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Hold special lectures

On March 25th, Li Qiang, Dean of the School of International Education, Yang Xiaorui, Associate Dean, and the heads of the Academic Affairs, Laihua Division, Academic Affairs Office, and Admissions Office were invited to the Ocean College to give a lecture on international student recruitment.
And held discussions with the teachers of the college. Dean of the Ocean College Zhai Jingsheng, Party Secretary Ling Guowei, Vice Dean Su Rongxin, Vice Dean Gong Le, and all the faculty and staff of the college attended the meeting.



Li Qiang introduced the strategic significance of studying in China and its importance to the development of the school, summarized the current situation of our school’s work for international students, combined with the "14th Five-Year Plan" and development goals of our school’s international student work.

Introduced in detail future development measures, and Explained the specific matters concerning the enrollment of international students for participating teachers.

The teachers of the college had in-depth exchanges with relevant persons in charge of the National Education Institute on issues such as scholarships for international students and the quality of the source of students.

The Ocean College hopes to further promote the enrollment of international students through the China- ASEAN project, explore the construction of a new curriculum system, and gradually improve the international level of the college.


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