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2021 American Society of Civil Engineers Civil Engineering Competition



Defending the title of "Concrete Canoe Design and Construction" project champion for the fourth consecutive time, and won the runner-up of "Sustainable Plan Design" project

From April 16th to 18th, due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the 2021 ASCE Students Conference Mid-Pacific Region (ASCE Students Conference Mid-Pacific Region) hosted by California State University Fresno For the first time in the online competition mode.

28 students from our school’s School of Civil Engineering, School of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, School of Transportation Engineering, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, School of Design and Innovation, and School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, through the ZOOM online conference platform.

Participated in the competition of all four projects including concrete canoe design and construction, sustainable plan design, transportation planning design and engineering ethics papers, and competed with strong domestic and foreign companies including the University of California, Berkeley, Davis, Zhejiang University, Southeast University, etc. Colleges and universities compete in the same field.

In the end, our school team defended the title of the "Concrete Canoe Design and Construction" project champion for the fourth time in a row, and once again advanced to the National Finals; our school team also won second place in the "Sustainable Design" project.




The Civil Engineering Competition for College Students in the Central Pacific Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers has a high positioning, strong comprehensiveness, and difficult projects.

It has high requirements for the professional knowledge, engineering quality, innovative spirit, teamwork, and communication of the participating college students. It is a civil engineering High-level international university student competition in engineering-related professional fields.

All the team members of our school’s concrete canoe project worked in a division of labor, studied the competition questions, consulted the literature, and based on the determination of the ship type, materials, and construction preliminary design plan, focused on the finite element model structure analysis.

Developed the project management software, and processed it A solid concrete canoe was developed, and the design of the canoe was optimized through a series of tests such as irrigation penetration and loading, and finally, a high-quality technical proposal was submitted. During the online defense, the Tongji team won the championship with the praise of the international judges with its creative copywriting, clear logic, and concise and accurate answers.




Sustainable design is a young project in the history of the ASCE college student competition. Previously, only the first official competition was held in 2019. Eight students from 4 colleges of our school have sincerely collaborated and complemented each other's strengths.

By the design requirements of a sustainable campus under the background of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, closely focusing on the design theme of "sustainable, for the future", they completed the overall and detailed planning of the site respectively Design, building structure design, water circulation system design, energy-saving and emission reduction optimization design, and project management plan preparation.

A design plan for campus transportation and leisure area that combines beauty, convenience, epidemic prevention, low carbon, and sustainability, and has Tongji characteristics, was presented to the judges. In the demonstration and defense session, the team members' confident and accurate answers added to Tongji's plan, and finally, the project won the runner-up.

The transportation planning and design project embody the participants' attention to the fairness of time and space of public transportation resources.

The team members of our school conducted data collection and analysis based on the imperfect regional public transportation system of the cities designated by the competition and the problems faced by low-income people and conducted multiple scheme comparisons and selections on urban trunk buses, branch buses, hub design, and information release systems.

And optimization. During the online defense process, the students clearly and concisely explained the design concept of the completed design plan in fluent English and gave accurate answers to the judges' questions from multiple angles, which were affirmed and recognized by the judges.

The engineering ethics thesis project is a traditional project of the competition, which tests the understanding and cognition of civil engineering majors on the professional ethics, professional ethics, and social responsibility of civil engineers.

It is very speculative. Based on the challenge of the new crown pneumonia epidemic to civil engineering, the team of our school has clear arguments, sufficient arguments, and clear arguments, which fully embodies the feelings of Tongji civil engineering students who are on campus and caring about society in the future.

The relevant person in charge of the School of Civil Engineering of our school said that since Tongji students participated in the ASCE college student competition for the first time in 2007, their serious preparation attitude, solid professional knowledge.

Unique innovative thinking, high-spirited fighting spirit, and impressive competition results have Become the symbol of the Tongji University team. Tongji students are brave to innovate and diligent in practice. I believe that the next team members will stand on the shoulders of the veterans, continue to forge ahead, and achieve better results.


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