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The signing ceremony was held ceremoniously

Recently, Yan Hua, President of Tianjin Medical University, and David S. Loshin, Dean of the School of Optometry, Nova Southeastern University, signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of the two universities. Nicole Patterson, deputy director of the admissions office of Nova Southeastern University, and Zhang Bin, professor of the School of Optometry, accompanied the signing ceremony. Zhang Lixin, director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of our school, Wei Ruihua, deputy dean of the School of Optometry, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Eye Hospital, and representatives of subject experts attended the event. 




Before the signing ceremony, the principal Yan Hua first expressed a warm welcome to Dean David S. Loshin and his entourage on behalf of the school. Then it briefly introduced our school's "double first-class" construction, discipline advantages, and characteristic development direction. He emphasized that on the occasion of the 11th International Conference of Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital and the 30th Anniversary of the Founding of the Academy and the 15th Anniversary of the Founding of the School of Optometry, our school, and Nova Southeastern University have signed an inter-school cooperation agreement. The joint construction of the teaching and scientific research platform of optometry between the two universities is of great milestone significance.




David S. Loshin highly agrees with President Yan Hua’s international schooling philosophy and hopes that the two parties will start from the establishment of the inter-school cooperation relationship and carry out practical cooperation in various forms such as joint student training, teacher exchange, and joint construction of a cooperative research platform.

After the signing ceremony, President Yan Hua and Zhang Bin, who was visiting, issued a letter of appointment as an overseas visiting professor, and spoke highly of his important contribution to opening and maintaining the long-term cooperative relationship between the two universities.




Nova Southeastern University ( Nova Southeastern University ) Founded in 1964, is the Florida League of private universities in the most powerful and largest research universities, students of more than 26,000 names, known as one of the most beautiful universities nationwide. The university is particularly well-known for majors in medicine and law and has produced a large number of outstanding talents.



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