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Beiyang Art Troupe

The Beiyang Art Troupe of Tianjin University was established in 1985 and is the earliest large-scale comprehensive student art troupe established in my country. At present, it has developed into an outstanding student art group with diverse art forms in colleges and universities across the country and rich experience in participating in performances, organizing large-scale evening parties and live broadcasts. Under the Beiyang Art Troupe, there are 9 team organizations including Beiyang Chorus, Symphony Orchestra, Chinese Folk Orchestra, Military Band, Dance Ensemble, Quyi Drama Troupe, Yue Opera Art Research Association, Performance Center, and Art Lovers Association. More than 30 internationally renowned musicians such as Huang Feili, Xu Xin, Ma Geshun, Sheng Zhongguo, Yongrubu, Ding Yiliu, Zhang Peiyu, etc. have served as instructors of the art troupe, making the art troupe a team with a mature system and a standardized system.

Since its establishment more than 20 years, the art troupe has closely focused on the purpose of "educating people with aesthetics and art", adhering to the main theme of the times, insisting on the pursuit of elegant music and the exploration of different art categories, and in-depth development of various forms Art education, cultivate a large number of artistic talents and outstanding student cadres, improve the artistic accomplishment of the majority of students, cultivate students' interest and understanding of elegant music, and create a good campus cultural atmosphere.

The Beiyang Art Troupe represents Tianjin University and has won numerous awards in various international and domestic competitions. At the same time, it has participated in many exchanges among universities across the country and has conducted artistic exchanges with some world-class orchestras and famous performers. Demonstrating the fruitful achievements of our school's art education to all walks of life. In the school, the Beiyang Art Troupe has played a pioneering role in promoting the construction of spiritual civilization: in addition to the fixed performance activities such as the welcome party, the graduate party, the special student presentation performance, the New Year concert, and the Christmas concert, the teams of the art troupe also According to the actual situation, performances will be organized from time to time, which greatly enriches the campus cultural life of college students. In particular, it is worth mentioning that the Art Lovers Association is the first national engineering college to popularize high art. It holds weekly weekend concerts to promote the popularization of serious music and high art in a variety of ways, greatly improving The artistic accomplishment and comprehensive quality of college students.


1. Beiyang Chorus

The Beiyang Chorus of Tianjin University was established in 1985 and is the "World Choir" awarded by the International Chorus Union. The members are composed of undergraduate, master, and doctoral students from Tianjin University who are not majoring in music. Professor Ren Baoping, deputy director of the Conducting Committee of the Chinese Chorus Association, serves as the permanent conductor. Over the past 20 years, the choir has performed more than a thousand words from different periods such as Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern, most of which were first sung in China. With the concerted efforts of the conductor and all members, the choir has created many firsts: as the first amateur choir in colleges and universities, it held commercial performances in the Beijing Concert Hall; as the first amateur choir in colleges and universities, it participated in the "Spring of the River in Tianjin" "A series of concerts; as the first non-music undergraduate chorus group to win the CCTV Young Singer TV Grand Prix; in 2001, he participated in the first national undergraduate chorus competition and won the highest award. Since 2003, the choir went abroad and set foot on the international chorus stage. So far, it has won 10 international gold medals, 5 international silver medals, and 1 international bronze medal. It also won the organizing committee special award at the Prague International Choir Festival in 2013. . In July 2014, he won two golds and one silver at the 8th World Chorus Competition in Riga. The chorus actively contributes to the development of chorus in China and the world. Won gold medals in a number of chorus competitions organized by the Chinese Chorus Association and the Ministry of Education. As an outstanding college student group in China's chorus world, it has been invited to participate in the opening ceremonies of music festivals at home and abroad many times. Won the first prize in the previous college student art festival competitions in Tianjin.

In the Chinese chorus industry, Ma Geshun, Yan Liangkun, Tian Yubin, Yang Hongnian, Wu Lingfen, Xiao Bai, and many other experts have visited the chorus and gave them "a college chorus with more exposure to literature, more first singing works, accurate style control, and advanced chorus awareness" Highly rated. Mr. Lepus Mubuyaba, the chairman of the International Chorus Union, once praised the Beiyang Chorus as "China's Chorus Angel", and Mr. Tang Shaowei, the vice-chairman of the International Chorus Union, also spoke highly of the chorus as "a rare and excellent chorus".




2. Beiyang Symphony Orchestra

Tianjin University Beiyang Symphony Orchestra, formerly the Tianjin University Art Troupe Orchestra, is the first symphony orchestra composed of college students in Tianjin. In 1999, Tianjin Municipal Education Commission authorized Tianjin University to form the "Tianjin University Students Art Troupe Symphony Orchestra".

The orchestra currently has 66 members, all of whom are non-music undergraduates and postgraduates from various colleges of Tianjin University. The orchestra has a complete system of various parts and sufficient staff. Although they are non-music majors, they all have a considerable level of performance, enthusiasm for music, and excellent understanding. Numerous members have won awards in national provincial and municipal competitions since they were young, and their outstanding performance has ensured the rapid growth of the Beiyang Symphony Orchestra. In 2007, the orchestra went to Hong Kong and exchanged performances with the City University of Hong Kong. It premiered the unprecedented "Ma Le II-Resurrection" by the Chinese Student Orchestra. In February 2012, the Beiyang Symphony Orchestra went to Hangzhou to participate in the third college student art performance. Beethoven's "Egmont Overture" won the first prize in the instrumental music category.

The orchestra has long insisted on hiring high-level conductors as the orchestra conductor. Dong Junjie, a national first-level conductor, graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music, and currently, conductor of the Tianjin Song and Dance Theater Symphony Orchestra, is the chief conductor of the Beiyang Symphony Orchestra of Tianjin University.

Mr. Huang Feili, the founder of the Conducting Department of the Central Conservatory of Music, and Mr. Han Zhongjie, the former permanent conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra of China, served as artistic directors and consultants of our ensemble; Ms. Zhang Peiyu, an Austrian Chinese female conductor, has also performed the orchestra many times; in addition, Professor Xu Xin, Teacher Elahiuvon Erlenbach (Chinese name: Ding Yiliu), teacher Liu Fengde, permanent conductor of the People’s Liberation Army Air Administration Song and Dance Troupe, teacher Chen Lechang, a member of the Chinese Musicians Association, Professor of the Composition Department of Tianjin Conservatory of Music, and teacher Zhang Jinsheng, chief conductor of the Tianjin Song and Dance Troupe, are also experts in the music industry. The construction of the orchestra has made an indelible contribution.




3. Beiyang Military Band

The Military Band of the Beiyang Art Troupe of Tianjin University was founded in 1985 and is one of the earliest and largest wind bands in colleges and universities across the country. The military band consisted of Japanese conductor Mr. Shida Shirino, Japanese trumpet player Mr. Sunhiko Iwato, composer and conductor Professor Chen Lechang of Tianjin Conservatory of Music, conductor Dr. Kirt Saville of the Wind Orchestra of the Washburn University of Kansas, and famous young conductor Mr. Zhang Bingbing, Mr. Yao Yijun of Tianjin Conservatory of Music, and Mr. Chen Changning, conductor of the School of Music of the Minzu University of China, are in charge. The current conductor is Mr. Li Bei, conductor of the Jinfan Wind Orchestra of Beijing Bayi Middle School. At present, the Beiyang Military Orchestra has developed into a mature wind band, and its repertoire is also rich and diverse. Symphony concerts are regularly held every semester. In the major events held by the school over the years, the Beiyang Military Band also undertakes important etiquette and wind tasks.

The Beiyang Military Band currently has more than 100 members. Since the first concert "Watercolor in May" was held in 1998, the Beiyang Military Band has successfully held "Early Summer Carnival", "Listen to the Wind-Celebration", "Summer of Love", "Winter Day" Many concerts such as "The Little Gift", "Summer Thoughts", and "The Most Wind Music" have received rave reviews, are loved by teachers and students, and have won the first prize of Tianjin University Student Art Performance for many times.

In 2005, at the "Third International Youth Wind Music Festival", the military band beat Germany and Japan to win first place in the International Gold Medal in one fell swoop.

In 2009, the Saxophone Quartet won the second prize of the National College Student Art Show and Art Performance category.




4. Beiyang Folk Orchestra

The Folk Orchestra of Tianjin University Beiyang Art Troupe was established in 1985 and currently has more than 60 members. Over the past 28 years, the orchestra has continuously improved its overall performance level, rehearsing a large number of outstanding works of different styles, and combining the characteristics of college students with the traditional beauty of national music, forming a national orchestra with style and taste. In 2009, he participated in the second National College Student Art Exhibition, and his song "Celebration Overture" won the gold medal in the instrumental music category. In 2012, he participated in the 3rd National College Student Art Exhibition and won the silver medal in the instrumental group with "Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses Fantasia". Beiyang Folk Orchestra has always maintained first place in the folk music group in the Tianjin University Student Instrumental Music Competition. The Beiyang Folk Orchestra participated extensively in performances and held a number of special concerts: In May 2001, a special concert of "The Fragrance of Chinese Music" was held. This special performance was reported by the "Tonight" and became a national education A special program recorded by the TV station; in October 2003, the orchestra recorded the first CD in history and held a special concert of "National Style and Elegant Rhyme" for ethnic orchestral music. The "China Education News" reported on this and the performance is on campus. Huge response has been obtained both inside and outside; "Jun Tian Guang Le", "Tian Zi Guo Yun", "Guan Feng Guo Yun", "Prosperity Hua Zhang", "Xian Qing Le Zhi", "Tian Lai Zheng Yin", "National Music Wind Silk and Bamboo Rhyme" "Spring" and "New Year" Special concerts such as "Nian You Le" and "Guo Feng I-II" have received wide acclaim; in April 2012, he took on the important role of instrumental music performance in the first "Begonia Festival" of Tianjin University, in order to enrich campus culture and promote national music. Made a contribution; in December 2012, Beiyang Folk Orchestra took the initiative to cooperate with Tianjin University of Finance and Economics Folk Orchestra and Nankai Folk Orchestra to hold the "Guo Ya Weiyang" National Orchestral Chamber Music Concert, which has three tours and received a enthusiastic response; in June 2013 In the "Guofeng" special concert and the "Year Every Year" special concert in December, the Gaohu Erhu Concerto "Liang Zhu" and the Guzheng Concerto "Lin'an Regret" left a deep impression on all audiences.




5. Beiyang Dance Company

Tianjin University Beiyang Dance Troupe was established in 1985. As an outstanding performance team of the school, the Beiyang Dance Troupe undertakes the major responsibility of promoting the elegant art of the campus. It participates in various large-scale performances in the school, such as the welcome party and graduation party, and brings the elegant art form of "dance" to every student Around. In addition, the Beiyang Dance Troupe has received many friendly visits from home and abroad on behalf of the school and traveled abroad to participate in tour performances, bringing more "Chinese" dances to more international friends, and allowing Chinese culture to penetrate through graceful dances. To the far shore of the ocean.

At present, the dance types involved in the Beiyang Dance Company include folk dance, classical dance, modern dance, ballet, etc., guided and taught by Tianjin University's young dance teacher Liu Rui and many celebrities in the dance industry. As a high-level performance team, Beiyang Dance Company's own professional level-dance is the foundation. In addition to the rehearsal guided by Mr. Liu personally every Monday night, the members of a team actively used their spare time to organize basic skills and rehearsal training on their own to ensure the high quality of the team's performance. At the same time, incorporating new talents and cultivating new strengths is also an important part of team development. Every Sunday, excellent young dance teachers in Tianjin will teach professional dance courses to new members. This will not only allow the continuation of the glory of the dance company but also In this way, more students can feel the charm of dance.

Since its first special performance in 2005, the Beiyang Dance Troupe has successfully held ten special performances such as "Between Thoughts" and "In the Mood for Love", as well as a number of outdoor public rehearsals and new performances, which have aroused strong interest both inside and outside the school. repercussions. At the same time, the dance troupe also won the first and second prizes at the Tianjin Student Art Festival in 2012 and 2013 and received extensive media attention.




6. Beiyang Opera Group

The Beiyang Opera Troupe is affiliated with the Beiyang Arts Troupe of Tianjin University. Founded in 1994, it is composed of the Drama Club, Cross-talk Club, Peking Opera Club, and Film Club. It is the most representative drama and Quyi student in domestic colleges and universities. One of the groups.

The Beiyang Opera Troupe gives more than ten special performances to the teachers and students of the school every year, ranking first among the school's societies. Representatives include a cross-talk conference that has been successfully held in the thirteen worlds, a cross-talk show held by Tianjin Cross Talk Broadcasting, the "Happy Laughter School Trip", a large-scale drama special show "Mousetrap", "Rhino in Love", and the original drama "Awakening the World" "Wait. The film agency has successively shot dozens of campus micro-films and participated in the production of Tianjin University's 2013 and 2014 graduation season micro-films. These works that are close to life and express youth have been collected by many domestic video websites. The Peking Opera performances of Tianjin University that have been held twice have also added another bright spot for the traditional arts to enter the campus.




7. Beiyang Yue Opera Art Research Association

The Yue Opera Art Research Association of Beiyang Art Troupe of Tianjin University was founded in 2005 by Professor Cai Yihancai from the Geothermal Research Center of Tianjin University. It is the earliest university Yue Opera group established in Tianjin. It is a group composed of Yue Opera fans throughout the school. Nowadays, the Yue Opera Art Research Association has specially hired Xiao Shaoqing, a national outstanding Yue Opera performer, and the "Plum Blossom Award" advocated Xiaojun as an art consultant, and Tianjin Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe as an art advisory group.

The Yue Opera Art Research Association aims to realize the "south-to-north movement of flowers". The professional students' figure fingering, singing voice, cultural knowledge of Yue opera, and knowledge of opera makeup were conducted by professional teachers of Shengjiao and Danjiao and trained a large number of amateurs. Some of the performers of Yue opera have joined Tianjin Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe to undertake various Yue opera performances. The Yue Opera Art Research Association will hold a special Yue Opera Excerpt Opera every semester, aiming to sing the voice of Wu Yue in the north, promote the opera culture at Tianjin University, and make more students fall in love with traditional culture. The Yue Opera Art Research Association and Tianjin Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe worked together to complete the large-scale symphonic Yue Opera "Dream of Red Mansions", and toured in major theaters and universities in Beijing and Tianjin, and received unanimous praise. At the same time, the Yue Opera Art Research Association and Tianjin Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe will bring "A Dream of Red Mansions" on the stage of the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taiwan in October 2014.

Now, the Yue Opera Art Research Association has gradually become an amateur Yue Opera performance group, pushing various Yue Opera excerpts for various activities such as the school’s Begonia Festival and graduation party. At the same time, the students of the Yue Opera Art Research Association participate in the performances of the New Year's Party of Yue Opera in Tianjin every year, which is recognized by the general public. With the help of the Yue Opera Art Research Association of the Beiyang Art Troupe of Tianjin University, Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin University of Technology and other universities have also established Yue Opera groups successively, which has promoted the culture of Yue Opera in Tianjin.


8. Art Lovers Association

The Beiyang Art Troupe is the largest association of Tianjin University and a sacred place for art lovers. The Art Lovers Association is one of the nine sub-groups of the Beiyang Art Troupe and has a status that cannot be ignored and replaced. The Beiyang Art Troupe is composed of the Presidium, the Chairman’s Assistance Group, and its subsidiary groups. Among them, the Chairman’s Assistance Group has two branches: the Organization Department and the Propaganda Department. It is an elite team. Its sub-groups include the National Standard Group, Street Dance Club, Fitness Club, Host Alliance, and Piano Class.


9. DBX Street Dance Club

As a school-level A-type association under the Beiyang Art Troupe, DBX has been committed to the dissemination and development of hip-hop culture in Tianjin University, and its strength has the status of Taishan Beidou in Tianjin. DBX Street Dance Club has represented Tianjin University in various activities and performances since its establishment and contributed to the Tianjin University Sports Meet, Evergreen Company Celebration, and the school welcome party. He has also cooperated with other schools for performances such as Nankai University, Tianjin Institute of Physical Education, and Tianjin Foreign Language. As a member of the Tianda Beiyang Art Troupe, DBX Street Dance Club dedicated itself to the youth stage with hard sweat.

Beiyang National Standard Dance Company

The Beiyang National Standard Dance Troupe is affiliated with the Beiyang Arts Troupe Art Lovers Association. With the purpose of "prospering campus culture and promoting elegant art", it has established a platform for communication and learning for the majority of dance lovers, especially the national standard dance lovers. In 2006, the school selected a group of trainees for training, initially formed a team, and was formally established in 2007. In the early days of its establishment, the National Standard Dance Company received support from many fans of the National Standard Dance.

The National Standard Dance Company now offers modern dance and Latin dance courses. It has hired outstanding teachers of national standard dance to teach. It has Latin elementary, intermediate, and advanced classes; modern elementary, intermediate, and performance classes. According to the different levels of the members, the National Standard Dance Company is divided into three categories: students, reserve members, and formal members, in order to inspire greater enthusiasm for the national standard. At the same time, various dance parties and special performances are held regularly to show the teaching results to the teachers and students of the school and to strengthen contact with other associations of Beiyi, learn from each other, and make progress together.


10. Campus Host Alliance

The Tianjin University Campus Hosts Alliance aims to promote the host culture throughout the school and cultivate excellent hosts. With the slogan "Youth is shining because of hosting", it enriches the campus life of our students, cultivates their own sentiments, and improves the humanistic quality of college students. , To fully show the style of contemporary college students and provide a stage for students who like to host to show their own demeanor.

The alliance includes comprehensive training, publicity, inline, and outreach team. The members of the alliance are mainly composed of students who are interested in hosting and have specialties in our school. The core work of the team is currently undertaken by students with rich experience in hosting, and one of them is in charge of specializing students. Two of the top ten outstanding young people.

The alliance mainly carries out exchange activities including program hosting, language training, stage image, etc. throughout the school, and invites professional hosts from TV stations to conduct professional training on hosting special capabilities. While enriching classmates' extracurricular activities, we have discovered and cultivated excellent hosts to provide excellent hosts for our school's major evening parties, art troupe specials, report performances, school celebrations, and school opening ceremonies.


11. Beiyang Art Troupe Performance Center

Since the establishment of the Beiyang Art Troupe Performance Center, with the purpose of improving college students’ artistic literacy and enriching campus art culture, it has been committed to the organization, planning, and preparation of large-scale cultural evenings for more than ten years, and is responsible for receiving famous domestic and foreign bands, orchestras, and film and music stars. Tianda performances, organize and plan weekend concerts. Over the years, the performance center has dedicated a conscientious and responsible attitude, rigorous and professional team to the masters and students of the heavens one after another beautiful audio-visual feast, playing a very important role on the stage of Tianjin University.

The brand activities of the Beiyang Art Troupe Performance Center include weekend concerts-one of the three major art education models of the Ministry of Education; Tianjin University Talent Show Competition-Tianda's largest and most comprehensive talent competition; Single Valentine's Day Ball-Tianda's earliest Prom. Received the China National Orchestra, Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe, National Theater of China, American Eckert Chorus and Bell Team, American Kinkade High School Orchestra, American Brigham Young University Song and Dance Ensemble, Polish "Cameletta" Quartet, etc. Excellent groups at home and abroad, and have received famous musicians such as Huang Xiaoming, Ma Tianyu, Tina, and German musician Tilo Hemes.


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