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Doctoral Program in Environmental Science and Engineering


Professional Name: Environmental Science and Engineering

Subject code: 083000

Four years of schooling

Tuition: 41,000 yuan / year



The environmental science and engineering discipline of Tongji University is the dominant discipline developed by Tongji University, and it is one of the emerging disciplines that are key development in the national "211 Project " and the " Ministry of Education Action Plan for the Promotion of Education ( 985 Project) ". The first batch of environmental engineering master's programs was established in 1981, the first batch of environmental engineering doctoral programs was established in 1984, the post-doctoral mobile station was established in 1985, and the doctoral degree in environmental science and engineering was awarded in 2000. In 2017, it was selected as a " double first-class " construction. Subject. According to the 2019 " ranking of world-class disciplines of Shanghai Science and Technology", Tongji University's environmental science and engineering ranks 36th in the world.

Environmental science and engineering is a science and engineering interdisciplinary subject. Aiming at the problems of environmental pollution and ecological destruction in my country, it aims at the major needs of the sustainable development of society and economy, focusing on environmental pollution chemistry and pollution ecology, water pollution control theory and technology, and solid waste treatment. And resource utilization, environmental restoration and watershed pollution control, air pollution control and source reduction, and environmental planning and management.


Training goals

  1. Master the solid basic theories and systematic expertise in the field of environmental science and engineering, and be familiar with the international frontier research trends and progress of the discipline.

  2. Have the ability to write academic papers and international academic exchanges; have a rigorous scientific research style, a good spirit of cooperation, and strong communication skills.

  3. Have the ability to independently and creatively engage in scientific research in the field of environmental science and engineering, be able to make creative results in this scientific research or specialized technology, and become an industry elite in the field of environmental science and engineering.

This doctoral training program is limited to foreign students. It aims to integrate cutting-edge theories and methods of environmental sciences into the training process of professional skills. Doctoral students in environmental sciences and engineering have completed the necessary training links and passed the defense of the doctoral dissertation. After meeting the required academic thesis publication requirements, the degree committee of the school will grant a doctorate in engineering.


Research direction

1. Environmental Chemistry and Biology

2. Environmental process and repair

3. Environmental monitoring and management

4. Ecotoxicology and health

5. Environmental functional materials

6. Environmental planning and management

7. Theories and technologies for improving regional, river basin, and urban water environment quality

8. Sewage treatment and resource utilization

9. Solid waste treatment and resource utilization

10. Air pollution control theory and technology

12. Environmental energy and new materials

13. Theory and technology of contaminated site remediation


School system and length of study

The general doctoral degree program is 4 years, and the maximum length of study is no more than 7 years. (In principle, the scholarship program is only available for four years.)


Credit requirements

Xiuman ordinary doctoral students should be at least 18 credits, including public degree courses 4 credits, professional degree courses at least 4 credits, 2 credits non-degree courses, compulsory courses 8 credits (1 credit topics of graduate academic credit Code of Conduct 1, Academic and professional literacy lectures 2 credits, thesis stage results academic report meeting 1 credit, mid-term comprehensive assessment 3 credits). At least 2 credits for cross-college or cross-disciplinary course selection, and foreign academic exchange experience is optional content.


Eligibility for application

1. Non-Chinese citizens who are physically and mentally healthy ;

2. Applicants for Ph.D. candidates must have a degree equivalent to that of a master's degree in a Chinese university.

3. Applicants should have good undergraduate or postgraduate education experience in relevant academic fields, and good academic performance;

4. Applicants should have good English proficiency (applicants from English-speaking countries are not subject to this restriction).


Application materials

1. "Tongji University Foreign Student Admission Application Form" ;

2. Scanned copy of applicant's ordinary passport ( personal information page );

3. A scanned copy of the original graduation certificate and degree certificate. Certificates in languages other than Chinese or English must provide a scanned copy of the original notarized copy of the Chinese or English translation ;

Note: The notarized document must be provided by the Chinese embassy or consulate in China; for fresh graduates, the originally expected graduation certificate issued by the school where the student is located. If enrolled, the graduation certificate (original) must be submitted at the time of registration.

4. Scanned copies of original or notarized transcripts of all courses at the master's level. Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must provide a scanned copy of the original notarized copy of the Chinese or English translation ;

Note: The notarized document must be provided by the Chinese embassy or consulate in China; if admitted, the transcript (original) must be submitted at the time of registration.

5. A scanned copy of the original English proficiency materials. Applicants can choose to take any one of the following official English tests: TOEFL (new TOEFL score no less than 80/120 points) and IELTS (no less than 6 points). The English transcript should be the applicant’s test scores within two years before the application date. If the applicant does not have IELTS or TOEFL, other proofs that can prove English materials are also acceptable.

6. Scanned copies of the original recommendation letters of two associate professors or scholars with corresponding titles or above ( the contact information of the recommender must be stated );

7. Personal statement. Applicants for Ph.D. are about 1500 words Written in Chinese ( taught in Chinese ) or English ( taught in English ). The content should include personal study, work experience, academic research results, master's or doctoral research plan, personal development goals after graduation, etc .;

8. List of published papers, abstracts, or other materials that can prove their research capabilities ;

9. Guidance letter from foreign student tutors ( not necessary documents, if you have contacted the tutor yourself, you can provide it ).


Application materials (about the scholarship)

Please prepare corresponding materials according to the requirements of each scholarship.

For details, please refer to



Contact: Teacher Shen


For more information about this degree program, please refer to


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