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International Students Welcome New Year Series Activities



The time sequence changes and the years are like songs. One yuan returns and Vientiane is renewed. At 1:30 pm on December 31, 2020, the "Multicultural • Harmonious Symbiosis" International Students Welcome New Year Series and the Wuzhou Customs Show will be held simultaneously at the International Cultural Exchange Institute and online.

The global epidemic is spreading. Although time and space are separated, the pace of international cultural exchanges never stops.

Through the integration of offline and online, this event realizes multi-cultural cross-continental exchanges, realizes cultural sharing across multiple times and spaces, and realizes the beautiful blessings of the new year in the post-epidemic era.

More than a hundred teachers, students, and overseas students watched the party in the cloud to welcome the new year.

Host teacher Huang Xiaojing, Ida (preparatory student of 2020, Chad), Victor (preparatory student of 2020, South Sudan) dressed in festive costumes in the harsh winter, making a stunning appearance.




Teacher Hou Yanchang, the representative of the Department of Education, Research and Engineering of Tongji University, gave a speech at the event. Ms. Hou extended holiday greetings and New Year's blessings to all teachers and students of the International Cultural Exchange College.

Vice Dean Zong Qian of the School of International Cultural Exchange addressed all the teachers and students at the party. She expressed the hope that students will continue to be inclusive and learn from each other in their future study and life so that the excellent cultures of various countries can achieve a diversified integration. She also wishes All international students can achieve academic success and achieve everything they want!




The evening party is divided into 3 chapters.

The first chapter-the most memorable China on the tip of the tongue

Snacks are not small, apart from their historical origins, there are countless varieties of Chinese snacks alone. As for the flavor characteristics of various snacks in various parts of China, they are even more varied and varied.

The teachers of the International Cultural Exchange Institute introduced traditional Chinese snacks to international students online and offline simultaneously, and invited offline students to taste them.



Chapter Two-The Most Diverse·World Style Exhibition


As the first part of the Wuzhou Customs Exhibition, the "World Customs" national cultural display will be held online and offline simultaneously. Students from eleven countries including Malaysia, Japan, and Vietnam, through rich pictures and vivid videos, show their country's style and culture. Although some countries are separated by oceans, mountains and rivers are far away, but through the beautiful human geography displayed by students, teachers, and students online and offline bring a feast of audiovisual and visual experience, and experience the world cultural journey without leaving home. . The exhibition has enhanced international students’ understanding of cultures around the world, built a stage for international students to show themselves, and conveyed a sense of national honor to them.


The third chapter-the most exciting talent show


"Cherry blossoms stand alone and stay in one spirit", Chinese culture is extensive and profound, and it is not easy to read these rare words. The song "Uncommon Characters" brought by the 2020 undergraduate Nguyen Thi Thu Xia from Vietnam surprised the audience, sang more than 70 rare characters in one breath, and the audience applauded again and again. Not only that, but Yehu, a preparatory student from Cameroon, gave an exciting drum performance and so on. Even the lovely "two generations" couldn't hold back, and presented a song "Cuckoo", which won rounds of applause from the teachers and students present.

At the end of the event, students from all over the world sang "We are the world" in the clouds, pushing the party to a climax. Although we are everywhere in the world, our hearts are together.

The event also specially set up the "2021 in your heart" New Year greeting contest. Encourage students to use Chinese to express their longing for Tongji and blessings for the New Year.

In the joy of singing and laughing, the host announced farewell to 2020 and we are happily welcoming 2021. This event overcomes the epidemic, jet lag, distance, and multilingual barriers provide a platform for international students to express themselves and enrich their after-school life, Deepen their understanding of Chinese culture. International students use their unique methods to show their youthful demeanor, express New Year's blessings, and send good hopes.


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