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Tianjin Normal University is a key university in Tianjin. It was founded in 1958. It was originally named Tianjin Normal University and was renamed Tianjin Normal University in 1982. In 1999. The former Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin Normal College, and Tianjin Education College merged to form the new Tianjin Normal University.


Tianjin Normal University takes "a world-renowned high-level normal university with distinctive characteristics" as its overall construction goal. It is the only normal university in Tianjin that trains high-quality teachers for basic education.


In the 62-year history of running a school, the school has adhered to the fundamental task of cultivating people with morality, keeping in mind the mission of "educating people for the party and the country". Fully implementing the party's education policy, adhering to the socialist direction of running a school, sticking to the original aspiration of the teacher, and deepening and perfecting the teacher-running system. Regarding the delivery of high-quality teachers for basic education as a firm pursuit, placing teacher education at the center, and taking high-quality teacher education as a "consolidating policy", Bacon casts the soul, strengthens the foundation, and cultivates the morality of teachers.


The school aims at cultivating good teachers with the "Four Haves", cultivates educational feelings, and cultivates seed teachers. It has successively been approved as the National Collaborative Innovation Experimental Base for Teacher Development of the Ministry of Education, and the National Experimental Teaching Center for Teacher Education of the Ministry of Education. Undertaking the Ministry of Education’s “National Training Program”, the Ministry of Education’s Excellent Primary School Teachers and Excellent Middle School Teacher Training Projects.


In the construction of the national first-class undergraduate majors "Double Ten Thousand Plan", applied psychology, political science and administration, world history, ideological and political education, educational technology, elementary education, Chinese language and literature, mathematics and applied mathematics, geographic science, law 11 majors. Including journalism and journalism, have been approved as national-level first-class undergraduate majors, and 3 majors including physical education, electronic information science and technology, and clothing and apparel design have been approved as first-class undergraduate majors in Tianjin.


The school covers an area of 3,500 acres, contains 771 acres of natural lake wetland, and has a building area of 860,000 square meters. It has complete teaching facilities and a rich cultural heritage. The beautiful campus has an elegant environment and a unique ecological style.


The school has 27 party and government departments, 2 departments, 20 colleges, and 17 directly affiliated units.


There are 72 undergraduate majors, 8 first-level disciplines authorized for a doctoral degree, 1 authorized point for a doctoral degree in education, 33 first-level disciplines authorized for a master's degree, and 16 professional degree categories for a master's degree. Involving economics, law, education, 9 disciplines including literature, history, science, engineering, management, and art. The school gathers high-level talents.


There are 1 convener and 2 members of the 7th Disciplinary Review Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, 1 deputy director, and 2 members of the Professional Degree Education and Education Commission. And the deputy of the Ministry of Education Higher School Teaching Guidance Committee 1 chairperson, 11 members, 1 vice-chairman of the Ministry of Education Primary School Teacher Training and Teaching Guidance Committee, 1 member of the Middle School Teacher Training and Teaching Guidance Committee, 1 member of the Fourth National Teacher Education Curriculum Resources Expert Committee.


One person serves as the president of the Medieval History Committee, and one person serves as the president of the World Chinese Language Teaching Association. It has 2 national key disciplines, 11 national first-class undergraduate construction disciplines, 7 Tianjin first-class disciplines, 3 Tianjin first-class undergraduate construction disciplines, 18 Tianjin key disciplines, 15 Tianjin characteristic disciplines (groups), continuous chemistry disciplines.


In 6 years, it entered the top 1% of the "ESI" ranking in the world, and the School of Marxism was selected as a key national Marxist school. According to the evaluation results of the Ministry of Education's Degree and Graduate Education Development Center, our school's four disciplines including psychology, political science, world history, and Marxist theory and the master's degree in education have entered the B+ ranks, and the two disciplines of pedagogy and Chinese language and literature have entered the ranks. Class B ranks.


There are 6 specialty construction sites with characteristics of the Ministry of Education, 16 Tianjin brand specialty construction sites, 5 Tianjin strategic emerging industry-related specialty construction sites, 8 Tianjin superior characteristic specialty construction sites, and 12 Tianjin applied specialty construction sites point.


There are key research bases for humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education-Institute of Psychology and Behavior of Tianjin Normal University, a national demonstration center for journalism and communication education of the Ministry of Education, 3 provincial and municipal humanities and social sciences bases, 7 provincial and municipal engineering centers, and international joint research Center and key laboratories, 7 post-doctoral research mobile stations.


The school has completed 9 national-level quality resource sharing courses, 25 municipal-level quality courses, 6 Tianjin "Curriculum Ideological and Political" reform quality construction courses, 21 Tianjin first-class undergraduate construction courses, and 1 national-level teaching Team, 13 municipal-level teaching teams, 2 Tianjin "Twelfth Five-Year" comprehensive investment teaching innovation teams.


Won 2 National Teaching Achievement Awards, 1 first prize and 3-second prizes of the National Teaching Achievement Award of Basic Education, 9-second prizes of the National Teaching Achievement Award of Higher Education, and the first National Teaching Competition for Young Teachers in Colleges and Universities 1 first prize in the liberal arts category.


The school publishes "Journal of Tianjin Normal University", "Psychological and Behavioral Research", "History of Political Thought", "Research on Comparative Politics", "Journal of Mathematics Education", "Middle School Mathematics", "Review of Economic and Social History", "Research on Ancient Books Protection", "Youth Science and Technology Expo" And 10 journals such as "Classmates and Youth". Among them, "Journal of Tianjin Normal University (Social Science Edition)", "Journal of Tianjin Normal University (Natural Edition)", "Psychology and Behavior Research", "Journal of Mathematics Education", etc. include an overview of the main topics of the latest Chinese core journals of Peking University, "Psychology And Behavioral Research", "Comparative Political Science Research" (Quarterly), "Journal of Tianjin Normal University (Social Science Edition)", "History of Political Thought", "Social-Economic History Review", "Journal of Mathematics Education" included in the CSSCI source journal catalog of Nanjing University (including C Expand) category.


There are 24,806 full-time undergraduates, 4896 full-time postgraduates, 501 doctoral students, and 2,150 foreign students. There are 2,396 faculty members, including 1,444 full-time teachers, 921 senior titles, and 944 doctoral degrees.


The school focuses on humanities and social science research and promotes the construction of new liberal arts. Professor Shen Deli's book "A Study on the Eye Movements of Students' Chinese Reading Process" and Professor Xu Datong's "Lectures on Traditional Chinese Political Culture" won the 4th and 8th National University Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Awards (Humanities and Social Sciences) respectively.


In addition, school teachers won 7-second prizes, 13 third prizes, and 2 youth achievement awards. Won 1 first prize and 1 third prize of the National Educational Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award.


The school strengthens teacher training education, highlights the construction of teacher education quality, and forms a "double high" teacher education model that combines subject professional education and teacher professional development education.


The teacher qualification examination rate has reached 98.7%. Expand the enrollment ratio of normal students year by year, and establish the Tianjin government-funded normal student training program. Provide "Teacher Education Module" courses and teacher education minor professional degrees for the whole school undergraduates, creating conditions for students who have aspirations to teach, feel for teachers, and are happy to teach and good at teaching.


The number of school teacher education teachers and the number of senior professional titles are among the top in the country, and a teacher education team that meets the requirements of "four guides and four unity" has grown steadily.


The school focuses on the construction of a new type of think tank, and actively provides administrative services for the party and the government to make scientific decisions. Six think tanks including Tianjin Normal University National Governance Research Center, Regional Development Strategy and Reform Research Center, Emergency Management Research Center, Free Economic Zone Research Center, Basic Education Decision Service Research Center, Tianjin Public Sector Information Service Evaluation and Governance Center, and other 6 think tanks entered Chinese think tanks Index (CTTI).


The school strives to develop natural science disciplines and promote the construction of new engineering disciplines. Establish an artificial intelligence college to actively promote the integration of production and education to serve social and economic development.


Form comprehensive strategic cooperation with Huawei, HKUST Xunfei, and 360 Group. The research results of natural sciences won the first prize of Tianjin Natural Science Achievement Award and the first prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award.


The school pays attention to the penetration of liberal arts and sciences and interdisciplinary integration. Established the Ancient Books Protection Research Institute, the Network Content Construction and Comprehensive Management Research Institute, the Linguistic Psychology and Cognitive Science Research Institute, the Intercultural and World Literature Research Institute, the Emotional Intelligence International Research Center, and 11 university-level multidisciplinary cross-integration innovation teams.


The school actively explores all-around education for all the staff and the whole process, and has formed an education system based on five integrations of "class in and out of class, work team, project education, online and offline, inside and outside school".


The creatively developed ideological and political courses "three ins and eight lectures" and the "five ties" model of practical teaching have been promoted. Our school has created a fresh experience in the teaching reform of ideological and political courses, which has been reported by the central media and newspapers more than 50 times. Approved as the first batch of Chinese excellent traditional culture inheritance bases by the Ministry of Education, the National Language and Literature Promotion Base of the National Language Commission.


The School of Politics and Administration has approved the title of Advanced Collective in the National Education System, and 3 of the 4 ideological and political courses won the Ministry of Education's "Wonderful" "One lesson", the school teacher has successively won the title of "Teaching Model" in the National Ideological and Political Theory Course, the National "Outstanding Teacher" and the National "Most Beautiful Ideological and Political Course Teacher".


The school insists on opening up to the outside world. Establish friendly cooperative relations with 177 universities, institutions, or local governments in 33 countries and regions. Cooperated with South Korea, Japan, and Russia to organize 4 Sino-foreign cooperative education projects, and was approved as the first batch of "Demonstration Bases for Studying in China" by the Ministry of Education. It has the qualifications to accept national government scholarships such as the national government, Confucius Institutes, outstanding young foreign students, the "Belt and Road" construction special project, and the special Chinese-foreign cultural exchange mechanism.


Undertook the first Confucius Institute in Africa, the Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi, and the four Confucius Institutes undertook were awarded the title of “Advanced Confucius Institute” 10 times, the highest honor of Confucius Institute Founding Award once, and was named “Advanced Confucius Institute Undertaking School” and "Global Model Confucius Institute".


The school has successively won nearly 100 collective and individual honors such as National Advanced Unit for Spiritual Civilization, National Civilized Unit, National May 1st Labor Award, National "March 8th" Red Flag Collective, National Model Teacher, National Outstanding Educator, National Moral Model Nomination Award, etc. item.


The school adheres to the tenet of “educate people for the party and the country”, takes it as its mission to cultivate new teachers in the era of loving the party, the country, and socialism, and meets the fundamental needs of student's growth and development and all-round development. Promote the development of high-quality connotation as the top priority, firmly grasp the direction of future teacher training, take the training of high-quality and excellent teachers as self-confidence and self-consciousness, adhere to the standard of teacher education, enrich and improve the teacher education system, establish first-class teacher majors, and create first-class teachers Curriculum, cultivate first-class teacher talents.


The teachers and students of the school practice the school motto of "Diligent and rigorous, self-cultivation of people", cultivate the style of study of "equal emphasis on learning and thinking, unity of knowledge and action", and uphold the school spirit of "honesty and trustworthiness, and the courage to take responsibility".


The school song is sung to "cherish the time as gold, read the classics around the world; teach students by their aptitude, and cultivate a strong country" as mutual encouragement.


The school adheres to the development strategy of "establishing a school with characteristics, building a school with quality, strengthening the school with talents, and reform and innovation", and strives to achieve the first-class domestic level in "teaching quality, scientific research ability, talent level, discipline strength, and management efficiency" as the goal to promote the establishment of The world-renowned high-level normal university with distinctive characteristics makes unremitting efforts!


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