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Film and Television Education Base

Time: 2021-04-29


On the evening of April 27, the "Ideological and Political Film and Television Education Base" jointly created by the School of Marxism of Tongji University and China Education Huaying National Campus Cinema Line was unveiled.

Yu Chunchi, Chairman of China Education Huaying National Campus Cinema Line, and Wu Guangming, Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee, attended the unveiling and launching ceremony of the Ideological and Political Film and Television Education Base and delivered speeches respectively.

The heads of the Propaganda Department of the School Party Committee and the School of Marxism attended the meeting.




Yu Chunchi said that China Education Huaying’s national campus cinema line was jointly initiated by the Ministry of Education and the former State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television, and is committed to serving ideological and political education, education, and teaching, campus culture construction, integration of production and education, and cultural needs of teachers and students.

The online and offline campus cultural complex. China Education Huaying will use the joint construction of campus theaters by both parties as a link to provide high-quality and rich film content for teachers and students of Tongji University and make red classic films a vivid teaching material for ideological and political education.




In his speech, Wu Guangming expressed his gratitude to China Education Huaying National Campus Cinema Line for its strong support to Tongji University. He said that Tongji University regards the development of party history learning and education as a major political task throughout the year.

The School of Marxism and China Education Huaying jointly build an ideological and political film and television education base, relying on red cultural and educational resources, carry out patriotic education activities through excellent films, create a new front for "second classroom" ideological and political education, and guide young students to strengthen their ideals and beliefs Always follow the party.

After the unveiling and launching ceremony, a party history study, education, and movie watching activity were organized for the representatives of teachers and students of the school, and the movie "The Great Cause of Party Building" was played on site.

The Ideological, Political, Film and Television Education Base of the School of Marxism will focus on celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, closely integrating the study and education of party history, and will use excellent film works as vivid teaching materials for party history study and education, and guide them through vivid light and shadow stories.

The majority of teachers, students, and party members have a comprehensive understanding of the party's century-old glorious course and historic contributions, established a correct view of party history, and carried forward the great revolutionary spirit.


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