by the requirements of the municipal party committee and government, a foreign language volunteer service commando covering 6 languages and nearly 100 people will be quickly formed to go to the airport, customs, border inspection, quarantine, and other front-line anti-epidemic and foreign residents. Communities, assist in translation, communication, emotional counseling, etc.; complete more than 300,000 words of anti-epidemic translation tasks; record the epidemic prevention "Health Reminders for Entry Persons" into 28 language micro-videos for rolling broadcast at Tianjin Port; fight against the "epidemic" The collection of experience, "Considerations and Practices on Emergency Foreign Language Services for Anti-epidemic", contributed to the outside force in the joint prevention and control of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.


To actively respond to the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions to improve the construction of a major epidemic prevention and control system, based on summing up the school’s experience and deficiencies in fighting the “epidemic”, 10 foreign language professors from our school jointly proposed to establish and improve China’s emergency foreign language service system as soon as possible. Relevant leaders of the State Council and Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have paid great attention. On July 16, Tianjin Emergency Foreign Language Service Talent Pool, Emergency Foreign Language Service Talent Training Base, Emergency Foreign Language Service Research Institute, Emergency Foreign Language Service Multilingual Corpus Laboratory (abbreviated as “One base and three databases”) was formally established, which marked the initial establishment of an organizational structure for the construction of our city’s emergency foreign language service system. The suggestions made by 10 foreign language experts of our school were officially implemented, and emergency foreign language service research has also become our school’s international language A unique research field in academia.


Based on the new needs of basic education development in the new era, the school gives full play to the advantages and influence of itself and its affiliated foreign language schools in the field of foreign language teaching and basic education and conducts in-depth cooperation with education administrative departments of all levels of government, economic function zones, and social enterprises to promote quality Balanced allocation and development of educational resources. At present, it has formed the "affiliated school group" with Tianjin Foreign Studies University Affiliated Foreign Language School as the base sports school, and the affiliated Binhaiwai Mandarin School, the affiliated Beichen Guanghua Foreign Language School, the affiliated Jing Wai Mandarin School, the affiliated Dongjiang Foreign Language School, and the affiliated high-tech zone foreign language school as the new school. "It has laid a good foundation for high-quality basic education featuring foreign languages and comprehensive development and has won wide acclaim. It not only meets the expectations of local people for high-quality basic education resources but also lays a solid foundation for the establishment of an education group and large-scale development of the school.


Development Vision

Adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the party's educational policy, fully implement the fundamental task of Lide and foster people, comprehensively promote content construction, comprehensively improve the quality of talent training, and strive to run a foreign language university that is satisfied by the people. High-quality compound international talents with Chinese feelings, global vision, a spirit of seeking, and cross-cultural ability have made new and greater contributions to the realization of the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


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