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Bank of China Global Elite Scholarship

Project introduction

1. Training purpose and mode

Tongji University and Bank of China jointly set up the "Tongji University - Bank of China Global Elite Scholarship" to actively respond to the national "One Belt One Road" initiative, give full play to the advantages of Bank of China's international business and Tongji University's international schooling characteristics, and focus on encouraging and Sponsor outstanding international students from Europe and countries along with the “Belt and Road” to study at Tongji University, strengthen substantive cooperation and exchanges with world-class universities and academic institutions, promote international collaborative innovation, and jointly cultivate an international community with a global vision and innovative spirit Elite talents.

This project is limited to foreign students. Doctoral students must complete the course study plan approved by the Academic Steering Committee, complete the thesis research work, and meet the requirements of the corresponding doctoral student training program of Tongji University.


2. Professional

Enrollment majors are not limited. All doctoral supervisors who have the qualifications to recruit Chinese doctoral students and have the corresponding foreign language ability can recruit students.


Eligibility for application

Applicants should have a foundation for master's degree studies, have the ability to complete the study tasks at the doctoral level, and have the potential to engage in scientific research and teaching. Applicants should meet the following conditions:

1. Non-Chinese citizens who are not more than 40 years old and are physically and mentally healthy;

2. The undergraduate and master's stages are completed in well-known foreign universities or domestic double-class universities;

3. Obtain a master's degree and degree;

4. Excellent academic performance (in principle, an average score of 85 or more or a GPA of 3.8 or more is required ) ;

5. Remarkable scientific research capabilities and outstanding development potential. Published articles in SCI, EI , SSCI, A&HCI, CSSCI, or similar journals during the master's degree, or participated in major scientific research projects;

6. Failed to obtain other scholarships from the Chinese government or the school at the same time.

7. Applicants should have good language skills. (For specific language proficiency requirements, please refer to the application materials requirements )


Application time

Application time for spring semester: November - December

Application time for fall semester: January to April

(For details about the opening hours of the online application system, please follow the website of the International Students Office for updates)


Application method

1. Log in to the following website to learn about the admissions information of Tongji University:

2. Applicants contact the relevant professional tutors, fill in the "Tongji University-Bank of China Global Elite Scholarship Application Form", and send the electronic version of the application form together with the electronic version of other application materials to the tutor. The tutor will review the materials Fill in the opinion on the scholarship application form and return it to the applicant.

3. Applicants log on to the online registration system of Tongji University to register online, upload all application materials, and complete the submission.


Application materials

1. "Tongji University - Bank of China Global Elite Scholarship Application Form", with the signature of the person and the tutor;  Application Form of Tongji University & Bank of China Global Talent Scholarship.docx


2. Personal information page of my ordinary passport.


3. Master's degree certificate and degree certificate.

Certificates in languages other than Chinese or English must provide the original notarized copy of the Chinese or English translation, and the notarized copy of the document must be provided by the Chinese embassy or consulate in the foreign country;

For fresh graduates, the original certificate of expected graduation will be issued by the school where they belong. If they are admitted, they must bring the original graduation certificate for verification when registering.


4. Original or notarized transcripts of all master's courses.

Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be provided with original notarized copies of Chinese or English translations, and notarized copies of documents must be provided by Chinese embassies or consulates in foreign countries or foreign embassies and consulates in China.


5. Proof of language ability.

Professional language requirements for teaching in Chinese:

For science and engineering, a copy of the new HSK Level 4 (total score ≥ 180 points) or above certificate is required;

Construction, medicine, economics, and management are required to provide a copy of the new HSK4 level (total score ≥ 200 ) or above;

Liberal arts and art majors need to provide a copy of the new HSK Level 5 (total score ≥ 180 points) or above certificate.

(If the previous stage of study is taught in Chinese, a certificate of Chinese teaching is required, and an HSK certificate is exempted.)

English language requirements:

If the applicant is from a non-English speaking country, the applicant should submit proof of his/her English proficiency.

If the applicant's studies in the previous stage were taught in English, they need to submit proof of teaching in English and do not need to take the official English test. Otherwise, applicants need to submit a valid official English transcript. Applicants can choose to take any of the following official English tests: TOEFL or IELTS. The English transcript should be one test score of the applicant within two years before the application date. Under special circumstances, the supervisor of Tongji University contacted by the applicant strongly recommends that the committee considers waiving the requirement of English certification materials as appropriate.


6. 2 letters of recommendation.

Original recommendation letters from two associate professors or scholars with corresponding professional titles and above (the contact information of the recommender must be stated).


7. Personal statement.

About 1500 words, written in Chinese (taught in Chinese) or English (taught in English). The content should include personal study, work experience, academic research results, research plan, personal development goals after graduation, etc.


8. Foreigner's physical examination form (within six months) or the current valid visa in China.


9. Proof of registration fee payment.

For remittances through offline banks or online banking, a photo of the remittance voucher or a screenshot of the online remittance must be submitted;

Remittances through the online application system do not need to be submitted.


10. List of published papers, abstracts, or other materials that can prove their research capabilities.


11. Other supporting application materials.

For example, foreign student tutors agree to guide letters, award certificates, other university admission notices, etc.

In addition to the above application materials, our office may require applicants to provide supplementary materials when necessary.

All application materials must be uploaded when applying online, and materials without corresponding items should be uploaded to the supplementary materials column.

When registering at the school, please bring the relevant certificates and original documents for inspection (specific requirements will be included in the "Registration Instructions" and sent with the admission notice, please pay attention to it at that time.) Once the false materials are found, the admission qualification will be canceled.


Tuition, living expenses, accommodation security, and insurance

1. Tuition

Once the applicant obtains this scholarship, Tongji University will waive the full tuition fee. The standard tuition fee is 45,000 yuan/year.


2. living expenses

The living expenses of international doctoral students are 5000 yuan/month, which is paid for 12 months in a year.


3. Accommodation guarantee

On-campus dormitories are provided by the school. Applying for off-campus accommodation can enjoy an accommodation subsidy of 3,000 yuan/month.


4. Insurance

The school provides comprehensive medical insurance and major illness and accident insurance for international students in China, with a premium of 800 yuan per year.


5. Thesis guidance fee

After the students have completed all stages of study and graduated successfully, the school will issue a one-time thesis guidance fee of 5,000 yuan to the receiving tutor.


6. International travel expenses

After the students have completed all stages of study and graduated successfully, the school will issue a one-time international travel fee of 12,000 yuan to the students.


Admission and registration

1. Please pay attention to the application status of the online application system at any time. If admitted, the application status will be changed to the admission status, and then the "Tongji University Admission Notice" and "Visa Application Form for Foreign Students to China" ( JW202 Form) will be sent.

2. The admitted applicants should bring their ordinary passports, "Tongji University Admission Notice", "Visa Application Form for Studying in China" (JW202 Form) to the Chinese Embassy and Foreign (Consulate) Embassy to apply for an entry study ( X1 ) visa, and With the above materials, go to Tongji University to go through the formalities for admission to Tongji University according to the time specified in the notice (the entry with an X1 visa must apply for a residence permit at the Exit-Entry Administration Office of Shanghai Public Security Bureau within 30 days of entry);

3. In principle, post-entry doctoral candidates should pass the qualification examination/examination for doctoral candidates in the first academic year.


Other matters needing attention

Scholarship recipients :

1. The registration and registration procedures must be completed by the time set by the school. Those who fail to register without approval will be treated as automatically abandoning their student status, and the scholarship qualifications obtained will be automatically canceled;

2. Participate in the annual review of the scholarship as required. Those who fail to pass the review will be suspended or disqualified from the scholarship ;

3. In principle, it is not allowed to change the study major and study period.


Contact information

Foreign Students Office of Tongji University

Address: 705, Zhonghe Building, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai

Post Code: 200092

Phone: 0086-21-65983611 ; 0086-21-6598388



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