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Hold the opening ceremony of Begonia season

April 3 is Tianda’s annual Begonia Festival. The pale pink Begonia flowers on the campus and the bustling Tianda students form a beautiful campus landscape, giving people A sense of the image of the fragrant mist empty and misty corridor.



Haitang Season is everyone’s festival. This year’s Haitang Season’s opening ceremony foreign students presented a surprise-the pop-up chorus "Homeland".

At around 10:30 in the morning, at the entrance of the Tianda Library, international students from different countries gathered to chat with Chinese teachers and students about the "Begonia Season".

Although I am a foreigner, Mandarin is not inferior at all, and there is no obstacle in communicating with teachers and classmates.






When everything was ready, the choir formed a triangular line to sing "Nation" in unison. Students from different countries sang "Nation" with different flavors for us in their distinctive Mandarin.

After the chorus was over, the audience burst into applause and praises were endless. An international student said in an interview: "This is the second year I came to China. I have studied Chinese for two and a half years.

I like Chinese and Chinese culture." He is fluent in Chinese. , Even the people who interviewed him boasted that this foreign boy is full of linguistic talents.


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