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1. What kind of university is Tongji University?

Tongji University is a key university directly under the Ministry of Education of China. It is one of the key universities included in the national "211 Project" and the "Action Plan for Educational Rejuvenation in the 21st Century". Tongji University has now become a research and comprehensive university with 10 categories of science, engineering, medicine, literature, law, economics, management, art, philosophy, and education.


2. When was Tongji University established?

Tongji University was founded in 1907. It was originally the Tongji German Medical School and Engineering School founded by Germans in Shanghai. It was officially named the University in 1923.


3. How about the faculty of Tongji University?

There are 2708 teaching and research personnel, including 9 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 8 academicians of the Academy of Engineering, 945 professors and other senior titles, and 1044 associate professors and other associate senior titles.


4. How many colleges does Tongji University have?

There are 35 colleges in Tongji University, with 75 undergraduate majors, 45 first-level disciplines for master's degree, 17 professional master's degrees, 26 engineering master's fields, and 30 first-level disciplines for doctoral degrees. There are 3 professional doctoral degree authorization points and 25 post-doctoral mobile stations.


5. How many students are there in Tongji University?

The school has 18,510 full-time undergraduates, 11038 postgraduates, and 6,514 doctoral students. There are also 2225 international students.


6. How to pay the registration fee for Tongji University?

Three payment methods:

1) Pay the registration fee online: After downloading the registration form, click "Pay Registration Fee" to complete the payment

2) Payment by bank transfer:

Bank account information:

Account Name: Tongji University

Account number: 433859245525

Account Bank: Bank of China Shanghai Chifeng Road Sub-branch

3) On-site payment: payment is completed when the application materials are submitted on-site


7. How to obtain the pre-admission certificate of Tongji University?

Tongji University does not provide pre-admission certificates for the time being.


8. What are the requirements for translation and notarization of graduation certificates and transcripts required by Tongji University?

If the graduation certificate and transcript are in Chinese or English, please submit a copy of the certificate and the original transcript; if the certificate and transcript are not in Chinese or English, please submit the original notarized copy of the Chinese or English translation. Notarized copies are required Provided by Chinese embassies and consulates in foreign countries or foreign embassies and consulates in China.


9. When will the admission result of Tongji University come out? How will it be notified?

Please keep an eye on your application status in the online report system. If you are admitted, the application status will change to admission status. Admission notices will be sent out two weeks after admission.


10. After applying online for Tongji University, do I need to submit the paper version of the materials?

There is no need to mail paper materials for admission. Please upload all the application materials to the application system in accordance with the application materials requirements in our latest brochure.


11. What is the institution code of Tongji University?



12. Can international school students with IB scores apply for Tongji University?

Whether you have IB scores or not, you must have a diploma and transcript from a regular high school. IB scores can be submitted as auxiliary materials.


13. Can the application fee of Tongji University be paid in US dollars?

Yes, the bank is required to convert it into RMB 410 according to the exchange rate on the day of payment and then remit it. 


14. When applying for Tongji University, I paid the registration fee, but the online status is still "to be paid". What should I do?

If the payment has been made, just send the payment voucher to the international student office together with the application materials.


15. Are there any requirements for applying for artworks of Tongji University? Are there restricted subjects?

There is no restriction on the subject matter.


16. Can an undergraduate apply for Tongji University scholarship?

Undergraduates can apply for Shanghai Government Scholarship through our school.

To apply for a Chinese government scholarship, please apply to the Chinese embassy or consulate in your home country.


17. Where will Tongji University's award-winning scholarship list be announced?

Please follow the website of Tongji University International Students Office, we will update.


18. What kind of scholarship from Tongji University can cover the tuition of the year of learning Chinese?

You can apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship for one year and then enter the major. The Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship does not subsidize Hanbu study, and you must directly enter the major.


19. Is there an age limit for Tongji University scholarship application? Is it okay to be 35 years old?

Chinese government scholarship: no more than 35 for master's degree and no more than 40 for the doctoral degree.

Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship: no more than 25 for bachelor's degree, no more than 35 for master's degree, and no more than 40 for doctoral degree.


20. If there is no scholarship, will Tongji University admit it as a self-financed student?

If the scholarship is not granted, the school will contact the student whether they agree to switch to self-financed study.


21. I have applied to other domestic colleges and universities in freshman year, and I have also been approved by CSC to change colleges. I want to change to Tongji University. Will Tongji University accept it?

You cannot enroll as transfer students, you must re-apply to Tongji University.


22. What are the English-taught programs of Tongji University?

Bachelorof Medicine& Bachelorof Surgery, Architecture.


23. How to apply for off-campus accommodation in Tongji University?

(1) International students who live off-campus should go to the International Students Office (Administrative) to go through the procedures for off-campus accommodation.

(2) The procedures for off-campus accommodation should be prepared in advance.

1) International students who rent private houses should obtain a security permit from the landlord and sign a lease contract with the landlord.

2) International students staying in hotels, restaurants, and rented apartments should provide proof of the relevant stay period from the property department.

3) International students who live with relatives.

○ Information about the guarantor (referring to the registered residence of the borrower) (name, address, telephone number, relationship with the guarantor and valid documents)

○ The guarantor must sign a written guarantee letter with the guaranteed person and promise: agree to the guaranteed person's accommodation and bear corresponding legal responsibilities

(3) Procedures for registration of off-campus accommodation International students who live off-campus first go to the International Students Office (Administrative) to obtain the "Registration Form for Off-Campus Accommodation for Foreign Students of Tongji University", fill in the relevant content carefully and truthfully, and submit it to the International Students Office (Administrative) for signature and seal. Then use this form to go to the police station (police station) where the private house is rented to go through the relevant accommodation procedures, fill in the "Registration Form for Temporary Accommodation" (pink page) issued by the police station (police station), and present the "Registration Form for Temporary Accommodation" (pink page) to The International Students Office (Administrative) applies for the "Application Letter for Foreign Students to Apply for Credentials", and presents the "Application Letter" and "Registration Form for Temporary Accommodation" (pink page) to the Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration (No. 1500 Minsheng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, Tel. : 28951900) Go through the procedures for changing the address of the residence permit.


24. What should I do if I lose my passport and residence permit while studying at Tongji University?

1) Obtain the passport loss certificate at the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Shanghai Public Security Bureau with an identity certificate (such as a copy of passport, school enrollment, etc.)

2) Reissue passport at the embassy or consulate of the country where the foreign student belongs

3) Get a new passport After the passport, go to the International Students Office to issue the "Foreign Students Application Letter"

4) Go to the Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau or each district Exit-Entry Administration Bureau to re-apply for a residence permit or other visa


25. How can I ask for leave during my studies at the University of Statistics?

Sick leave: A sick leave certificate issued by a doctor must be provided

Personal leave of no more than 2 days: ask for leave from the headteacher, file it in the school's academic affairs department, and get the school's approval

Personal leave of 3 days or more: a personal leave form must be provided and filed and approved in the Academic Affairs Section of the college and the International Students Office. (In general, personal leave should not exceed two weeks)


26. Where can I go to see a doctor when I am ill during my study at Tongji University?

School hospital

It is located inside the school, where you can see for general diseases

Location: Location: Next to the South Gate (opposite to the College of Humanities)

Time: Monday to Friday: 8:00-12:00; 13:00-17:00

Emergency call: 65983221

Medical treatment process: pre-check → registration (receiving medical record card, magnetic card) → medical treatment → payment → check or take medicine, etc.


1) Full medical expenses need to be paid at the time of medical treatment, and the reimbursement should be based on the purchased insurance.

2) Medical staff in school hospitals generally have poor English proficiency. If you need medical treatment, it is best to have a Chinese student accompany you.


27. What associations does Tongji University have?

Tongji University has nearly two hundred registered student clubs, and each club has its own activity time.

In the first month of school, community publicity and recruitment activities will be carried out on the artificial lawn.

The Tongji University Association will inform the whole school of the time before the start of recruitment.

For details of associations, please refer to WeChat public account: Tongji University Associations


28. What is the nearest subway station to Tongji University?

Line 10 Tongji University Station


29. How to get from Tongji University to the airport and railway station?

1) Shanghai Pudong International Airport transportation (from school): Metro Line 10 to Nanjing East Road, transfer to Line 2 to Pudong International Airport (note that Line 2 needs to transfer to the airport at Guanglan Road) about 2 Hour

2) Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and Hongqiao Railway Station Transportation (from school): Take Line 10 (toward Hongqiao Railway Station) to the terminal

3) Shanghai Railway Station Transportation (from school): Line 10 to Hailun Road, transfer to Line 4, and take to Shanghai Railway Station


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