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Living environment

At present, international students live in the Lingering Garden, Youyuan, Expert Building, 50 Zhai, 51 Zhai, and Beiyangyuan Campus Lingering Garden A on Weijin Road Campus. The buildings have classrooms, accommodation, and activity areas. Details are as follows:

1. Classroom: The college has 37 dedicated classrooms for international students, including 36 multimedia classrooms and 1 Internet + smart classroom.

2. Internet + Smart Classroom: The college has a technologically advanced Internet + smart classroom, with a wealth of online teaching tutorials, which can be recorded and shared on the Internet in real-time, realizing practical online teaching and interaction.

3. Reference room: It covers an area of about 100 square meters and has a collection of more than 5,000 books. Teachers can consult teaching materials, journals, magazines, etc.

Accommodation: The college currently has 957 dormitories for international students, divided into six residential areas in Weijin Road Campus, Youyuan, Lingering Garden ABD, Expert Building, 50 Zhai, 51 Zhai, and Beiyang Garden Lingering Garden A Zone. Among them, the Friend Garden is a single room, with a total of 187, mainly for self-funded international students; the Lingering Garden is a double room, with a total of 150, mainly for public-funded international students; the expert building has 32 rooms, which can accommodate both public-funded and self-funded international students; and 50 rooms are double rooms. There are 94 rooms, mainly for public-funded international students; 51 rooms are double rooms, with a total of 179, mainly for public-funded international students; 315 rooms in Area A of Beiyang Garden Lingering Garden.

4. Activity area: The college has a 350-square-meter activity area for international students in the basement of Area A of Lingering Garden on Weijin Road Campus. The area is divided into a gym and a table tennis room, open to international students free of charge.




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