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Hold a meeting on enrollment

On January 12, 2021, the International Education College organized the 2020 Tianjin University International Student Admissions Work Conference.
Li Qiang, Dean of the School of International Education, attended the Graduate School, Propaganda Department, Microelectronics, Construction Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials, Management, Law School, School of Science, School of Pharmacy, School of Oceanography, School of Geosciences, Faculty of Medicine.
And Molecular Gathering from 23 More than 30 representatives from various colleges (departments) and departments participated. The meeting was presided over by Yang Xiaorui, Deputy Dean of the School of International Education.



Liu Wenwei, director of the Admissions Office of the School of International Education, first reported to the participants the enrollment status of our school's international students in 2020 and the development plan for 2021. 

Our school actively promotes channel construction and strives to build a comprehensive publicity platform, and the enrollment of international students has been successfully completed. In the context of the global epidemic.

Although the total scale of international students in our school has declined, the scale of academic degree students has remained stable, the scale of high-level masters and doctors has increased rapidly, and the quality of students has gradually improved. In 2021, our school will continue to promote the "Study in Tianda" project, and strive to recruit and cultivate a broad international perspective, strong academic foundation.

Strong innovation ability, high level of practice, and good overall quality "Know China, Know Tianjin, Love Tianda" The outstanding international talents have made greater contributions to the promotion of our school’s international influence and the construction of an international campus.




Subsequently, Lu Zhengsong, Director of the Graduate Admissions Office of the Graduate School, introduced the positioning of our school’s postgraduate admissions work and shared the valuable experience of the R&D Office in expanding the source of students and holding online interviews for Chinese postgraduates during the epidemic. 

International students provided useful references. Yin Wei, head of the International Publicity Section of the Propaganda Department, introduced in detail the role of our school’s international publicity platform and the development of international social media such as Facebook and Instagram, multilingual official websites, and personal English homepages for teachers of Tianjin University, and expressed his willingness to cooperate with professional colleges to do a good job. The international publicity work of our school.

In the part of the enrollment experience shared by the representatives of the college, Yang Yongkui, associate professor of the School of Environment, shared the college’s experience in organizing international student interviews and expressed the hope to enhance the attractiveness of international students by strengthening the construction of all-English courses.

Yu Xi, a researcher from the Faculty of Science, introduced the use of partners and The experience of enrollment publicity for international students at school has affirmed the effectiveness and pertinence of this method in recruiting outstanding high-level (master and doctoral) international students.

At the meeting, representatives of various professional colleges successively put forward suggestions on strengthening top-level design, doing well in international student admissions interviews, improving the enthusiasm of tutors in recruiting international students.

Using the alumni association platform to promote enrollment work, and focusing on language ability training. The effect of shutting down the quality of the source of students and boosting the quality of the source of students is affirmed.




Finally, Li Qiang made a concluding speech. He first answered the questions raised by the representatives of the colleges and specifically explained the enrollment and management of international students during the epidemic period that the colleges are more concerned about.

Later, he introduced the key points of our school's next step in the recruitment of international students and said that the International Education College is willing to support the colleges to improve their external publicity and jointly promote the vigorous development of our school's study in China.

This conference promoted communication between the International Education College and relevant departments and professional colleges. Through analysis and summary of the international student enrollment work in 2020, the development focus and direction of the next stage were clarified, and the international student enrollment work plan was formulated for science.

It has laid the foundation and played an important role in promoting the cooperation of the whole school in the recruitment of international students.


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